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1 BLISSPEDIA is a SCAM on Wed Apr 25, 2018 12:56 pm

Consciousness Of Economic

Hello All, 

I was contacted by blisspedia several weeks ago about working for them? On their online service. They set up a interview with me for today April 25, 2018 at 3 pm. No once contacted me about the meeting so I sent an email to them this am if we are having a meeting or not? 

Mind you I took the time to hear what they have to say about their service, and be interviewed. Which means I took the time out of my busy, hectic schedule. 

They send me an email back saying that yes, we have a meeting for today at 3pm, but basically in so many words the meeting was canceled because they have changed the way their process works. That I needed to go to the link they sent me and fill out and application online and a team of people would decided if I met their standards.

HUH?  I was like WTF? 

Who does that? Who does business that way? 

If they changed their process why not an email a week ago? Why at the last minute?

I sent them a return email stating I was not that desperate to work for them, I am not going to be treated with is way. 

This business lacks serious professionalism and integrity. I told them I was not interested, this is not how I do business and to take me off their email list and never contact me again. 

Blisspedia does not have the integrity, honor to do business in the Alternative Medicine field in which I have been in for over 30 years. They have basically scammed me and how many others? Also to consider was how much they would charge me to be a listed practitioner and how much they take off the client payment? 

I deserved some kind of respect, they hunted me down, emailed me requesting I do an interview with them since they decided that I was in alignment with their company. Talk about NUTZ. Say one thing and do another, what kind of standards could paying clients really get if the prospective care givers are treated in such a terrible manner??

Thank OOM for along me to bring another scamming, deceitful company to the table. 


Bridgette Lyn Dolgoff
Traditional Osetopath
Biodynamic Farmer
Healthcare Practitioner

If anyone reading this wants a really online session with someone who is overly qualified, has 30 year experience and education, who works with and on people and animals call me instead of blisspedia. 

Plus they are a middle man and making most of the money I suspect instead of the practitioners!

Bridgette on fb Bridgette Lyn Dolgoff and by phone 775.624.7862

2 Re: BLISSPEDIA is a SCAM on Wed Apr 25, 2018 11:01 pm


To the Blisspedia rep that reported that this is a hateful and abusive post...

Bridgette and anyone else posting their opinions and experiences with misleading companies, people, places or anything scam related such as Blisspedia, are WELCOME to post here.

Sincerely yours,
Site Owner


3 Re: BLISSPEDIA is a SCAM on Thu Apr 26, 2018 11:29 am

Consciousness Of Economic


If you are an not of honor or integrity, you jut really not to be doing business! In my field of Wholistic or holistic medicine there are so many scammers and frauds it is hard to find a real one. This field requires truth, honesty and if you are going to lie which they did by emails, the flat out lied and changed the game instead of carrying out what they originally agreed to. It goes to show you how powerful social media is and we have to continue to expose for others a lighted path. 

These people should have looked into the fact that I have tons of social media and international radio show?? Before you scam someone? lie? change the game? do not hold up your agreements??

After I was done dealing with them a good friend of mine asked me if I thought they were gov agency? I am not sure but people could end up murdered like all the alternative medical is why I am so vocal, makes me a harder target and I have been through the worst with the gov and again all lies, false documents...

We the social media advocates are doing a great job!

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