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We Are the Golden Age

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We Are the Golden Age


Tuesday, October 2nd, 2012. Filed under: Alternative Knowledge Consciousness media and politics Spirituality The Awakening

We Are the Golden Age Avalon-lady


In order to control us, they must first convince us.

The current control-grid offers an illusion of two-fold choice, as
exemplified by the phoney-democratic process. To underpin this bogus
illusion of democracy there has to be a bigger choice, a choice of
fundamental belief in exactly who we are, where we came from, and where
we’re going.

So they offer us either the Neo-Darwinian scientific model, or the
Monotheistic Religious model: both of which offer us nothing, both of
which resolutely deny the uniqueness and yet interconnectedness of
individual consciousness. Both of which are prisons.

And yet with each day that now passes, cutting-edge Science itself
confounds the rigidity of both these philosophies – with each new
journeying into the building blocks of matter, scientists are
discovering that fundamentally we create our own realities. This
corresponds with the ancient occultic belief-systems that the
Powers-that-be have marginalised for so long. After all, as William
Blake said, ‘Imagination is a glimpse of the divine’.

This would explain the urgent need for our perception of reality to
be guided and warped by the controllers, the programmers. In order to
exert control they must keep us locked into these prisons of perception.

Thus we are offered perpetual and insignificant distraction, in order
to keep us locked in and unaware of our divine aspect. Once we
surrender to these distractions then truly we become the cave-dwellers
of Plato’s tale, mistaking the flickering shadows upon the wall for
reality itself.

But something is changing, we all sense it…..

For it seems without doubt, at this moment in time, that the carefully-constructed millennia-old control grid is crumbling.

Control has always been faith-based, and faith in this previously unassailable machine is now eroding at breakneck speed.

Every day seems to bring more news of Elite lies and corruption. It
no longer elicits shock; we have grown to expect it. Our faith in the
system is dying.

Our so-called Leaders overplayed their hands with their wanton desire
to invade Iraq under the pretence of WMD’s. No one can deny that
particular orgy of bloodshed was sold on a lie. This was perhaps the
tipping-point. It called into question everything – from 9/11 to the
relentless ‘uprisings’ in the Middle-East. The odious pygmy-manipulator
behind the curtain has now been exposed (if not entirely unmasked), and
the media mouthpieces for this arch-manipulator have also now been
exposed for what they are: mere propagandists for the Great Lie.

Just look at the phenomenon that is David Icke. He was an object of
ridicule a little over a decade ago, now he packs out mega-stadiums
across the globe. He hasn’t changed. We have.

You see, for so long they kept us locked into their
carefully-constructed paradigm (fixed us with those mind-forged
manacles), and we were blissfully-unaware, self-regulating entities
bound by peer-group pressure and a fear of ridicule.

But now a sizeable mass have broken free of the bonds of mental and
spiritual oppression. Everything, now, is questioned. -Everything. Our
leaders are little more than objects of ridicule or targets for our
spite; the smear-jobs and hit-pieces on our television screens no longer
impinge upon us, they pass with at best a shake of the head or a
rolling of the eyes, and with each new hit-piece their propagandist
agenda is further revealed.

Make no mistake: They are losing the propaganda war.

We are finally seeing the glorious possibility of our true selves.

And once we do: once we fully realise that our very essence, our
soul, our divine consciousness is both unique and eternally cosmically
interconnected – and once we finally, fundamentally, recognise that
death is but a passing dream – then the tenuous hold they have over us
will be finally and permanently released. And each of us can then truly
once and for all shake off those pesky mind-forged manacles, step out of
the cave of flickering shadows, slip the monkey-skin and liberate the
angel that lies within.

Make no mistake, its coming.

We are the Golden Age.

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