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URGENT: the Illuminasti trying to repeat Atlantis global disaster? And the antidote is…

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URGENT: the Illuminasti trying to repeat Atlantis global disaster? And the antidote is…

Posted By: X_Hermes [Send E-Mail]
Date: Wednesday, 3-Oct-2012 11:28:18

I sense that something big is going down, right now. I became much more aware of this yesterday, and did some extensive dowsing to try and discover what is happening. At first, it seemed to represent that the US military is staging a coup against illuminist interests – which may, indeed, be happening. But then, I was told ‘No – this is much more important’!

The old controllers seem to be on their very last ‘back foot’. Now, I have to qualify this by saying that they are quite capable of faking this entire situation – ‘machiavellian’ is an understatement of their duplicity and slipperiness. So, the usual caveats about smoke 'n mirrors.

However…It may well be that they have already lost the battle over the finances of the planet, finally bankrupted by their own greed. They are still wriggling – but only for so long! But, at the highest level, this was never the real battle – money is just one of many control systems, albeit an important one. No, their overall strategy has always been for COMPLETE CONTROL OF THE HUMAN SOUL. We might, then, ask why, what is the motivation for this?

We humans have many really extraordinary faculties ‘built in’ – but most of them (around 100, my guides say) have been suppressed for a very long time. Some we don’t even have a frame of reference to understand right now! Latently, we are creators in our own right. A big and helpful change is that now, public awareness of all sorts of humanity control systems is rising – we all now understand to some degree that there are mechanisms for controlling people, and that they are operated by a small and powerful elite group, exclusively for their own benefit. But these controls extend into the metaphysical realm, suppressing our higher faculties at a non-physical level – these are much more challenging to appreciate. Apparently it takes a great deal to contain human beings – especially when the many start to act together. This is now happening to an extent that the control systems – both physical and metaphysical - are failing to cope.

Our protagonists are led (driven?) by off-planet humanoid beings who have reptilian DNA. Now, there are many such beings who are highly evolved and positive – but these are not the ones I am talking about. This negative group, who control our planetary controllers, have actually evolved to near the limits of their faculties, which are considerably less than our potential. So, they only out-power us while our faculties remain suppressed – and they appear to be terrified that we will come to dominate them. They have institutionalized this fear – and in doing so have missed two primary points. First, domination is not the way of evolved humans, and second, when they, as individuals, eventually die (it is probable that they are currently much longer lived than us) they have every chance of reincarnating into a fully human body. So, as it stands, they may be building their own future (bodily) prison… Not the brightest lizards on the block, then!

Back to the current situation: so, they have lost the financial control battle, their vast military machine is turning against them – so what chance their control of a vast number of human souls? If we maintain the on-going move to higher frequency living / reality, they have lost control over us. Thus, their (usual) answer is FEAR.

As well to remember, then: False Events Appearing Real! Because false events are their speciality.

The Illuminazi – at least a small and crazed faction, for they are no longer united – are working hard to create new fear scenarios. They know that, if they can get the majority of us into fear, our frequency drops – and they can grab back control. They are looking for snatching victory from the jaws of defeat.

The only thing that will work now is something really BIIIIG, something truly terrifying. We have to look back a half cycle of our solar systems journey around Alcyon, our central sun – which takes around 26,000 years. A half cycle is 13,000 years which brings us to…Atlantis. Yes, they have done all this before – the end times of Atlantis were an ascension opportunity for humanity. In the run-up our reality became highly polarized, perhaps the onset of duality as we have experienced it recently. When the forbears of the illuminasti had just about lost the control battle, they dropped a small planetoid on the administrative centre of Atlantis, broke various tectonic plates and caused all sorts of dramatic earth-change events across the planets. Large numbers died. The remaining human population were completely traumatized, and there are those who say that the psychological effects on us, the ancestors, can be seen even now.

And so – as a result, we have all done the wheel of incarnation again! Absolutely not necessary – but it has evolved us to a different level of abilities. You can’t really see this unless you take the accumulated experience of all our subsequent lives into account – but it is there, and profound in its potential. It just takes our rising frequency to reconnect us to all that we have learned and experienced along the way.

So the illuminasti are looking for something really frightening, be it a series of destabilizing events, or one really big one. They have it in their works. Accompnied by lots of noise, theatre (their amateur dramatics) negative news – all the usual stuff but perhaps larger scale.

Here we are, having just about entered the New Reality, when our last and biggest threat arises. What can we do to counter it? Well, at one level, the answer is easy – keep on raising our frequency. Whatever noise, fearful news or negativity happens, keep moving upwards and don’t get drawn in. But what does this ‘moving upwards’ mean in practice? Two things: first, do more of whatever activity you experience as raising your own frequency – prayer, wonderful music, gatherings with friends, laughter, making love, spreading the peace message, helping others. GET CREATIVE HERE - YOU KNOW WHAT “DOES IT FOR YOU”!

Second, do everything you can to avoid that which crashes your frequency. This is the ‘Snakes and Ladders’ of the ascension path. We all focus on the positive activities – quite right too – but if you do something mean. Loose your temper, get seriously out of integrity or any other negative – you crash your own frequency. And each time, it is a little harder to recover. So…AVOID NEGATIVE PEOPLE, SITUATIONS AND ACTIONS. It is seriously beneficial to do this. And remember – the illuminasti will present you with snakes (their image) and not ladders = endless crashing opportunities!

Let’s now look at a couple of positive things that can REALLY HELP.

Lady Gaia, our Earth-mother, is ascending anyway – it has become an imperative for her, she has waited a long time for us to catch up, delaying her own ascension for 13,000 years since the debacle of Atlantis. So – to put it baldly – GET WITH OUR MOTHER, AND HITCH AN ASCENSION LIFT!

Imagine a small child whose mum has been away for a few days. Suddenly the youngster sees Mum coming through the gate and starting up the path. The little one rushes to her crying ‘mummy, mummy mummy’, filled with excitement to be swept up and hugged at the wonderful re-union. Tears, kisses…you get the scene? Now, feel the accompanying emotion = energy-in-motion. Feel how wonderfully positive and uplifting it is!

Can we REPICATE THIS EMOTION AND ENERGY AT REJOINING WITH OUT MOTHER EARTH? If so, if it is genuinely heart-felt, then she can hold us energetically and keep us moving upwards with her - regardless of what the illuminasti may attempt. So, make and keep that connection. A simple way of keeping your link to Lady Gaia open once you have made it is to simply acknowledge and thank Lady Gaia each morning and evening, feeling her energy in the process.

The second thing is quite different. START LAUGHING AT THE ILLUMINASTI. See this group of spoilt children playing out a comedy-tragedy on the world stage, completely out of their depth, with come-uppences lined up to happen. Try for a great belly laugh – get others laughing too. The illuminasti rely on the seriousness of all the situations they engineer. Laughing at them is like an exocet missile, it de-powers their energy and their abilities.

THE KEY QUESTION WE ARE BEING ASKED IS: can we ignore the noise and drama, and not get swept down by it? This ability may well determine the outcome.

THIS IS THE CRITICAL MOMENT, DEAR PEOPLE. All we need to do is keep moving our energies up, and the New Reality is ours to inhabit and evolve. No illuminati, no wars, no greed, no lack – and most negative activity gone - because the higher frequencies simply don't support them.

Now…isn’t that worth playing for?

Xavier Hermes

PS: I am asked ‘but what about help from higher sources’?. Well, I am quite sure they give us all sorts of support to encourage and facilitate our ascension. They are even – most unusually for this type of ascension scene – appearing to take specific physical realm actions to improve our chances. But we remain the architects of what happens next, and, should we choose to do nothing, the ‘ending’ of this part of our very long journey will be diminished accordingly. Let’s not go there!

PPS: Please network this to anyone who will act on it; or to any appropriate website you have access to. Thank you! [b]

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