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Judge Anna Replies to Idiots / Dinar Chronicles Posting By Anna Von Reitz plus more

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Judge Anna Replies to Idiots / Dinar Chronicles Posting

By Anna Von Reitz

In the first place, nobody should ever give much credence to people who hide in the dark, who use pseudonyms and what appear to be initials like "PNW" and who have no real addresses.  People like myself who have had their photos, actual names, actual emails and actual post office addresses plainly posted for years are much more reliable. 

Second, I never claimed to be any "Alaska Supreme Court Judge" -- EVER.  That was a misunderstanding and misquote by someone active in the Republic of Texas organization who put out a video with that misinformation prominently displayed.  I contacted them immediately and asked for them to correct it, but  it was too late.  Confirmation of the facts concerning who said this (not me) can be obtained from the Republic of Texas  ---

I have always very clearly stated that I am serving in two court capacities: (1) Justice of the Alaska State Superior Court and (2) Judge of the Third (3) Postal District. 

I should not be attacked over claims that I never made and these unreasoning (and if I may say, ignorant) attacks should be removed both from your website and YouTube as disinformation. [ It is, or should be, perfectly clear to anyone that I am functioning as a land jurisdiction judge, not a Sea-B.]

Third, I went to the Pope once I realized that the corrupt and evil system we are struggling with was set up by the Roman Catholic Church.  Uh-duh?  And who else was I supposed to address with my concerns about what the Church was doing, if not the Pope and the Cardinals responsible?

As a result of all this dirty laundry being aired (See my letter to former Cardinal George of Chicago which is posted on my website --for a taste of the discussions we had.) Pope Benedict repented and asked for help getting the word out to his employees and giving Due Process to the guilty parties.  I agreed to help do this, which is detailed in my book, "Disclosure 101" for anyone who has an honest interest.

That said, I have never been employed by or paid by the Pope or the Roman Catholic Church for these or any other services and I am certainly not a Roman Catholic.  I am a card-carrying Lutheran since the age of seven.

So there, too, all you've got is a bunch of asinine assumptions and blowhard crappola posted on your website, which needs to be washed clean of such ignorant and irresponsible and anonymous bombast.

IF the people promoting these lies care to come out of the closet and go toe to toe with me on any topic or subject, I am confident that they will get the bad end of the stick.  But as long as they specialize in unaccountable insinuations and falsehoods, my suggestion to you is to simply shut them down and give them no credibility, because they deserve none.

This morning I got a message from a friend saying, "They are calling you a fake!"

To which I replied -- "Who is?  The con artists responsible for this Mess, or the foreign judges without law degrees enforcing it?"

Since nobody knows who "Virgo Triad" is and nobody knows who "PNW" is either, it's not possible to answer that question, but ten gives you twenty that the liars lying to you about me are most likely the liars who have lied to you about everything else, too.

See this article and over 900 others on Anna's website here:

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Posted by Paul Stramer at 8:16 AM

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And Here, At Last, Is "The" Real Problem

By Anna Von Reitz

A bunch of renegade criminals trying to escape the consequences of their own acts, have proposed to call themselves by various names --- "Committee of 300", "British Marshall Plan Committee", "Committee of Rome", "Trilateral Commission", "Council on Foreign Relations" and "United Nations (Inc.)" ---- all acting without any public office, oath, or authority -- have acted in collusion with the guilty Central Banks to seize upon the Special Deposit Assets of Depositors from around the world, and pretend that it all magically belongs to one man that they control.

I personally know at least two dozen Trustees of Historic Trusts --- family trusts, treaty trusts, and business trusts -- whose assets have been illegally seized by these bankers and handed off as "abandoned funds" to these tricksters.  If the banks are dishonest, so are the governments, and if the governments are reduced to be being crime syndicates, we all suffer worldwide regardless of what other accommodations are made --- because fraud and criminality can only result in more fraud and criminality. 

By outright theft of these Historic Trust assets the perpetrators hope to build a world which they control and they promise all sorts of wonders, but can anything truly good result from theft and bypassing legitimate trustees in favor of "a" Trustee chosen by crooks?

I don't think so. 

The open and honest discussions with the actual Trustees have not occurred.  Instead, the bankers have arbitrarily given away what was not theirs to give and have amassed this huge "slush" pile of stolen assets, which they now propose to rule over via the instrumentality of "La Hacienda" and all the high-sounding la-dee-dah found here:



Head Office:  P.O.BOX 3134, Newyork, N.Y 10185 
Rockefeller Center 620,
5th Avenue ,
St Corner New york, N.Y. 10020 USA

Contact No.: +1 9293307623
Skype: tvm-lsm-666

Philippine Address: P.O.BOX no. 300 Philippine Postal Corporation, 
Central Post Office Manila, Philippines, Tel. No.: (02) 6979-130

And please remember that all the money and all the assets--- all of it--- that funded "The Marshall Plan" came from Americans and was never repaid to us. It was -- to the extent that it was ever repaid -- repaid to the Territorial United States. 

As I said a couple days ago, all the bankers responsible for this need to go to jail --- sooner not later, along with all the bad actors who colluded with them to create this absurd, criminal plot.

See this article and over 900 others on Anna's website here:

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Posted by Paul Stramer at 10:33 AM

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Letter to President Trump - May 3, 2018

By Anna Von Reitz

Dear Mr. Trump:

We do not have a contract with any incorporated entity merely calling itself "THE REPUBLIC OF THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA".  We present the only actual entity known as The United States of America in any form and you are now infringing on our name so as to give the world, as well as many Americans, a deliberately false idea of relationship and authority.

As we have repeatedly informed Mr. Rothschild, we do not accept any further service contract with France/FRANCE and our government is not in abeyance.

Any services rendered will be considered a gift so long as they are rendered in accord with the Constitutions and commercial contracts we are owed by both the Holy See and Britain.  Any continuance of illegal mercenary actions on our shores by France/FRANCE will be interpreted as international crimes and dealt with accordingly.

We do not intend to run our government like a sleazy discount furniture business that goes bankrupt in a cyclical fashion to avoid its debts and bilk its suppliers.

The offer to contract with "THE REPUBLIC OF THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA" has been made and refused.  This is our International Notice of Non-Assumpsit.

We suggest that the Principals responsible for the commercial crimes and false pretenses advanced against us and our people come peacefully to the table to settle the actual accounts without further attempts to obfuscate.

We have begun the process of cleaning up the Birth Certificate Racket and the Quasi-Military Courts which have operated as criminal organizations involved in Human Trafficking, Breach of Trust, Unlawful Conversion of Assets, Impersonation, Press-Ganging, Inland Piracy, and other international and commercial crimes since 1865.

We expect and demand that to the extent "THE REPUBLIC OF THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA" has a presence and does business on our shores it will cease and desist all pretenses of military occupation and that you will realize that all delegated powers have naturally and unavoidably reverted to The United States of America (Unincorporated) as a result of the incompetence of all three levels of the federal government ---with the single exception of the agreements we have formed with the American Native Tribes.

The world is thus put on Notice of these facts and the World Court and Holy See and British Crown and British Monarch and UN Corporation, the Government of France, and the respective Central Banks are all held directly and personally liable. 

Our entire country has been defrauded for 150 years and as you all have cause to know, fraud vitiates everything, rendering all actions and contracts tainted by it null and void.  Therefore, all presumptions deriving from the so-called "Reconstruction" and all the Acts of the [Territorial] United States Congress are also null and void since March of 1861.

Our government remains and so do the States and People of this country. 


Anna Maria Riezinger
James Clinton Belcher
Head of State
Posted by Paul Stramer at 10:22 AM

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Thasja Update -- And Other Kinds of Human Trafficking

By Anna Von Reitz

The vermin kidnappers of Thasja didn't succeed in making their Border crossing into Mexico yesterday, thanks in part to all of you ringing the phones off the hook at the California Justice Department.

While en-route to the Mexican Border, the kidnappers turned back and around, most likely tipped off that they were being observed and reported on. They beat tracks in reverse direction and are being closely surveillanced now.

One of the terrible things about the crime of physical human trafficking, is that it gives the vermin a hostage.

The situation with Thasja and the little children with her remains tense, but we are closing in and we have whipped and beaten the "authorities" into taking action. We may have uncovered one of the largest trafficking operations on the West Coast. It is beginning to look that way.

We will keep you all updated as we learn more and hopefully, as she and the children are recovered and set free.

Meantime, I want to observe to all of you that it is possible to "traffic" people on paper as well as in physical fact, and that is exactly what Franklin Delano Roosevelt did.

FDR trafficked millions of Americans -- kidnapped them, literally, as babies in their cradles, into the foreign international jurisdiction of the sea controlled by the equally foreign British Territorial United States. He press-ganged them and enslaved them for life, via the presumption of [Territorial] United States Citizenship and transported them on paper into the jurisdiction of a foreign country.

FDR is, arguably, the greatest criminal of all time, having ultimately done this to more people worldwide than Mao, Stalin, and Hitler combined ever dreamed about. He and his older Cousin, Theodore Roosevelt, worked the whole scheme together, with "Teddy" laying false claims against our land and FDR laying false claims against our money, our labor, and our souls.

Every time that one of these quasi-military tribunal "courts" attacks YOU they are doing so on the basis of having trafficked your Trade Name into their jurisdiction on false pretenses. They are engaged --- literally --- in human trafficking, inland piracy, and enslavement.

It's time to start charging these courts and their officers, the attorneys, with the crimes they are guilty of and using their own system against them.

Once you have issued your Foreign Sovereign Immunities Notice to them and having "fully informed them" regarding any crime you may have witnessed or have first-hand knowledge of via a letter on your own letterhead addressed to the Judge, Registered, Return Receipt Requested --- you have discharged any duty you may owe THEIR court to inform them about crimes happening in their jurisdiction.
If they continue to address you with "Motions" and actions calculated to force you to engage them, it's time to report them for misaddressing you, for using deliberately deceptive language (the all-capital letter Dog Latin NAME) and attempting to traffic you and to seize upon your lawful Person and its derivative PERSONS --- all of which have been re-conveyed to the land and soil of your birth state--- thanks to your diligence in correcting your own political status records.

You will want to file a simple Cancellation of All Prior Powers of Attorney effective with your actual birthday as an Extension to your Re-Conveyance Deed, and also a Letter of Appointment making your Trade Name the only Attorney-in-Fact and Power Holder associated with your names, estates, and accounts.

Denying all Powers of Attorney serves to discourage any further action against your Persons and explicit appointment of your own Trade Name as the Attorney-in-Fact and Power Holder puts an end to any argument over your standing and capacity.

Having your paperwork done, knowing what it means, and how to use it, is like having a loaded .44 in your purse (or holster) for when the kidnappers come.

If they persist in misaddressing you as any form of YOU after you have given them Due Notice and having fully informed them, take the docket sheet down to the nearest Public Safety Office and swear out a complaint against the named Court, Judge, Clerk, and Attorneys for: (1) willful trespass, (2) willful false presumption, and (3) attempted human trafficking.

It turns out that trafficking your name on paper into foreign jurisdictions is just as serious a crime as trafficking your body.

Start hoisting these judges and clerks and attorneys on their own petards and it won't take long for the word to spread and the courts to start functioning properly again.

See this article and over 900 others on Anna's website here:

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Posted by Paul Stramer at 8:26 AM

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By Anna Von Reitz

Why is Trump scrambling around listening to lectures from Macron, leader of a country that has owed us money ever since the Napoleonic Wars?

Obviously, if he is going to Macron for money, Donald Trump doesn't know how much money is owed to the actual States of the Union and is instead getting side-tracked and deluded worrying about debts owed by the States of States.
Let's see --- I have $4,778 Trillion in one pocket and vast, vast hard assets--- gold, silver, platinum---- in eight major banks right here in America, yet I scrabble around desperately trying to raise capital to pay off a $30 Trillion debt owed by the Housekeeping Staff? Hello, again?

Here's an idea, Mr. Trump---- take your actual Public Oath of Office, enter into the actual Presidency, and then, we take $30 Trillion out of our right pocket and transfer it to our left pocket....
What a concept!

Obviously--- Big D doesn't have a clue how much money he has available, and his Generals aren't telling him. But we know.

There's a cell of the old, nasty, corrupt Municipal United States DOD working out of North Carolina and they are playing for the wrong side. Everything they touch turns to lies and kaka.

They are doing their level best to make sure that Donald Trump remains ignorant about the actual finances of this country, and choking off and delaying and misdirecting funding that should already be available.

They need to be shut down. And he needs to be clued in.

White Hats? What are you waiting for? Christmas?

See this article and over 900 others on Anna's website here:

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Posted by Paul Stramer at 8:36 AM

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An Explanation of the May 3 Letter and The Delegated Powers

By Anna Von Reitz

It's apparent from the questions we are getting about the May 3rd Letter to Donald Trump informing him that THE REPUBLIC OF THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA ---- another "governmental services corporation" formed in France  over the weekend --- does not have a contract, is confusing people.

The United States of America (Unincorporated) -- our original federal Union of land jurisdiction States delegated nineteen enumerated powers, all of them in the international jurisdiction of the sea. 

As a result of the three Constitution(s) three distinct branches of the federal government were created, all of them represented by States of States, and empowered to exercise jurisdiction over specific administrative areas.

The Constitution for the united States of America was the National Constitution and the powers delegated through it were exercised by the original Confederation of National-level States of States doing business as, for example, The State of Georgia, The State of Ohio and their Union created by The Articles of Confederation.   Those National-level States of States have been moth-balled since the 1860's and secretively replaced and usurped upon by the British Territorial United States.

The Constitution of the United States of America was the Territorial Constitution and the powers delegated through it were only supposed to apply "on the High Seas and Navigable Inland Waterways" and to the "Insular States" --- Guam, Puerto Rico, American Samoa, et alia.  However, following the so-called Civil War, the British Territorial United States usurped and substituted their own Territorial "States of States" --- for example, The State of Georgia was replaced by the State of Georgia, and the land assets of The State of Georgia were rolled into state land trusts operating as the Georgia State (land trust).

The Constitution of the United States (notice --- no "of America") was the Municipal Constitution, and the powers delegated through it were only supposed to apply within the ten square miles of the District of Columbia and Washington, DC.  This is the oligarchy granted to Congress at Article I, Section 8, Clause 17.

So things have been off-track for 150 years, with Territorial States of States substituting for National States of States, and both the Territorial and Municipal "Governments" operating far beyond their appointed jurisdictions and physical boundaries and also, since the late 1860's operating as commercial corporations in the business of providing "essential government services".

The authorities and powers vouchsafed under The Constitution for the united States of America were thus improperly usurped and exercised  by the British Territorial United States acting under conditions of constructive fraud and Breach of Trust and the whole National level of our "federal" government was moth-balled pending a "reconstruction" that never occurred.

So color that vital part of the government that was supposed to exercise our delegated powers effectively "gone" and never restored---until now. 

Then in 2015 the Municipal corporation running the Municipal Government entered bankruptcy.

And finally, in 2017, the Territorial corporation entered bankruptcy.

Thus, all three levels of the original government entrusted with exercising our Delegated Powers were rendered incompetent. 

At the moment the Territorial United States declared bankruptcy, ALL the powers that were ever delegated reverted to the organization that delegated those powers in the first place --- The United States of America (Unincorporated).

This is the way that all contracts that delegate powers work. If the entities enjoying the delegation cease to operate, the delegated powers revert to the issuer.  They don't just drift around in hyperspace waiting for some other unknown Johnny-Come-Lately organization to form and "pick up" the contract by assumption of the duties.

That precise situation is what we were witnessing last Saturday, when Presidents Trump and Macron, created the French governmental services corporation merely calling itself "THE REPUBLIC OF THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA" and both apparently thought that the French were going to slink back in here and start exercising our abused delegated powers with nobody being the wiser.

They hoped to do this by a "process of assumption of contract".  Basically, the new corporation comes back in, starts doing the work, and establishes an "implied contract for services".

So when we published the May 3rd Letter to President Trump, we posted International Notice that we have received back our abused Delegated Powers thanks to the incompetence of the service providers, and we are not allowing THE (French) REPUBLIC OF THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA to finagle any assumption of contract or presume to have any right to exercise our Delegated Powers.

Instead, we have summoned the actual States to Assemble---which they are doing--- and they will then meet for the first time in more than 150 years, to consider the fate of the federal "contract" government.  The constitutional form of the government has been preserved by agreements we entered into with the American Native Tribes prior to the other federal entities going into bankruptcy, but it is clear that the federal government has failed and become hideously corrupt and it is also clear that in the past 200-plus years, the circumstances that compelled the adoption of the constitutional form of government have changed.

The Federal Government and its various "States of States" have always been under contract to provide services to the actual States and to their lawful unincorporated Union known as The United States of America.  Like any other business contract, these instrumentalities are subject to review, renegotiation, and if necessary, dissolution.

The co-terminal bankruptcies of both the Territorial and Municipal United States corporations, the criminality of the banking system, the Birth Certificate scandals, the widespread crimes, the human trafficking, the corruption of the courts--- have all weighed in, together with our growing awareness of the Gross Breach of Trust and legal chicanery that has been employed to rob and enslave the American People and the history underlying all the above.

This "offer" to boot up another round of the same old fraud, exploitation, and manipulation of our country by a European power merely calling itself THE REPUBLIC OF THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA deserves a swift kick to the curb, and that is precisely what has happened.  We aren't deceived. We are standing on our own land jurisdiction and owed its return plus all else that is rightfully ours, absent any more meddling from Britain or France or any other party.  

Mr. Trump has been offered the actual Office of the President of The United States of America (Unincorporated) and in that Office, he would be one of three Officers responsible for the care and protection of this entire country and would have access to the tremendous wealth and credit that the American States and People are owed.

Instead of relying on his own States and his own People, Trump has instead gone crawling to Macron for help and apparently supported yet another betrayal of our interests to those of European con artists who have robbed six generations of Americans blind. 

Enough is enough.  None of them have a contract with us.  None of them have any right to be here any longer. All of them owe us recompense for this situation, not the least of which is the return of our confiscated gold and the return of all our land patents and titles and the return of our people to their natural birthright political status via international correction of all the falsified public records.  

See this article and over 900 others on Anna's website here:

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Posted by Paul Stramer at 8:58 AM

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