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New Age Seer

New Age Seer
“You learn that you either are going to have a police state where you don't have any freedom left, or you're going to build a world that doesn't create terrorists - and that means a whole different way of ‘getting along.’” John Shelby Spong

The prevailing discussion is about Global Climate Change… Our polar caps are melting, ocean water temperature and levels are rising, there are increased global disasters that are climate based… New studies are now showing that aquatic life forms like fish will get smaller as the water temperatures rise…

If you really think of it, we really do live in a State of Fear.

After all, there’s money to be made and people spend more and save less when they are afraid.

The question then is, why is it possible for the wealthy to buy and build panic rooms and bunkers on their estates but ‘normal’ folks can’t – partially because of the laws and partially because of affordability.

What do they know that we don’t?

‘Normal citizens’ are being attacked for having home gardens, for collecting rain water for use for their gardens and lawns… However, the First Lady herself has an organic garden on public property from which she harvests fresh fruits, vegetables and legumes for consumption at their dinner table… Quite possibly using public funds – all the while SWAT Tactics are being used on Average people who are trying to survive or live right, and denying them their basic right to survival.

The argument is about Man Made Climate Change.

It is documented that more than half the world’s population now live in cities – after all this is where all the jobs are at, where the goods are manufactures and distributed – gas prices make it too expensive to ship goods over land or by air and now sea, thus making common goods more difficult to purchase, and even less affordable.

Now, we have more than 4 billion people living in cities, using municipal power, municipal water, municipal waste water processing, municipal roads, municipal transportation, municipal communication – which are on the most part privately owned monopolies by large multinational corporations – be it the ones building the municipal infrastructures, building transmission lines, managing municipal resources and controlling the majority of the stakes.

Sure, we ‘elect’ political leaders – however, they all represent these special interests – because they are the true owners.
Statesmen are used to write laws and enforce them, create penalties and enforce them…

All the while, the wealthy owners get away with treason.

Reading through my Provincial Building Code – as written by the Ministry of Municipal Affairs and Housing – any person desiring to build a home, build an addition, build a deck or a swimming pool, add an additional carport or garage, or even add a chimney, must by law apply for a building permit, which takes 5 to 10 business days – and cost a fee that is annexed to inflation.

Building permits are for public safety.

Or are they?

In cities/municipalities with large populations, with people living on top of each other, or in close proximity to each other – we need laws and rules to protect us and our possessions – safety is necessary. We can’t have our neighbors raising chickens and having their rooster waking up the neighbourhood at 6am, just because they want fresh eggs in the morning… (Our Neighbors, not the Roosters...) Nor can we tolerate having horses or cattle in our neighbor’s garage leaving their droppings all over the place – people barely follow the poop and scoop by-laws for dogs – and when was the last time you saw a police officer stop, stoop and scooped after his or her horse, after they’ve relieved themselves? (The horse, not the officer...)
Hardly seems fair – you need to clean up after pooch, but they doesn’t have to for their go gallopers?

As land prices increase, building material costs increase, building permits increase, the cost for professionals to come into our homes and do the electrical work, the plumbing, the air and heating, the ventilation, installing the windows, the roofing, the digging the well, the hook up fees to main electrical service, digging a sewer – and meeting constantly changing codes that meet ever new standards – one is forced to question the purpose…

Are insurance companies behind writing the Building Codes? Are mortgagers behind the rise in property prices - isn't it funny how unemployment numbers go up as more middle class citizens demand better wages - as minium wage increases? We have inflation and hyper-inflation, which is a product of Supply and Demand - as the supply deminishes and the Demand increases, prices increases with the demand. But, in a world where Corporations and Banks are price fixing to adjust their earning to increase stock shares... Was the game ever really about what we were always told? Does the conventional business model actually apply?

Socially, it seems that symmetry seems to be at play – everyone needs to be on board the same vision, the same plan. Yet, is this by design or by natural progression?

After all, when we look at it, everyone’s homes have to look the same… We all have to live the same lives, follow the same routines, accept the same platatudes.
If we examine homes from the 1940’s and then again in the 2000’s we can noticeably see the vast difference in contrast – from our philosophy to how to build a bathroom, to butler pantries, to the placement of the stove and fridge – and kitchen layouts… From flooring materials, to insulation materials, to roofing materials… The world is about evolution – but it’s also about commerce.

It’s about industry – designing, manufacturing and distributing goods that people will buy because it both appeals to their sensibilities, but also because they meet new Laws.

Every 20 years we are forced to buy new refrigerators… First because of the deadliness of Freon, then because of the energy efficiency of the motors… All the while, the three largest manufacturers that have a monopoly on electrical appliances are making a fortune – because 3 times over the life of your home, new appliances were purchased…

To you, it’s a $700 refrigerator, to them, its 2 million units sold in 2011. What about 20 million units sold, or even 2 billion units sold world wide?

After all, you need a refrigerator – you need to eat 7 meals a week with meat – meat needs to be refrigerated – you need to consume dairy, which needs to be refrigerated. You always cook more than what you eat, so you can have ‘left-overs’ for lunch tomorrow – you need to buy 2 weeks worth of groceries don’t you and stock up for emergencies – everyone likes to have a cold drink once and a while – especially after a hard day at work…


We are keeping the economy moving – over consuming because we live in fear that something will happen to cause us not to be able to buy food for a prolong period of time – we may only be 4 or 5 people living in a home, but we need a structure that is large enough to house 10 to 15 people, so that we can store our possessions… We keep consuming, purchasing ‘things’ because one day we may need them, or we use them daily because they make us feel good, they make us happy…

All the while domestic violence is increasing. Gang activity is rising. Drug and alcohol dependence is increasing – all of which are industries that generate revenue – more police officers – more uniforms for those officers, more munitions and weapons, more police cars, a larger police precinct building, larger jails, more jail guards, kitchen staff - kitchen appliances – stainless steel appliances – more expensive… The Police Chief and Prison Warden get larger salaries because now they have to manage more…

There’s always a bigger picture – and yet here we are, arguing about the details – how it should have been spelt their and not there… Or even, they’re… Oh My Gosh!

Is climate change real – As real as it gets. But is it an unnatural phenomenon? The facts show that the earth’s climate has been cyclical for as long as we can measure. Just as human ignorance – we constantly strive to look for answers in our leaders – trusting that they are looking out for our best interests.
All the while, they are conspiring against us – either knowingly or unknowingly, in support of some larger vision.

You can’t go back to the way things were, because they were never anything other than what they are now. Every aspect of our lives has been controlled – we merely learned to behave within the parameters of our boundaries.

If it makes us feel safe, then its good enough – but the thing is, fewer and fewer of us are feeling safe these days, and we are beginning to look for new meanings, new definitions – but there’s aren’t any, because everything resides within the confines of our boundaries – our descriptions.

More of us are asking questions – and the opposition isn’t solutions or new paradigms, but rather oppression – silence the questions and punish the disenfranchised – because, for now, it doesn't fall within the consumerist paradigm.

As long as we can continue to feed into our system, it will continue to survive – even if its barely holding onto a thread – because figuring out a way to fix the system would mean something far more devastating then what we are living with today – until it too becomes the new norm – and we merely learn to live within that context until one day, we begin to question even its value, and rebel.

Are we then doomed to doubt ourselves and each other? If so, isn’t that Hell - Life in a constant state of anxiety and guilt?

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Very well thought out observations of our condition and the world around us, NAS! I would say that if you strictly look at the "conditions" around us, you can determine that this is Hell. However, I believe that we can and should embrace HOPE, find Peace in knowing that Divinity has the final say in all this, and that we have not yet exceeded what our Creator can control! I try not to allow the things I can't control dictate my present, beyond the instantaneous response of dislike or frustration. We have to turn our focus to the world we believe SHOULD exist, and BE that. We have to focus on being a light in the darkness, so that when everything shakes out, we don't tread this way again.

I think more and more people are figuring out how to be part of the solution, and not allowing the distress of evil activities consume them. It's good to recognize them, as you have eloquently and brilliantly pointed out. It's also good to see it in view of the "grand scheme"...all this is to teach us to do and be better. All things will work out for our good! It just takes heartbreak to get there, sometimes...

Does that make sense? I agree with everything you said, just offering my perspective on it. ;-)


:flower: ❤ gmaHunniBee ❤ :flower:
Galatians 5:22-23
"But the fruit of the Spirit is love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness,gentleness and self-control. Against such things there is no law."

Isaiah 40:31
"But they that wait upon the LORD shall renew their strength; they shall mount up with wings as eagles; they shall run, and not be weary; and they shall walk, and not faint."

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New Age Seer

New Age Seer
We cannot ignore that there are 'rules.' If we are to understand Hope, we must understand ourselves and our own salvation - salvation cannot be found in a puerile belief in a Divine Creator - in and of itself, purely believing that we will find salvation in a Life Well Lived is enough to demonstrate in itself that we aren't understanding the 'Rules' to how 'things are done.'

We elevate ourselves with a deeper understanding and experiential of our true self - as infinite beings of immortal substance... But it is in the how we come to this understanding and experiential that is the key.

We talk about Change and Hope as if it were something in our future - yet, for generations we've talked about this Change and Hope and have yet to realize it - Heaven then is not on earth - but beyond the celestial veil of eternity, in the arms of our Divine Creator...

Yet, if we choose to live a life of Sin - we will fade into Hell - My life isn't hell - I'm not 'in Hell' - but we have collectively created this place, and yet, we continue to DREAM of something better, something bigger - and we all hope that we can collectively create this Imaginary reality - when the truth is, we are currently existing in our Reality.

We are alive in the Here and Now.

Yet, we do not know the rules - we learn how to use a cell phone, how to drive a car, how to use a computer - yet, our understanding of these things are rudimentary. When they fail to work, when there is a bug or a virus or a breakdown, we rely on others to fix it so that we can once again rely upon them - in this system of reliability on others - which is Collectivism - we have learned that we are corruptible - we'd like to think by nature - but it is in fact because it is part of the 'Rules.'

You can lie, cheat and steal. The 'rules' allows for it, we just can't get caught doing these things.

Those who get ahead in life; the psychopaths, the sociopaths, and the plain criminal, become our political leaders, our corporate heads and our shining examples of success... Because they've become experts in their fields of discipline - in the discipline of Corruption.

The Dreamers want to live in a puerile world - but we all collectively live in a Real World - and understanding how the Real World Works is a Key to learning about ourselves - after all, how else are we supposed to know how we've been programmed to think and act, to understand our motivations and desires, to face our limitations in the face of adversity, if we fail to challenge ourselves within the context of our reality?

The Global Narrative has become, 'We now live in a Police State.'

Perhaps some of us haven't realized this fact - or disagree with it - yet, when we look at what is going on, and call one aspect of our social conduct as Corruption, and another as Civility - then we have no understanding of our own Duality. We are capable of both Good Deeds and Wrong Deeds - yet, this is not evidence of Good and Evil - but rather - it is a reflection of our own Ignorance (Ignorance of our true selves - as infinite consciousness and immortal substance) and pettiness - because we'd rather live in blame and denial then in reflection and understanding.

The Global Political and Economical System did not just suddenly appear - it did not sprout out of the ether and claimed itself as 'Being-ness.' It is a process of evolution - where each individual has contributed to its presence and development and growth. Understanding what we are collectively creating and understanding its end point is vital to us being able to make correct adjustment and amendments that meet the needs of the whole, and not just a fractional few.

We can give our lives over to imagination - but even in that, reality sets in and claims us - and once that has happen, death occurs - which puts a quick and sudden end to living.

In our current narrative we are demonizing Islam for their Extremism - every day there are examples of terrorist acts being committed around the world. When we talk about Women's Rights in Islam, there aren't any - When we talk about Freedom of Speech, there isn't any... When we talk about Freedom of Religion within Islamic States, there isn't any...

However, not too long ago in our own not so distant past - if we looked at women's roles in our homes, there roles in industry, in Theatre, on Television, in Broadcasting, and in the Music Industry - it just wasn't proper. The second-wave of women's liberation began in the early 1900's. In the 1850's women could not own land, nor could they own slaves. A four year old male child could however be the beneficiary of the estate with his mother as legal guardian. We'd rather see male children have the political and economical power in our homes rather than handing it over to an adult woman... It just wasn't proper...

Even today, Gays, Lesbians and Transexuals aren't entitled to the same rights and privileges as Straight people. So, we are still fighting an uphill battle in terms of Social Equality and Fairness. For them, this isn't a fantasy, this is their reality - their positivity, their affirmation, their hope does little to change the balance and help the world from tolerance and acceptance of them - as human beings... It's a sad world when the teachings of Yeshuwa are used to demonize and mischaracterize people who live alternative life-styles, or who are gay or lesbian... To them, this is a corrupted world where words of truth and justice and peace are corrupted to protect the puerile views of the social and not so civil majority.

There was a time not so long ago when Jews weren't allowed to own property in specific parts of the city - in most major municipalities. They were forced to live in the outskirts, in the fringes. Because of their sense of community, they thrived while others were consumed by their own corruption. And when this happened, and because they proved to be the Political Majority, they seized the lands and stole the wealth of these people to once again diminish them - to this, this was their reality. Many American/Canadian born Germans and Japanese had there assets and holdings seized, and they were detained in long captivation during the war for suspicion of decention. They were held captive as spies without being guilty - nor found guilty.

We've conveniently buried our past and blind ourselves in rose tinted glasses, choosing to find 'beauty' in the world when others pay for their innocence daily - just because we are not the oppressed does not absolve us from our responsibilities towards our fellow creatures...

And we blame others for their sins when we forget about our own... This helps no one and does very little to promote Unity and Peace and Civility in the World.

First comes understanding (through self-reflection) - then comes discernment - then comes correction of our own behavior and responsibilities, then comes action...

Many of us just like to jump to that last step - action - which causes only conflict - where in we lose Peace.

The death of tolerance is enabled by social ignorance...

And in the absence of peace, we have Hell... By definition.

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4NAS Entry #18 Empty Re: NAS Entry #18 on Wed Oct 03, 2012 6:44 pm


I agree that there are "rules." I also believe that those rules govern the universe, and are only fully understood through the concept of LOVE. Yeshua taught that ALL the laws and the prophets were summed up in LOVE, Love for our Creator and one another!

Bringing that "philosophy" to the earth through myself (and sharing that with others), is the best way I know of to contribute to the healing of our world. Love is the missing force, and the one most abused, misunderstood, and tossed aside.

It's not "tolerance" of social behaviors that has held us back, but rather a focus on the behaviors, rather than the people who participate in them. They are loved, but they don't feel that because we aren't communicating it properly. I've seen a few instances where people, in the process of being killed by extremists (of a certain belief system) are forgiven AS the violence is being perpetrated against them! This demonstrates great love and faith in a God of Love.

Tolerance in and of itself is exploited for politically correct purposes. It still subjects one group to another. It is usually only seen from the view of the person/people wanting tolerance, and is seldom returned. I've witnessed that most of the people screaming loudest for tolerance have the LEAST amount of tolerance for those with whom they disagree. I think if we remove the "label" of tolerance and instead replace it with "LOVE", more will be accomplished as we express the change that we want to see in the world. Love, for both sides of opposing doesn't steal, kill or destroy. Therefore, those who do these things, though not fully evil, are not operating in "love."

Would you agree that the pro-Action of LOVE would be a more effective "tool" to effect change? Can we operate in that without "forcing" anyone to our point of view, "coercing" others to meet the demands we feel they should meet? We are as far outside that paradigm of love as we've ever been. Hell, to me, is the complete absence of love, and that is what we have to "resurrect" and perpetuate, imo.

:flower: ❤ gmaHunniBee ❤ :flower:
Galatians 5:22-23
"But the fruit of the Spirit is love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness,gentleness and self-control. Against such things there is no law."

Isaiah 40:31
"But they that wait upon the LORD shall renew their strength; they shall mount up with wings as eagles; they shall run, and not be weary; and they shall walk, and not faint."

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New Age Seer

New Age Seer
My opinion isn't relevant - my notion of self, and of all the descriptions we hold dear as a collective society or consciousness are not parallel.

My description of this thing called 'Love' is equally unparalleled... Forgiveness of one's enemies in the face of tragedy has little to do with compassion (for one's "enemies"), but rather, understanding or realizing that we are motivated to act out of ignorance because we understand only separation - duality. The one who has been sacrificed and understands his or her divine truth understands that there truly is no sacrifice, only infinite expressions of self and that this is an opportunity to experience yet another dimension of self. And to their aggressor, a chance to learn about selfless sacrifice and the example of forgiveness through divine unity.

I have no interest in coercing people into believing something that is fundamentally and diametrically opposed to themselves.

Self-Evolution cannot be dictated by others - Self-Realization is a personal journey that one arrives to in their own way and time. Teachers help with the pitfalls, in understanding the blockages that occur so that we don't lose faith in our own journey - yet they have no judgment if we 'lose' our way, because there is only one way - towards Divine Unity. It just happens on its own terms.

Sadly, we have a fractured society that sees error where there is none - all is GOD - nothing can come into being unless through GOD - and yet still, we hold onto the notion that the Devil is his Opponent - this would suggest that the Devil is equal to GOD. And none are equal to GOD - because that only exist in a world that practices Duality.

I was given a platform on OOM to encourage thought and discussion, not to 'coerce' people into thinking my way - I have no interest in peoples personal journey - influencing them, inspiring them, motivating them... It is merely an expression of my own perspectives and views as I try in my own way to understand my own Infinite Dimensions... People are free to read or not read - I have no interest in playing the role of a teacher or guardian. I leave that to the genuine teachers and to the delusional.

Thanks for reading.

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This is a wonderful discussion going on here! Awesome!!

When I read your entry today NAS I wrote a rather long reply then got busy at work and it got closed out. Let me try and remember some of it. It started out....

If you could see me right now NAS you would see a woman jumping out of her chair cheering that I was so happy that someone got it. I feel so much the same. It is time for revolution. It is time that we stop talking and start acting. In the 60's I was fortunate enough to be able to be part of the counter culture that marched at the Chicago Demononmic Convention. Mayor Daley tried to stop us. They bound and gagged Bobby Seal to a chair. They beat kids with clubs to silence us. They shot kids down at Kent State. They may have won the battle but they lost the war. We made CHANGE happen. We can again.
Everything you said is dead on.

I don't seem to be able to hold on to the hope that inspires gma. I admire that in you gma. Maybe someday I might be able to go there. But probably not until things are put to right.

What is going on in this country and around the globe because of this country is CRIMINAL. Plain and simple. It has to be stopped. It has to end. We the people need to make sure it does. I feel this incredibly strongly.

There is very little to be hopeful about until this is ended.


7NAS Entry #18 Empty Re: NAS Entry #18 on Wed Oct 03, 2012 7:50 pm

New Age Seer

New Age Seer
Here's the thing, we can say it's 'Criminal.'

Often it is asked, 'If there is a God, why does he let "Bad" things happen?'

Rather, it is our notion of Who or What is GOD (in this case) that is fallacious.

We've bought into a false notion that GOD is outside of us, beyond us... When the truth is, All is GOD - All Things, and All Moments. The particle that is GOD is in all Things at all Times...

GOD is not merely a Particle, but rather, it is a description, a definition to help us understanding that all things are made equally - not just humans, but all things, all atoms, all cells, all organisms... And this expression of Divine Unity is called 'LOVE.' It is all frequencies, unified in singularity.

Then why do "Bad" things happen? To motivate us to expand, to grow, to connect. To hate is an expression of LOVE - there is only LOVE - but it is a dynamic that separates us from ourselves and each other. This division creates separation of self, anxiety, loneliness, fear - there are many dimensions - one who hates purely becomes a perfect saint in that aspect of LOVE - Hitler, Mao Tse Tung, Pal Pot... True Divine Teachers in HATE - It is those who profess to understand 'LOVE' who reject these teachers and the lessons they've taught us - and the Millions who's suffered, who've learned that HATE cannot create a thriving, successful and growing society. There is no Unity of Heart in a world of HATE.

Mass Effect happens when the majority of the people 'Get it.'

Here's the effect of what happens when they do 'Get it.' The expression of the world will dramatically change - we are desperately wishing for change - but we don't understand the cost of this 'Change.'

There are in fact two Changes - the one leaves us with no suffering, but with the benefits of happiness - we continue to consume, to pollute, to waste... But we are 'happy' with the price.

The other is that there will be fewer humans on the earth - we'd live longer lives in silent self-reflection - we'd help the disembodied understand the true notion of LOVE through our own Divine Radiation until we Evolve into the next phase of Spiritual Evolution. We'd all live in caves, drink rain water from leaves and eat bird droppings, with the occasional bark or root from a tree. In other words, no cell phones, no HD TVs, no Theatres, Restaurants, no condoms or pornography or prostitution, no sex - because we could purely manifest a new body through intention alone - Astrally Project from our own body with ease - explore the cosmos through thought alone... No Disease, no Suffering, no Discomfort - just pure existence...

The vast majority of us would rather wish for Change #1, because at least we can still indulge our senses and our bodies. In Change #2, we can hardly describe ourselves are 'Humans.'

There's a cost to every wish - and many of us lack the understanding of the true price of Self-Realization and God-Realiation.

We need this arena to live and learn by - the alternative is something vastly different and alien to human consciousness. The collective consciousness is nebulous and without division - it is singular, but comprised of infinite consciousness that have no sense of self - of individuality.
Our sense of self is born from our physical senses - our corporeal experiences have a much more succinct and accurate effect of teaching us about the more subtle energies of infinity - the sub particles of the Frequencies called 'LOVE.' In a way, we can say its a crash course in LOVE. Those of us lucky enough to have bodies - despite the fact that we waste through millions of life-times, because we fall in love with our bodies - we have an upper hand in learning about our Divine Nature than those who are never a body. It is therefore, our responsibility to teach them. So, we must go through multiple phases of suffering to become experts, to become masters of LOVE.

8NAS Entry #18 Empty Re: NAS Entry #18 on Wed Oct 03, 2012 7:57 pm

New Age Seer

New Age Seer
We'd rather live behind a false notion of Truth, because it brings us comfort, over embracing TRUTH because it makes us uncomfortable.

Too many profess to understand the words of the prophets, yet do little to demonstrate the truths within themselves.

Human arrogance tells us that to feel superior, we must attack and diminish others who make us feel uncomfortable so that we can feel validated in our notion of Truth.

However, its always been the notion of the Prophets to remind us that none are superior to GOD - therefore all vain attempts to diminish others is a sign of how little we truly understand the Divine Teachings.

The more I meditate on it the more I realize that I understand very little - but over the course of my life, I've seen more and more of the greater picture, which inevitably makes me feel smaller and smaller... And I struggle to live with the self-realization that I am infinitely small, within my vastness.

In the end, we connect best with ourselves and with GOD when we are uncomfortable - and that is the purest gift to self - and to the world.

9NAS Entry #18 Empty Re: NAS Entry #18 on Wed Oct 03, 2012 8:20 pm


The notion of Love. The notion of Hate. Notions.
When we eliminate the struggle, the hard times, the pain then we remove the ability to appreciate or even understand what is happy, joy,bliss. What is to be human.

Hitler was a monster. But he was also a master. He was able to hypnotize entire countries. Now that is powerful.
Look at what has happened over and over. The mass murder of races just because. The cruelty of the many.
It is the blind leading the blind on this planet.
Just look at how we eat! Ever been to a slaughter house? The cruelty that we stand by and allow is appalling. It has to stop!
I see this Ascension concept as it is. It is the death of the human race. Maybe that is as it should be. Because we really do suck as a whole.
You can read all of the uplifting "channels" or study the prophets till the cows come home it does not change the fact that this is what it is.
It is so very bad that I don't know how it can ever be better.


10NAS Entry #18 Empty Re: NAS Entry #18 on Wed Oct 03, 2012 8:34 pm

New Age Seer

New Age Seer
I made a personal commitment to make changes in my own life - my diet, my buying habits and my attachments.

It doesn't make me a 'better person.' I don't eat meat or animal proteins because of the Auschwitz food camps, I try not to buy clothing made in Auschwitz Sweatshops, despite how difficult it is to buy conventional needs. However, my home is a conventional build, my electricity is from a Nuclear Power Plant, my food isn't locally grown and not always 'Organic.'

Because it is a part of the World I live in... It isn't about rejecting the World I live in, but rather embracing it in all its manifestations. This is the world we've collectively created... In all its many imperfections - perfect in its imperfections.

Rather, it is our expectations that are imperfect... We make changes through the choices we make - we cannot force others to make those changes - however, it is easy for the world to arrive at that point where through critical mass effect the world is forced by its own deeds to make changes that it has resisted for so long. Most changes happen on there own volition - bringing us along for the ride.

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11NAS Entry #18 Empty Re: NAS Entry #18 on Wed Oct 03, 2012 8:40 pm


Well that may very well be but I think that if we all just sit around and wait for Ascension, death, than we are not doing what we have been called to do. We are awakened for a reason. It is time to show our teeth. Even if they have cavities. :)


12NAS Entry #18 Empty Re: NAS Entry #18 on Wed Oct 03, 2012 9:06 pm

New Age Seer

New Age Seer
And garlic breath... ew... LOL...

Ascension is a false notion. Just as we have a Left-Right Paradigm in Religion and Politics, we have one in this new wave called 'Spirituality.'

For a population who has access to the most amount of information than any other time in human history, we still understand very little of our selves and our world - we have ideas, concepts, descriptions... We have laws, rules and principles - but they are all founded on what has come before us - we've simply accepted someone else's description of the world and settled in there - because it sounds 'reasonable.'

And because we believe ourselves to be 'reasonable' people, we refuse to accept that some of the things we've accepted are in fact, unreasonable, and in some cases, untruthful.

Our notion of 'Good' diet - has done very little to prolong our lives - some of us just die 'healthier' than others... Even the devout believers die, in some cases heinous deaths - in this I'm thinking of Buddhist Priests who've doused themselves in gasoline and emulated themselves for their religious and spiritual convictions.

Ascension to me simply means, we're learning how to look deeper into our world and bringing new descriptions to the surface to better create unity among ourselves and each other...

Some are resisting the unity as others are embracing it - and then there are others who'd rather remain in the fringes, in their own little bubbles because quite frankly the world of 'convictions' is simply scary. LOL...

PS: maybe I should floss my teeth now...

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13NAS Entry #18 Empty Re: NAS Entry #18 on Wed Oct 03, 2012 9:17 pm


Floss em' and file them down to points! LOL
make them sharp as razors. Look out world .... here we come!
Time to put things to right! YEAH!!!!


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