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Update On, Targeted Barclays Banker, Suicide Survivor, Edmund JM Dunne

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Update On, Targeted Barclays Banker, Suicide Survivor, Edmund JM Dunne

I discovered Edmund openly and publicly suicidal on his Facebook page (currently taken offline by himself) in the middle of January 2017. He was already well-known in our Anonymous-OSINT circles due to his private e-mails that went public by World Bank Whistleblower, Karen Hudes. During this time Edmund believed that he was being recruited by the Illuminati to solve the global currency and financial crisis as he tells us that he lead the think tank that designed the digital architecture for a gold-backed, One World Currency. He contacted Karen Hudes with the interest of putting the Global Debt Facility (1.7 million metric tonnes of gold put in a trust for humanity by Jose Rizal and his lawyer, Ferdinand Marcos) on a Blockchain. She claims that she represents the Board of Governors of the IMF and the World Bank and that they turned him down.

Edmund tells us that he was bullied at Barclays by his supervisor causing him to attempt suicide late 2011. He then spent six months at Nightingale Hospital, in London, where he believes, he was misdiagnosed and improperly medicated to silence him. Edmund is privy to information regarding; Vatican accounts, LIBOR rigging and the corruption in our global monetary system, which he believes, was designed to be predatory from inception. In the next few years there would be approximately 90 suspicious banker deaths; both homicides and suicides, where it has been determined, that employers were cashing in on bankers tax free life insurance policies known as BOLI. Edmund survived this.
We interacted with Edmund on the Internet for almost a year as he tried to liberate himself from tortuous living conditions in Wexford Co., New Ross Ireland. We tried to assist him by offering him support and amplifying his voice on social media. Edmund is also a survivor of childhood abuse and trauma, as well as one other assassination attempt by poison. For this reason, he suffers from C-PTSD. He would have regular anxious eruptions on his social media and continuously bounce back and forth from, wanting to be public to hiding. Edmund has been writing to the Queen, Intelligence, International Police, Governments and Embassies for several years now only to be ignored or dismissed.
It was a mystery to us exactly how Edmund was being held against his will. This was solved when I made an eight week trip to Europe at the end of 2017. A plan was presented by an acquaintance of Edmund, Attorney Todd Foreman, Labour Party candidate in Member of Parliament for North East Somerset in the 2015 General Election and Dame Sally Coleman Powell, local councilor in Great Britain for the Labour Party, to transport Edmund to London with hopes of getting him legal and medical assistance.
Shortly after arriving in London, Edmund turned against Todd in one of his suspicious moods (quite common with PTSD I discovered) and Todd removed himself from further assisting Edmund. Dame Sally graciously opened her home to both Edmund and myself but since she drinks heavily, the "home" environment was less than ideal causing Edmund to become very unwell and to regress to a child-like state where he was not able to function or fly back to his residence in Ireland. As his friend and "Miss Moneypenny", as he often called me, I flew with him and escorted him back to his previous residence, The Upper Lodge at Berkeley Forest in New Ross, that he rented from Countess Ann Griffin-Bernsdorff, in the countryside of Ireland.

It was here that I witnessed the tortuous living conditions that Edmund was expected to live in. His lodge was infested with rats, mold; it had inadequate heating and he was extremely isolated as the closet store was five miles away.
In trying to assist Edmund, I have always assumed that we were battling the global gangsters of the world. After I resided with him for six weeks, at his lodge in New Ross, I witnessed how he was kept, in-a-box, so to speak, by his very own family. There are tensions in Edmund's family due to his childhood trauma. His father did what he could to provide a little food, fuel, and an occassional lunch out. However, Edmund was mostly left entirly on his own to provide for all of his emotional and phusical needs while being in very poor mental and physical health. I witnesses and experienced the freezing cold, the isolation, the long walk to the store and back; ten miles total in all types of weather conditions. Some days there was not enough food to eat. Edmund had no one responsibly looking after him as a vulnerable, disabled person. His siblings remain distant and his parents are not completely up to the task due to their being up in age. He was abandoned most of the time and left in a void, while experiencing tortuous isolation and living conditions. He has reached out to me over a hundred times in one year, suffering from suicidal thoughts and episodes. He also often complained of not having any food and being hungry.
I have been acting as Edmund's Counterintelligence Officer, at his request, since January of 2017. I have written to over a hundred embassies on Edmund's behalf, advised him of dark characters trying to silence him and thwarted plans of sabotage regarding his efforts and legal case. What I did not expect to encounter was, the neglect by his own family or the self-sabotage that comes as a result from suffering from C-PTSD. Edmund can be fickle, changing his mind several times in one month regarding plans and strategies while fighting for his liberation. He is also in the habit of firing me and reappointing me on a regular basis . I have succeeded in protecting Edmund from some of the outside forces, but I learned that there is no competition in trying to protect Edmund from the neglect of his own family, or from his occasional mistrust of almost everyone, including myself, due to his C-PTSD.
I have often struggled with the thought of aborting this mission when ordered to cease my efforts. However, after providing Edmund with close protection for eight weeks in Europe, I witnessed his deteriorating mental health; panic attacks, paranoia and regression. I have had to assist him while he suffered and regressed to a child-like state where, at his worst, he functions between the age of a five-year-old and a fourteen year-old. It would be wrong to abandon someone so vulnerable. In actuality, Edmund is 43 and a savant. At his best, he can speak four languages fluently, knows constitutional law in four jurisdictions and is an exquisite cook in many various cuisines. He is highly intelligent and very schooled in global trade and finance, geopolitics and emerging technologies.
I last heard from Edmund through e-mail on April 24, 2018, where he told me, "Get out of my life" on a day when he had nothing to eat and he was frustrated with the world. I am fired again (sigh). There are times in close protection where you have to protect your subject even from himself. Edmund is a highly intelligent investment banker who suffers from frailties due to his mental health. He has adopted the vocation of establishing permanent peace and prosperity through architectural digital designs in regards to global finance and currencies. In essence, he wanted to help save the world from financial collapse and so did I and this is how we met.
When the PTSD kicks in, I take a step back but I never abandon my post. I still sleep with one eye open and an ear to the ground. Edmund is my boss who has become my best friend. We share the same mission and passion in regards to the rule of law. When Edmund is of sound mind, his thoughts and aspirations are noble, defined, and beautifully articulated in his diplomatic and peacekeeping efforts. I was once an activist for Occupy Wall Street, Edmund is a Wall Street banker. Our story is one of, "Wall Street, meets Main Street". We found a common purpose in working together with the Global Coalition for the Rule of Law. We succeeded in relocating Edmund to less isolated living conditions in his Ireland hometown, closer to his parents, but he tells me that they are still distant and his basic needs are still not being met. Edmund never stays away for too long. I am sure I will hear from him soon. I will take this reprieve to document and share this mission from my own personal perspective, which I will share with his supporters around the world, on this fantastic, world wide web, without which, we never would have met and Edmund may very well not be alive today, had it not been for this, miraculous, electronic web - The Internet.…/update-targeted-barclays-banker-…
#SuicidePrevention #MentalHealth #Banking #Currency #Blockchain #Atonement #Emancipation #Illuminati #LIBOR #Vatican #HumanRights #RuleOfLaw #Anonymous #OWS #GoldOutOfHiding #GlobalDebtFacility #Peacekeeping

Thanks to Christine Chadwick via facebook


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