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Out Of Mind » THE INSANITY OF REALITY » CABAL AGENDA & WORLD DOMINATION » RIP Margot Kidder: Illuminati Sacrifice and MKULTRA Mind Control

RIP Margot Kidder: Illuminati Sacrifice and MKULTRA Mind Control

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Margot Kidder: Illuminati Sacrifice and MKULTRA Mind Control

Posted By Isaac Weishaupt on May 14, 2018 | 1 comment
Sadly, it appears we’ve lost another celebrity that had her ties to allegations of Illuminati MKULTRA mind control. The actress Margot Kidder (from the Superman films with Christopher Reeve) passed away on Mother’s Day, May 13th, 2018.

MKULTRA Mind Control
Margot Kidder was subjected to something traumatic in her lifetime that afflicted her to the point of having a mysterious public breakdown. We see many “breakdowns” in Hollywood (e.g. Kanye West) and she is just one of many who suffer from whatever toxicity there is in this world of entertainment.
I discussed this topic in my hip hop conspiracy book, Sacrifice: Magic Behind the Mic where I tied the strange actions of Ariana Grande to Margot Kidder when we saw behaviors tied into MKULTRA mind control:
Ariana could possibly be subjected to mind control, just like I spoke of earlier with the MKULTRA and Project MONARCH topics. The supporting evidence for this is numerous images that show her covering up one of her eyes with a butterfly, or perhaps just posing with them. The Monarch butterfly knows its history through genetic transfer. This means that the offspring know who they are without having to manually trace through their genealogy. 
The Nazis wanted to do a similar process by weeding out what they deemed “inferior” races in part because they thought the ancestry of those bloodlines were inferior; thus the offspring were inferior. It’s all crazy stuff, but some of these people subscribe to these types of things. They believe that children of certain abusive bloodlines are more able to dissociate from trauma, so they go after them to brainwash them through MKULTRA.
Practices like yoga and meditation help one enter into a trance like state, which is actually dissociating; hence one reason why we see so many Hollywood types pushing these types of things. In one YouTube video Ariana is seen hanging out with her friend and acting very strange.
At one point she appears to be trying to pull her own teeth out. Similarly, we saw the actress who played Lois Lane in the original Superman films (Margot Kidder) go through an odd breakdown where she suffered from paranoid delusions before being found in the woods pulling her own teeth out.
Margot’s breakdown was very public but it seems nobody wants to point out the potential for mental abuse via MKULTRA subprograms.
The “official” story was that a homeless man knocked her teeth out when he tried to rape her while she was having a mental breakdown.
People magazine reported on this in 1996:
ON THE AFTERNOON OF MONDAY, April 22, as wind stirred the debris on the streets of downtown Los Angeles and police sirens bleated in the distance, Margot Kidder—disheveled, missing her dental work, dressed in dirty clothes—huddled inside the cardboard box that served as the home of a street person she knew only as Charlie. No director yelled “Cut!” No one hurried over from craft services with hot coffee. No makeup artist retouched the dirt on her face. The actress was living out a waking nightmare that would eventually make headlines around the world and cause heartache among friends and family.
During her ramble through the depths, Kidder saw another homeless man light a crack pipe.
“Don’t do that to your body,” Kidder told him.
“Don’t you be judgin’,” the man replied.
“He’s right,” Kidder recalls thinking. “I have no right to be superior. Here I am. I am homeless.”
Last week, Kidder, 47, paced the porch of her memento-filled log cabin near Livingston, Mont., and talked about “the most public freak-out in history.”
Kidder was allegedly suffering from a manic disorder but the article suggests something else:
Kidder was fixated on the idea that McGuane and the CIA were plotting to kill her because her book was powerful enough to change the world.
Again, we see the threats from a person that has a message AND a following (e.g. Tupac, MLK, etc.).
Many of these celebrities and entertainers pay a price for their role in the public eye. Some would claim it’s a Faustian pact; others say it’s just a byproduct of the entertainment industry and its pressures. To me it seems obvious that something is VERY wrong with Hollywood.
Dave Chappelle talked about this in his Bird Revelation comedy series when he talked about needing to listen to flawed characters (see my analysis for that if you want to be shocked).

In Conclusion
So what are we to make of this?
Is there “Illuminati” involvement in the death of Margot Kidder?
Perhaps so- if you consider the incremental process of breaking someone down to the point of having mental issues from the pressure being placed upon them. Some could even say these victims are exposed to dark inner-secrets that are far beyond what the masses are aware of.
Either way- we see this pattern repeat over and over, which is very unfortunate.
R.I.P. Margot Kidder

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