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Lt. Commander Walter Fitzpatrick, III Arrested for trying to Expose Government Corruption

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What More Evidence of Corruption is Needed?
January 29, 2012,

Please Stand Up!
By Sharon Rondeau
The Post & Email (site is under maintenance at time of publishing)
(Jan. 29, 2012) – Walter Francis Fitzpatrick, III has been incarcerated in the Monroe County jail numerous times, the most recent of which began on December 7, 2011 after he was rearrested allegedly for an untimely release following his September 23, 2011 sentencing as well as stealing government records.
In our most recent update, a visitor to Fitzpatrick reported that physically Fitzpatrick is well and looking forward to his anticipated release on February 9, 2012. Fitzpatrick reported to the visitor that the diabetic ulcer on his foot has healed.
Many readers of The Post & Email have contacted Tennessee Governor Bill Haslam; the State Veterans’ Affairs organization, which prompted a health and welfare visit from Sgt. Mullins; the Tennessee Corrections Institute, which is responsible for inspecting county jails; and area churches to bring awareness and action regarding Fitzpatrick’s ordeal with the Monroe County judicial system and the conditions inside the jail.
Fitzpatrick has attempted to present evidence to local and state law enforcement as well as the TBI and FBI that the county grand juries are “rigged” and their indictments therefore invalid. The Monroe County court clerk admitted in a letter to Fitzpatrick that no appointing orders or evidence of swearing-in exist for Mr. Gary Pettway, who served as grand jury foreman for at least 27 years.
Grand juries are charged with examining evidence of possible criminality in the county as well as with inspecting conditions in the local jail. In the instance of a finding of probable cause, the members issue indictments, after which the accused is formally charged and a trial date set. If the grand jury does not see strong evidence of a crime having been committed, it issues a “No True Bill” and the charges are dropped. In Tennessee, a county resident must not have served on a jury for at least the last 24 months in order to be eligible to serve as a juror. Fitzpatrick has proven, and a judge has admitted, that some jurors serve consecutive terms in violation of Tennessee law, TCA 22-2-314, which was the case with the grand jury which first issued indictments against Fitzpatrick following an April 1, 2010 citizen’s arrest of Pettway for over-serving his term.
Fitzpatrick has claimed that the “grand jury” operating in Monroe County is not a legally-convened body and that because Pettway was evidently never sworn in, he “has no papers, just like Obama.”
Fitzpatrick filed a criminal complaint of treason against Barack Hussein Obama on March 17, 2009 with the U.S. Attorney for the Eastern District of Tennessee as well as with two seated federal grand juries in Knoxville. To our knowledge, no action has been taken, despite Obama’s suspension of the Posse Comitatus Act identified in the complaint as well as subsequent evidence over the ensuing three years of identity fraud, social security fraud, forgery and election fraud. The Knoxville FBI has also received copies of the complaint as well as Fitzpatrick’s subsequent criminal complaints naming Obama in treason.
The Post & Email has been told by a reliable source that the FBI knows the truth about Obama’s original records, name, birthplace, and identity. Is that why Obama failed to produce documents at the hearing in Atlanta, GA on January 26, 2012? Can he not corroborate the life story he has told the public?
The Post & Email is also in possession of the “smoking gun” which a Knoxville FBI agent told Fitzpatrick was needed to prove criminal misconduct on the part of the Monroe County judiciary, and the FBI has been notified.
“The judge picks the jury” is stated three times on the record.
A reader of The Post & Email has recently contacted Governor Haslam’s office on Fitzpatrick’s behalf and spoken with Haslam’s assistant, Nathan Buttrey. Fitzpatrick has also spoken with Buttrey about the judicial corruption he has discovered in Monroe County, although no action appears to have been initiated.

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