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Saturn Rings Make Transmit Radio Waves Sounds

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Saturn Rings Make Transmit Radio Waves Sounds, Alien Message Board? UFO Sighting News.

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Alien messages are known to exist, and non of the radio transmissions have yet to be deciphered. For example Comet P67 has transmitted a song ever since it was discovered, which prompted ESA to build a probe and send it to the comet to find out if its an alien message. Once the probe got there, what it found is unknown since the ESA only published a few dozen of the thousands of photos it took. Why? Unknown? Probably hiding alien structures, since the comet itself looks like a alien face on a round head, with neck and shoulders. 

Saturn has been transmitting such songs, 24/7 like comet P67. However it seems that the rings of Saturn are an amplifier of sorts, sending the signals out into the cosmos. I believe that the rings are transmitting and receiving signals constantly, so deciphering them will be impossible, since separating just one from the thousands happening at once would be a job for AI, not for humans. 

Listen to the video below and decide for yourself. Saturn is calling you.
Scott C. Waring

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