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Out Of Mind » GALACTIC AWARENESS » HISTORIES MYSTERIES » Man Builds Replica Of The Great Pyramid And Taps Into ‘Mystical Energy’

Man Builds Replica Of The Great Pyramid And Taps Into ‘Mystical Energy’

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Man Builds Replica Of The Great Pyramid And Taps Into ‘Mystical Energy’

For centuries have scholars maintained that Pyramids were built to serve as tombs for mighty rulers to rest.
For thousands of years have ancient civilizations around the globe built majestic structures reaching for the sky.
The most famous pyramids ever built were erected in ancient Egypt.
The Great Pyramid of Giza is one of the most amazing pyramids ever constructed on Earth. However, despite what many may believe, this pyramid isn’t the largest one.
The entire property mimics ancient Egypt.
Half-way around the world, in Mexico to be more precise, ancient cultures built equally stunning monuments.
The Great Pyramid of Cholula is considered the largest pyramid on the surface of the planet in terms of volume.
But no matter where you look, you’ll find pyramids that were erected in the distant past, as if thousands of years ago, ancient builders used the same blueprint to construct these massive structures.

And since pyramids have become an equivalent for mystery, many people have tried understanding why were pyramids so important to our ancestors.
There are more than 1000 pyramids in Central America alone? There are 300 Pyramids in China and over 200 Pyramids in Sudan.
Countless Pyramids exist around the globe.
Egypt boasts only around 120 Pyramids.
To try to get to the bottom of the Pyramid ‘mystery’, a Ukrainian scientist decided to study these majestic structured and see whether there is a chance that pyramids were contextured for a far greater purpose than what we have been led to believe.
Dr. Volodymyr Krashnoholovets, a physicist from Ukraine, who has curiously spent over a decade building and researching pyramids, has been fascinated by these ancient structures for a long time.
He discovered incredible details about pyramids.
Endorsed by the Russian government, he created a 144-foot-tall pyramid outside of Moscow. He is a man who believes to have finally cracked the mystery behind pyramids and why they were built, and according to him, this is a summary of his discoveries on the effects of Pyramids:

  1. The immune system of organisms improved (blood leukocyte composition increased).
  2. Improved regeneration of tissue.
  3. Seeds stored in the pyramid for 1-5 days showed a 30-100% increase in yield.
  4. Soon after construction of the Lake Seliger pyramid a marked improvement of the ozone was noted above the area.
  5. Seismic activity near the pyramid research areas is reduced in severity and size.
  6. Violent weather also appears to decrease in the vicinity of the pyramids.
  7. Pyramids constructed in Southern Russia (Bashkiria) appeared to have a positive effect on oil production with oil becoming less viscous by 30% and the yield of the oil wells increased according to tests carried out by the Moscow Academy of Oil and Gas.
  8. A study was done on 5000 prisoners who ingested salt and pepper that had been exposed to the pyramid energy field. The test subjects exhibited a greatly reduced violence rate and overall behavior was much improved.
  9. Standard tissue culture tests showed an increase in survival of cellular tissue after infection by viruses and bacteria.
  10. Radioactive substances show a decreased level of radiation inside the pyramid.
  11. There are reports of spontaneous charging of capacitors.
  12. Physicists observed significant changes in superconductivity temperature thresholds and the properties of semiconducting and carbon nanomaterials.
  13. Water inside the pyramid will remain liquid to minus 40 degrees Celsius but freeze instantly if jostled or bumped in any way.

Building a replica
This is the replica of the Great Pyramid of Giza.
In the 1970’s, a man called Jim Onan discovered a study by the University of Wisconsin that supposedly claimed the ancient Egyptians used the pyramids as energy-producing machines.
Onan decided to perform a series of experiments, trying to recreate the energetic properties of the pyramid.

He eventually built a few smaller pyramids and placed them around his house. According to reports, his friends and family soon began noticing a number of strange phenomena when located near the Pyramids. It is claimed that the smaller pyramids built by Onan produced a sort of energy vortex coming from their summit.

Eventually, Onan and his friends decided to build an even larger pyramid. He constructed a 13-foot tall structure and invited a botanist to plant plants inside the pyramid.
According to claims, plants grew 3 times faster inside the pyramid then what they would grow normally. Onan is said to have built an exact replica of the pyramid of Egypt at 1/9th of their size, of course.

Reports suggest that a man named ‘Ralph’ who worked maintenance at the Onan’s property drank spring water every day while working on the Pyramid. Ralph allegedly had high blood pressure.
Eventually, he noticed that his blood pressure was lower. Finally, word got out and people started coming to the Onan’s mysterious Pyramid to drink the ‘miracle’ water.  Many people claimed to feel better or to have certain ailments cured. This could all be the placebo effect (mind over matter), or there could be some validity as we now know that water is living and charging water and for it to be alive has more health value, notes Enlightened Consciousness.
The residence built by Onnan is truly remarkable.
It features a 50-foot statue of King Tutankhamun, as well as a massive metal palm tree.
The gold pyramid home has become an American landmark.

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