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Out Of Mind » NEW EARTH AWARENESS » SUSTAINABLE FUTURE » How This Couple Built an ‘Earthship’ Tiny Home For Less Than $10K

How This Couple Built an ‘Earthship’ Tiny Home For Less Than $10K

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How This Couple Built an ‘Earthship’ Tiny Home For Less Than $10K
Amanda Froelich

  • May 30, 2018

Housing costs are rising, the world’s population is increasing, and collectively, we produce too many carbon emissions. So, what is the solution? For some, the answer is tiny living.

Credit: Nomadic Roots
Most small abodes are carbon neutral or are powered by renewable energy. However, they can be incredibly expensive to construct. Couple Taylor and Stephe Bode from Nomadic Roots solved this problem by creating their own 560-square-foot ‘Earthship’ tiny home and did so for less than $10,000.

Credit: Nomadic Roots

Credit: Nomadic Roots
The sustainable home was made with reclaimed and repurposed materials. As Apartment Therapy reports, visionary architect Mike Reynolds and his company Earthship Biotecture inspired the design.
The couple hoped to create an eco-friendly home that could withstand the elements and remain comfortable throughout the seasons. As a result, it does not have air conditioning or heat sources.

Credit: Nomadic Roots

Credit: Nomadic Roots
The Bodes started the process by planning the home’s perimeters to maximize its potential thermal mass. They then built into a south-sloping hill, burying the east, west, and north walls in the ground. Insulation was added to provide stable indoor temperatures.
The stylistic elements were secondary to creating a functionally competent structure that was well-suited for its environment,” said the Bodes.

Credit: Nomadic Roots
For the frame, the couple cut down two young redwood trees from a nearby grove. They used old redwood fence boards to create the siding and trim. The rest of the construction materials were obtained from various sites and reclaimed.

Credit: Nomadic Roots
As Inhabitat reports, the Bodes found countless ways to reclaim thrown-away items, such as automobile tires, glass bottles, and aluminum cans. Additionally, all of the home’s windows and doors were salvaged or found for free on Craigslist.

Credit: Nomadic Roots

Credit: Nomadic Roots

Credit: Nomadic Roots
The sustainable abode’s floor is a mixture of sand, clay, straw, and water. After laying the mixture, the couple used hemp oil to seal the floor and create a warm, soft look. The couple also used reclaimed barn wood for the interior walls. Many of the furnishings were self-made or salvaged.

Credit: Nomadic Roots

Credit: Nomadic Roots
Even though three out of the four walls are buried, plenty of natural sunlight filters in. When touring the property, you’d never know it cost less than $10,000 to construct.

Credit: Nomadic Roots

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