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 39 Day HEALING Cycle to prepare for the SOLAR ECLIPSE on Nov. 13 Inbox

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PostSubject: 39 Day HEALING Cycle to prepare for the SOLAR ECLIPSE on Nov. 13 Inbox    Fri Oct 05, 2012 7:42 am

Dear Lightgrid Team and Family,

We are about to enter the
Monkey Wave of the Mayan Calender this Saturday, October 6th and I would
like to start a HEALING and CLEANSING Cycle for all who would like to
prepare for the Portal of Ascension which will open on 11-11 and
culminate in the New Moon Solar Eclipse on November 13.

The 39 day period comprises 3 Time Waves of the Mayan Calender, that is the

MONKEY Wave,which starts on October 6th, this Saturday,

the SEED WAVE, which begins on October 19th and contains a series of PORTAL DAYS,

and the EARTH WAVEwith its starting point on November 1st, which ensures powerful synchronicities bewteen the Mayan and the Gregorian Calender.

The Wave which will begin on November 14th is a WAVE of LOVE - the DOG or OC WAVE.

By then, the transformation
will be finished and we will adjust to the quantum leap which the solar
eclipse will have gifted us with.

The principle of the cleansing cycle is easy: For
the first 9 days we choose specific topics of mental and emotional
HEALING. On the remaining four days we focus on HEALING, LOVE, LIGHT and

Attached to this message you
find an overview of the 39 days. I suggest 9 topics on which to work -
but PLEASE FEEL FREE to CHOOSE YOUR OWN and very personal TOPIC for
Healing and Cleansing! Dedicate some thought as to what is the
counterbalancing emotional and mental attitude, so you can focus on in
in the Seeding Cycle and bring BALANCE to the inherent polarity during
the Earth Cycle.

The first Wave, the Monkey Wave,
serves us to bring to the surface all the emotional wounds and mental
programs which we no longer want to bear and suffer from.

We invoke the VIOLET RAY and
see it spinning all around and through our 4 bodies. The Violet Flame is
the most powerful tool to transmute all and any misqualified energy
back into light - and so we ask our Father Mother God to transmute back
all our Fear / Hatred / ... (whatever the topic of the day is) BACK INTO

You can say the following - or find your own words: (words here from Patricia Cota Robles)

"I ask my I AM Presence to
send forth the Violet Flame into every thought, word, action or feeling I
have ever expressed in any time frame or dimension that's vibrating
with fear consciousness / hatred consciousness / poverty consciousness
... (whatever the topic of the day is)!"

The Violet Flame then
magnetizes to itself every electrone out there that's vibrating with our
pattern on it of, for example, fear or poverty consciousness ,
activating it's original Divine Potential.(Patricia Cota Robles)

The four days of HEALING
start with the Pachamama NEW MOON on October 15th and we will send the
Violet Flame into all 9 aspects which we have chosen to HEAL

The Second Wave is the SEED Wave.
During this wave we focus on DIVINE POTENTIAL. The order of topics is
now reversed - as in a MIRROR. We focus on the Divine potential of each
of our topics, sending out the Violet Ray to attract like vibration to
us, thus reprogramming ourself and drawing Divine Potential into the
Earth Atmosphere. When we connect to the Great Central Sun, after having
allowed enough time for the magnetization through the Violet Ray, and
anchor the Crystalline White Light on Earth through our intention, we
are simultaneously SEEDING DIVINE POTENTIAL for ALL Life on Earth.

On October 29th we celebrate
the Pachamama Full Moon - and on this day I would like to invite you to
set up a Divinely Inspired Crystal Grid wherever you are, link with
lightgrid and PLANT a special stone / crystal / or plant SEED of LIGHT!

Of course, it might be a good
idea to plant light seeds throughout this WAVE! Follow your personal
guidance and help anchor DIVINE POTENTIAL throughout this wave :-)

The wave ends in Samhain - so we will celebrate with all our ancestors and flow into the last wave - the EARTH WAVE

The EARTH WAVE begins on November 1-
and we optimize our work during this wave with our Ancestor's Help. We
will WATER the seeds we planted during the seed wave through our Focus
on UNITY in all apparant Polarity.

For details, please see the attached word file.

This wave ends in the NEW
MOON Solar Eclipse - and the new moon will be dedicated to the GREAT
DIVINE FATHER/MOTHER of ALL CREATION. The wave which follows is the Dog
or OC Wave of LOVE ...

Are you ready for this next step?

If so, you may find the
following meditation, which I shared with you at the beginning of the
ISIS moon to activate our Merkabah, usefull again:

Merkabah activation

The dodecahedronal 5th Chamber of the HEART

out your meditation by CHANTING THE OM 3 to 13 times and concentrate on
our HEART chakra and the fifth chamber of the heart where the Threefold
Flame resides within the dodecahedron of LOVE LIGHT!

each OM expand the dodecahedron and the Threefold Flame some more until
you stand within this Sacred Geometric Form - the Threefold Flame
burning all around and inside your four lower bodies ... and the
Mer-Ka-BAH spinning, faster and faster, drawing in and emanating LIGHT all at the same time ...

Now FEEL the LOVE - POWER - WISDOM of the Threefold Flame

and say:







Ready to Manifest Heaven on Earth,

Ready to EMBODY Christ Consciousness,

Ready to LOVE my-SELF FREE -

and BE



So BE it -

And so it IS!



the end of your meditation shrink the dodecahedron back into your HEART
- and see yourself surrounded by Violet Light which is contained in a
bubble of PLATINUM Light which possesses enormous HEALING and
TRANSMUTING powers which will serve to protect you.

your body made of WHITE CHRIST LIGHT and within this light there is the
threefold flame which serves as the ANCHOR for the LOVE LIGHT POWER
which are sent in waves throughout the GALAXY!

meditation, done at lightgrid connection time or any other time you
choose, will gain more and more power every time you DO it - at best, at
the same time and place.

connects you to SOURCE and unites us in the intention to manifest the
Divine Will and Plan first in our lives and then in the world ... and as
we connect in Spirit now - we will be able to connect and manifest our
DREAMS more easily lateron, when the world outside us is ready too,
prepared by our daily connexions and invokation of the Violet Flame and
Light and our personal meditations which help us to develop our
lightbody and raise our individual and collective frequency.


Sonja MYriel Aouine

PS.: More information will be
provided in due course. For the moment: Make a list of your topics to
heal - or review the list attached to find out if you would like to work
with it.

Your help in passing on this message to others who might be interested is very much appreciated.

To ask questions on the topic share insights or personal experiences, please follow this link:



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39 Day HEALING Cycle to prepare for the SOLAR ECLIPSE on Nov. 13 Inbox
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