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Q -Anon and the New Mind Fuck Game

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1 Q -Anon and the New Mind Fuck Game on Mon Jun 04, 2018 11:34 am


Q -Anon and the New Mind Fuck Game

June 4, 2018 

I heard of this Q-Anon when it first came out but I didn’t go any further with it because my first instinct and my current intuition tell me the same thing, it’s all bullshit. Don’t waste your time with this game, it has nothing to do with reality. Aside from what I feel, let me explain in a logic way why this is just another mind game to avert our attention from what is really going on.
The Video below is just a sample of someone trying to pretend they know what they are talking about and basically supporting the greatest Psy-Op of all times.

So, let me tell you what I think/feel about this Q-Anon entity. Since I would have spend hours going through all those posts, I will just pick this one below and give you my comments on them.
Oct.30, 2017 – Q-Anon predicts the arrest of Hillary Clinton – Never happened
Q-Anon uses acronyms and abbreviations to communicate. Let me give you an example how fucking stupid that is.
Who went to SA?
Where is JK?
This can mean a lot of things. It can be South Africa, or South America but because of the current situation, it’s taken as Saudia Arabia. How do we know what it really is?
JK can be anyone, but because of the Trump Administration, Jared Kuschner is the first one people think about.
Mockingbird – This means NOTHING. It will mean something to those that decipher it within their own belief system just like the 50+ scribes that wrote the bible. 
HRC detained, not arrested yet – Never happened
Where is Huma? Follow Huma – What the fuck does that mean and why are you asking me? 
This has nothing to do with Russia yet. (What has nothing to do with Russia yet? We’re left to guess again)
Why does Potus surround himself with generals? (Why don’t you tell us you idiot)
What is Military Intelligence? (Why are you asking questions?)
Why go around the 3 letter agencies? (An insider doesn’t use the term   ‘3 letter agencies’, have you ever heard a government employee or politician use that term?) 
Oct. 31 2017
11.3 Podesta Indicted – Never happened
11.6 Huma Indicted –  Never happened
Nothing happened. Period. 
This entity basically gave him/herself away by using the term “3 letter agencies”. This entity has nothing to do with Trump nor does he have any access to Trump, nor does he work for anyone in the government because he makes no sense, plays games with your mind, uses terms that only outsiders/normal citizens use.
More disinformation and propaganda:
Tue. Oct. 31, 2017
World Stalemate – There are hundreds of different explanations for this post.
This is done on purpose so that like the Bible, you will try and decipher the meaning of his posts. This is nothing more than a mind game, Psych-Op operation or some sick mother fucker messing with you to get attention. Please don’t waste your time on this mind fuck, the messages/posts have no meaning, can be written by anyone. Just one wrong prediction  is enough to prove this guy is as lame as they come. Any serious insider would give  you something to show he/she is credible. Any serious person that cares about his/her fellow Americans would give you something to chew on. Whoever is doing this, is doing it to mess with you, diverting your attention or just a plain guy/gal sitting behind a computer playing games. Good thing he/she can’t hurt much by this game, but in the end, IT will go away and you will never hear from them again.
One more thing. Predictions are a 50% probability. Did you get that? Half the time they are right and half the time they are wrong, so if they are right just once, they are taken as credible, when in fact, you and I can make the same predictions with the same success rate, it’s all so very simple. It either will or will not happen and you have a 1 out of 2 chance of getting it right.
IF Q-Anon was WHO he/she said they were, they would not give out predictions. They are supposed to be in the KNOW. Why predict things if you already know about them? You see, that’s how things work. You either know or you don’t. If you don’t, you predict. End of story.

Thanks to Ines at:


2 Re: Q -Anon and the New Mind Fuck Game on Mon Jun 04, 2018 11:40 am


WOW!!! Self speculation of this person, at best- 90% of what has been given for info has been more or less on the money- IF 'Q' told us all what was going on str8 up, people that weren't supposed to know what was happening to them, would cause them to scamper like mice and mutant cockroaches- Their number is up, and they know it, and there isn't anything they can do about it- They are as guilty as sin, and they WILL pay-Tick tock, tick tock-

3 Re: Q -Anon and the New Mind Fuck Game on Mon Jun 04, 2018 2:01 pm


I tend to believe Q is just a mind game...Throw in some facts with a bunch of lies....Tis their MO...

4 Re: Q -Anon and the New Mind Fuck Game on Mon Jun 04, 2018 9:28 pm


Yep! At first I was mildly interested to see where it would go. Did not take long to see through the deception.


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