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Prehistoric "Electrical Transformer" Found In Kosovo?

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Prehistoric "Electrical Transformer" Found In Kosovo? UnexplainedMysteries-480x330

Prehistoric "Electrical Transformer" Found In Kosovo? ACSszfEO0doymQk2BS2ZZO6FhWRoD7LfoEeIoQKPeg=s88-mo-c-c0xffffffff-rj-k-no
Mystery History

Published on Jun 6, 2018

Patreon: Facebook: Twitter: Steemit: Narration By Don Moffit: How many different civilisations, and thus different builders, have actually been and gone, only to be ignored by an academia wishing for their remnants to simply erode away. These remnants, many of which, still existing ancient ruins, are visited by billions of people every year. Each attributed to a convenient imposter, a lie which conveniently ties in with previously printed, condoned, and currently preserved paradigms by superior influences. Not only ill informing the world’s young population, but attempting to rob us all, of our own personal histories. However, thankfully, some things do not lie, cannot be hidden, and will never go away. We share many ancient, out of place artefacts on our channel, some more perplexing than others, yet our next artefacts might be the most puzzling yet… Found in Kosovo upon the Sar-Planina mountain ridge, an ancient advanced artefact, that has been explained as having once been some kind of “transformer.” Found by photographer and researcher Ismet Smiley, he subsequently donated a sample for scientific examination, it was found that the artefact is no less than 20,000 years old… In addition to the stone, coil, and copper wires, the artefact amazingly contains some form of ancient insulator, whose composition differs from the surrounding material, although not tested, it appears to have mysterious convex bands, fused into a stone. Parallel to these are 4 Symmetrically located openings, which have been postulated to have been entry points for wires, these once collecting energy from the transformer. What is this mystifying object? What was it once used for? Who made it? And with dating results of over 20,000 years, just how much older could it possibly be? Could these objects, have once been a common occurrence amongst this ancient civilisation? Similar to the clearly advanced metal clamps, previously covered, and found upon numerous ancient, block-built buildings, throughout antiquity. Due to the sheer number of clamps used, although they are clearly a remnant, left by a lost civilisation, far older than academia would ever attribute the buildings too, many of the clamps have survived the eons to be tested, examined, and displayed in numerous different museums as more modern artefacts. Is this how this transformer survived? Was it due to the sheer number of them once in existence? Or is it possibly a very special rarity? Unfortunately, regardless of alternative advice, Ismet intends to donate it to academically funded scientists, for quote, “further studies.” We feel there is a high probability that the artefact may be lost or stolen. Regardless, it was thankfully photographed, and is undoubtedly a very remarkable object.


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