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Insurance Against Stupid People? By Anna Von Reitz plus more

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Insurance Against Stupid People?

By Anna Von Reitz

Yes, yes, I am being attacked.  I am being called everything but what I am.  I am being identified as one of the "Evil Catholics" and "Evil Papists" and even as ---God forbid --- one of the child molesting fiends from Hell that I simply lump together as "vermin".  

Unfortunately, there is not now and never has been a cure for irresponsible, ignorant and just plain stupid people, and so far as I know, there is no insurance to be bought against their mistakes and gossip and misconceptions.  

In every single case, these people haven't bothered to read a single word I have written.  They are parroting whatever they've heard through the grapevine, regardless of where the grapevine leads or where it came from.  Here's a case in point: 

Intel: Everything is bubbling now, big time! AUDIO/VIDEO 

This is the actual link:

If these folks know as much about this "intel" as they "know" about me, I wouldn't waste the time to listen.

There are two major groups that hate my guts --- the British Tories who have gotten fat as slugs by secretively bleeding America dry and the misnamed Illuminati whose Empire is falling apart----they blame me.  I guess I am complimented.  There is also a Dirty Faction in the US Military that doesn't like me much.  The feeling is mutual. 

So far, nine would-be assassins have been turned to pillars of salt.  The long-term criminal activities and Breach of Trust inflicted on the Americans by the British and French Governments and the filth at the Vatican continues to be exposed. The actual Evil Empire continues to fall apart.  The Dirty Faction in the US Military has a lot more to worry about right now than an old lady in Alaska.  

I am content.  I'll own my enemies as well as my friends.

My friends can assist by countering their BS and complaining to YouTube and Facebook and wherever else you see this crappola, but there really isn't anything I can do about it except "consider the source"----or lack thereof.  

Anyone who believes "Agents Around the World" probably needs Remedial Brain Fart Lessons and a brand new Shinola Sensor anyway. 

See this article and over 1000 others on Anna's website here:

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RB, Mountain Mission, and The Marines

By Anna Von Reitz

RB, Mountain Mission, and The Marines
I had a friend in High School who was a real cut-up.  He signed me up for the Marine Corps and I signed him up for the Miss America Pageant.
Imagine the confusion and consternation of the Marine MP’s who showed up on our doorstep looking for an AWOL recruit named Ambrose Martin Riezinger?  
Imagine my Father’s consternation dealing with these two, who were convinced that there had to be a strapping six foot two recruit hiding somewhere behind my diminutive façade.  After all, Ambrose showed up for the physical and intake interviews and he had excellent scores….
I sat hunched up in a chair like a molting bird through the whole fiasco.  That was my introduction to the Marine Corps.  I remember watching those two Marines unconsciously falling into marching cadence as they swung down our long driveway to their car and saying to my Father, “Those guys are real boneheads.”
“Yes,” he replied, also watching their departure, but there was something wistful in his eyes. “They are real boneheads. That’s part of what makes them who they are.”
I didn’t know then that I would fall in love with a Marine and that I would lose him in Vietnam.  I could not imagine that the Marines would win a special place in my heart and there would always be a bond of sympathy between the Boneheads and me.  Takes one to tell one, I guess.
Many of my Marine brothers have passed on.  The whole cadre I knew from Vietnam is gone, except for one lonely Winnebago, who lives so far out in the woods that God can’t find him for most of the week. 
And now, another Brother has passed on: RB Young, a Marine, a preacher, a teacher, a friend, a researcher, a patriot, a dog-lover, a world-class diver, surfer, and snow boarder….the list could go on and on, but it could never explain all that “RB” was or how he touched so many lives, including yours.
The work he did as an independent researcher will change your life and the lives of millions of Americans for many years to come--- and except for this brief remembrance, you would never have cause to know that he ever existed, that he ever swooped like an eagle down the near-vertical face of a mountain, that he ever breathed the air of Big Sur and the Big Sky of Montana.
He’s gone, like the wind and a ripple.
Peacefully, in his sleep, with his dogs at his feet. 
He lived a good life, a full life, but he was always ready to go at a moment’s notice.  When God called him home, you can bet his affairs were all tidy and his kit bag was packed tight.  His Testament was written on the fly-leaf of his well-thumbed Bible and it was less than a paragraph, telling us what to do now.  
RB never had kids of his own, but he adopted all the lost and lonely, all the troubled and confused cast-offs of all kinds and colors and ages that he found along the way.  They became his children, quietly, the way grass grows, the way a Good Man finds his way into your heart.  They are mourning today for what they had and what they lost, but they are also thanking God. 
I know that I am feeling the same way.  I woke up this morning with tears on my face.  I was crying in my sleep over losing RB, but ironically enough, I know he is happy.  I know he was ready.  I know he is laughing at us and saying, “No, Dude, this is great…..just put the coffee urn over there on that table….”
We will all miss him, those lucky enough to have known him, and we will all feel lessened by grief, because a bit of our own heart that was grateful and lucky and brave has gone on down the road with RB, crossed over the bridge where all his dogs are waiting for him, and where there’s always a deep-powder ski slope ready to ride and a gentle blue ocean to dive in.
I had hoped to get him up to Alaska this summer for a little vacation time.  He worked so hard all last winter, ferreting out the information that The Living Law Firm needed, getting his part all ready to go. In vain, I told him to get some rest.  In vain, I told him to slow down. 
He had a mission and he knew what it was better than I did.  I was a bit taken back when, over Memorial Day Weekend, he announced that it was done.  Completed.  He’d found what he was looking for and he’d shared it with the world.  His part, as he said, was finished. He could finally kick back – and he did. Just not quite in the way the rest of us were hoping for and expecting.
Good-bye, RB.  Flights of angels sing thee to thy rest.  May the Good Lord be your companion and His Love sustain you.  May the ties that bind us, bind us still.  Thank you, dear brother and friend.  

See this article and over 1000 others on Anna's website here:

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British--- Not Russian--- Meddling

By Anna Von Reitz

As most of your know, in my opinion and experience, every dog pile on Earth rests solidly on a British-built Foundation:

South Africa?   British.
Middle East?  British.
Drug Trade?  British.
Wars, Wars, Wars?  All British.
Commodity Hoards?  British.
Dishonest Banks?  British.
Moth-balled Federal United States?  British.
IRS?  British.
Bar Associations?  British. 
Racial Caste Systems?  British. 
Human and Child Trafficking?  British.
Sexual Perversions?  British. 
"American" Civil War?  British made to look American.
Derivatives "Bubble"?  British made to look German.
Territorial United States?  British made to look American.
ISIS?  British made to look Muslim. 

You simply cannot underestimate the sheer criminality and destructive power of the British Raj.  You can't comprehend the audacity, mendacity, diabolical guile, and ferocious appetite of the British Crown Complex.  And when it comes to meddling, nobody does it better.  

That is not to say that they haven't needed and had a great many collaborators all around the world, helping them out to help themselves to everyone else's everything.  They have been loyally assisted by friend and foe alike. 

The lure of unlimited gain and perversion without fear of punishment is a powerful inducement for deluded, soulless people everywhere, so you find them in Bangkok and you find them in Baton Rouge, and you find them in Cairo, all ticking along like a well-oiled clock, smirking and nodding in a self-satisfied and superior way, flicking their little hand signals and grappling around looking for a secret handshake. 

I take no pleasure in pointing the accusatory Flying Finger of Fate at the Brits. I understand how severe their own suffering has been at the hands of their government.  

Fleet Street and Westminster and Parliament are Equal Opportunity Abusers. They will cheat and enslave their own people as fast or faster than anyone else, and you have to admit that where it comes to stealing land and private property, the value of labor, and the freedom to enjoy life, they have ruthlessly drained their Home Islands with the same vacuous lust that is their hallmark elsewhere. 

So in this entire Circus surrounding the ridiculous, groundless, politically motivated "investigation" into President Trump and a purported Russian connection and Russian meddling in the 2016 Presidential Election----which has cost the American people enough to run the whole government --- I didn't have to think about it more than a nanosecond to know that, yes, the Brits were not only at the bottom of the investigation, but also most likely the ones meddling in our elections.  

The Pot always calls The Kettle black in their world.  Always.  Predictably.  

And here, drumroll.....a few miles outside of the Mainstream Media, but stalwartly reported just the same----- proof that it was the Brits, not the Russians, meddling in our elections:

How about it, Mr. Trump?  Shall we have an investigation into British Meddling --- for the past 150 years?  

See this article and over 1000 others on Anna's website here:

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Mark Robinson Takes On Gun Rights

By Anna Von Reitz

Here is an absolutely wonderful rant on a subject that deserves a rant: gun rights owed to the law-abiding people everywhere.  Watch and learn if you have any questions about reality and the Second Amendment:

And let me add my solution to the mix ---- everyone who wants to disarm themselves after listening to this is certainly welcome to step right up and do so.  Neither Mark Robinson nor I will prevent anyone from voluntarily turning in their guns to the nearest police station.  

That said, the proven increase in crime that follows disarmament of a population has to be dealt with by --- as Mark Robinson points out --- police forces, and this increased reliance on police enforcement means more taxes.  So there is a direct correlation between increased taxes and the refusal to do one's duty to keep and bear arms and uphold enforcement of the Public Law. 

As that is unarguably so, it is also only reasonable that those who abdicate the responsibility to defend themselves and others from criminals need to bear the burden of their choices by paying an Individual Disarmament Tax (IDT) to be assessed each year as a tax on a privilege --- to not keep and bear arms. 

What do you say to an extra $3,000 per year---each? 

See this article and over 1000 others on Anna's website here:

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Let's see, can we screw this cluster fuck up any more than it already is...??  

'Tis better to be thought a fool,than to speak and remove all doubt.
     Love,Laughter & Prosperity...  :Santa 3: 

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