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Is There An Association Of Lyme Disease With Autism Spectrum Disorder?

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Is There An Association Of Lyme Disease With Autism Spectrum Disorder?
Posted on June 12, 2018

By Catherine J. Frompovich
According to research and resulting protocols from Dr. Dietrich Klinghardt, MD, PhD, who has licenses to practice medicine in European Union countries and also in the United States, 98% of children on the autism spectrum have confirmed Lyme disease as per PCR (polymerase chain reaction) [1] testing.
I spent close to an hour trying to listen to Dr. Klinghardt’s video discussion regarding his findings, but I have problems with my Microsoft Operating System insofar as what it doesn’t want me to see or hear, I get interferences, and the sound for that video was not very loud even though I had it at 100%.  So, if I mistakenly report something you find Doctor said differently, please understand why, as it was at times almost impossible for me to hear his talk.
One of the points Doctor made was 70% of ASD children are contaminated with aluminum, which is a co-infection agent in human bodies.  Where does all the aluminum come from?  Numerous sources like mandatory vaccines/vaccinations [2], but more so from Solar Radiation Management (SRM) spraying, aka “chemtrails”, where anodized aluminum [3] has been found in assays done on air samples.  Dr. Klinghardt claims aluminum seven thousand (7,000) times greater/higher than the EPA allows has been found in air samples and humans are forced to breathe Al into our lungs, thereby contaminating our brains and other organs.

Where’s Congress’s oversight on this criminal act?
Other contaminants according to Doctor include glyphosate (think Roundup®️), retroviruses and mycoplasmas [4].  Is Mycoplasma pneumoniae [5] one of those mycoplasmas that will help set off what’s being projected to be the next pandemic “Klebsi plague” [6]?
If I heard Doctor correctly, he claims Wi-Fi destroys one-seventh (1/7th) of bodily processes.  Please listen carefully to make certain I got that correctly.  Wi-Fi radiation has unhealthful consequences for fetuses!
Around 18 minutes, more or less, on the video timeline, Doctor talks about retroviruses and what they do to human RNA and DNA, which then can become genetically transferred, as I understand DNA interferences.
Endogenous retroviruses [7] are involved in numerous human diseases, e.g., cancer.  My question is how many of these retroviruses did humans acquire from vaccines being run through animal tissues, e.g., mouse brains, monkey kidneys, etc., in the making of vaccines that subsequently are inoculated directly into the human blood stream?  Can that be part of a plan to change the human genome for some ulterior reason?  Transhumanism?
Retroviruses, according to Doctor K, also affect ADHD and other neurological health issues.
Now here’s how Doctor thinks humans acquire retroviruses—from insect bites, especially fleas!  Insect retroviruses!  But now Big Pharma is making some vaccines on caterpillars like in caterpillar-grown flu vaccines [8]!  Doctor cautions about pets with fleas; infants and toddlers innocuous exposure to fleas in carpeting, etc.

Healing Lyme: Natural Healing of Lyme Borreliosis and the Coinfections Chlamydia and Spotted Fever Rickettsiosis, 2nd Edition
List Price: $24.95
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Price Disclaimer
Vaccinated children were fourteen (14) times more disease-ridden than non-vaccinated children, per a recent study.
Around 31 on the timeline, Doctor talks about remedies and one, in particular, is Suramin, which modifies cell receptors for various diseases.  He claims cannabis also is an effective natural remedy.  So is sulforaphane in foods, especially in broccoli sprouts, which ASD parents may want to look into.  He also mentions a special tea called Cistus that he uses in his protocols.
Here is Dr. Klinghardt’s 59:40 minute video: Dr. Klinghardt: The Safe Uses of Suramin and Other Anti-Retroviral Approaches to Autism.  Listen to how Doctor addresses any CDC/FDA moles in the audience.
Sophia Institute / Dr. Klinghardt’s USA offices: Seattle, Washington (Woodinville, Washington); Marin County, California

Image Credit
This article (CDC Knowingly LIED About Mercury in Vaccines: Proof Has Surfaced) can be republished with attribution to Catherine Frompovich, source article and Natural, keeping all links and bio intact.

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