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Out Of Mind » THE INSANITY OF REALITY » HOW TO BEAT THE SYSTEM » Remedy to Legally Claim Your Unalienable Rights, Soul and Country

Remedy to Legally Claim Your Unalienable Rights, Soul and Country

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Remedy to Legally Claim Your Unalienable Rights, Soul and Country

Posted on June 12, 2018 by Doreen Agostino  

Nothing in law supersedes the will of the people

A peaceful and novel approach is now available for Canadians that can be applied in other countries as well to:
1. take back our power
2. take back our Soul
3. take back our country
4. prevent our country from being ensnared under globalization
Let’s be very clear. No one intends to overthrow any government, nor take over any government, nor go against government. As ‘shareholders‘ of our respective countries, the people can initiate an investigation into how the corporation of Canada
[Your country name] is being run, and to establish Moratoriums [see below] that cannot be contested because shareholders have the right to investigate their CEO, and government must comply.

Collective power shift

How do we transform a defacto representative democracy into a legitimate owners/shareholder direct democracy?
First, individuals MUST STOP VOTING because voting sustains a false representative democracy system. VOTING for political parties in a false representative democracy system, gives away the rights of all Canadian Citizens and First Nations as the official “FINAL DECISION MAKERS” for Canada. We are giving our rights to a ‘defacto’  government. All federal governments are defacto [illegitimate]. (Defacto events: the Statute of Westminster 1931 and the Constitution of Canada 1982).
Earth is a freewill zone where consent is ‘everything’. Voting is consent to sustain the status quo: rulers and ruled. Not voting is consent to the status quo based on Maxim of Law: Silence is Agreement. Declining a voting ballot in Canada is ignored by politicians.

To be the final decision-making authority as shareholders of the Crown Corporation of Canada requires the consent of a critical mass of Canadians.
Therefore, to effect positive change in Canada WE THE PEOPLE as official non-voters and non-supporters of a defacto government, are required to legally e-sign the Canadian “Citizen’s Convention of Consent” form.
As true Crown of Canada shareholders, Canadians can turn Taxation into Dividends as the official Crown of Canada Shareholders, making a Universal Dividend generated Income for all Canadians. A true common sense reality without tax burdens. Shareholders in other countries can mimic this process.

How To eSign the Convention of Consent

Learn more at

Public Private Partnerships [P3s]

“The people with the most money control the partnerships.” Joan Veon
Joan Veon (1949-2010), founder of The Women’s International Media Group, explains the history and significance of the growing Public Private Partnership model of government. She shares her research and conclusions regarding P3s, which are nothing more than an arm of the growing corporatocracy and profit at all cost.

From Doreen
Public Private Partnerships reduce the status of men and women to minority shareholders in their respective countries. P3s will control everyone under globalization, leaving shareholders with less than 50% ownership of social infrastructures, health-care, natural resources etc.
City councils allowed themselves to be taken over and citizen’s rights to be dissolved paving the way for everything to be privatized.

Government accountability to Federal and Provincial Crown Corporation owners/shareholders.

This legal and lawful action to instill direct democracy, which will also help us to collectively enforce the Canada Crown Corporations Act and demand that the Supreme Court enforce the constitutional changes of 1931, and further constitutional changes of 1982 that legally placed the people ABOVE the Institutions (Government, Parliament, the courts) and the Constitution as the lawful legal shareholders of the Crown, and Crown Corporation of Canada, followed by issuing MORATORIUMS on all:

  • International trade deals and laws.
  • All negotiations regarding our natural and human resources.
  • Trilateral North American Treaties to reinstate our Canadian military sovereignty.

Considering our Canadian political history of “defacto” governance, it is obvious that the politicians and the courts since at least 1982, have not and will not make the changes for us until we officially order them to make these significant corrections.
The Patriation of the Canada Constitution Act in 1982, reaffirmed the primacy of the rule of law and the sovereignty of the Canadian people over this country’s INSTITUTIONS and CONSTITUTION.
Therefore; Canadians are the official owners/shareholders of the Crown Corporation of Canada and all other CORPORATIONS within.
The Canadian Peoples’ Union is designed to assist not only the PEOPLE, the official/unofficial owners/shareholders of the Crown of Canada, but also to further assist the politicians and the judiciary in our transition within all levels of:

  • Federal, Provincial, Municipal and Band Council governments, the courts and private corporation stakeholders. Through the agency of the Canadian Peoples’ Union Freedom 2017 this will effectively transition our system from a “defacto” (see definition below) REPRESENTATIVE DEMOCRACY which has led the people to give away their proxy votes to politicians resulting in forfeiture of their “final decision making authority”. The result will be a true legitimate system of pure DIRECT DEMOCRACY.

This opportunity is introduced  for the co-creation of a true legitimate system of governance and prosperity geared to Canada’s rightful owners/shareholders, the PEOPLE of Canada.
They, as the owners/shareholders, are the legitimate “final decision makers” in all aspects of governance, including our laws and Canadian Crown assets within Canada and abroad as it should be and always should have been.
To succeed in moving forward to do this, we must reach the majority of the citizens in each province to have them sign the legally binding Citizen’s Convention of Consent contract between themselves until we reach the majority of the people in 7 of the Canadian provinces and territories.
From Doreen
When Canadians take this opportunity to align on purpose toward freedom, justice, peace, harmony, being our brother’s keeper, etc., we fully potentialize ‘spontaneous synchronization’ found in all creation, from cells to the solar system.

Roy McLaren, on behalf of Canada, implemented the World Trade Organization under Bill C57, and Canada was the first country to introduce Public Private Partnerships. Signing the Convention of Consent is an opportunity for Canadians to purify the past by taking wise action in the present to ensure a future where no one has power over or can over power others.

Collective Power Shift

Nicole Lebrasseur and I are going to do a series of Collective Power Shift videos with questions and answers to define what END TIMES really means, who or what brought it on, and to fully understand our responsibilities in this endgame; brought about by those trying to stay in control of our planet and humanity, and to expand themselves within an evil consciousness set out to invade pure creation and the universal body of the Infinite Creator in which we live.
Please share to broaden everyone’s awareness and empower remedy beneficial to all. Thank you.
Doreen Ann Agostino
Without Prejudice and Without Recourse

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