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Enormous Machine-Cut Stones At PumaPunku?

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1Enormous Machine-Cut Stones At PumaPunku? Empty Enormous Machine-Cut Stones At PumaPunku? on Fri Jun 15, 2018 8:42 am


Enormous Machine-Cut Stones At PumaPunku? UnexplainedMysteries-480x330

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Mystery History

Published on Jun 15, 2018

Patreon: Facebook: Twitter: Steemit: Narration By Don Moffit: The most ancient sites to be found here upon our planet, were often created using enormous, erosion resistant megalithic stones. This use of enormous stone, being the reason why many hese structures have indeed survived the eons. And although the actual methods used to move such stones has been lost to history, their existence and indeed their placement, remains a testament to our lost ancestors past capabilities. According to modern science, or more specifically the known laws of physics, many of these stone blocks defy understanding. And although little is known regarding the true builders of such sites, places such as Puma Punku still possesses many megalithic blocks, which display the extraordinarily advanced , astonishing feats of block building and precision carving, which we believe, was left by a people who flourished an incredibly long time ago... Their existence is undeniable, yet highly controversial. Therefore, predictably, many of these sites are either quietly investigated, or simply ignored, successfully concealing unexplainable feats of past engineering. Some of the most visited sites on earth, contain megaliths blocks walked past or over without a second thought every day. These stones however, hold the secret to unravelling the currently attested historical inaccuracies, for they do indeed exist, cannot be shifted, and fly in the face of the incomplete history, academics are attempting to teach as fact. These same individuals simply fall silent, when asked to explain how their currently attested builders of said sites, be it Roman, Inca, Mayan, Egyptian, etc… actually built such structures, using such enormous blocks… Additionally, regardless of these said individual’s apparent qualification to speak on such matters, when one presents any compelling evidence, such as erosion patterns, machine tool marks, highly advanced building techniques, be it anything solid which indicates a far more superior, far older civilisation as the true constructors, their lack of true knowledge regarding their apparent specialist subjects, always becomes apparent. Not only will they “Not Know” why such evidence exists, often having been confronted with it in the past, yet ignored such possibilities it in favour of financial security, and avoid academia’s deterrent in the form of public scrutiny, so often experienced by those who have valiantly decided to fight for the truth. Additionally, these selected, submissive, often subsequently authoritatively placed individuals, have never had the opportunity to explore such controversial evidence, or indeed the indicative possibilities attached thereof. This means that although their knowledge of permitted history is substantial, their overall knowledge regarding the past, and indeed its possible past inhabitants, will always be severely limited, due to the confirmative inner mechanisms of academic prospect. Yet fortunately, although it may sometimes feel like an eternal battle, in the end, the truth is always found.


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