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Syracuse University Prepares for Peace Events Featuring the Dalai Lama

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Syracuse University Prepares for Peace Events Featuring the Dalai Lama

October 5, 2012

tags: Dalai Lama, Peace Events, Syracuse University

by Allen Atkinson

Syracuse University Prepares for Peace Events Featuring the Dalai Lama

By Candace Hopkins – October 4, 2012

just a few short days, the Dalai Lama and numerous musical acts will
gather at Syracuse University for several events promoting world peace.
The forum is the first of its kind in Central New York and is expected
to draw more than 20,000 people to campus

SYRACUSE, N.Y. — Experts, spiritual leaders and musicians will all come together next week at SU to promote a shared goal.

“There’s a lot of tensions in the world and a lot of animosity, so
this is trying to get people to come together to have a better
understanding, to reach some common ground, so that the world is a safer
and more harmonious place,” said World Harmony Productions Media
Representative Mark Emery.

The Common Ground for Peace Forum will feature several appearances by
the Dalai Lama. He and other experts will discuss the current state of
world peace during two panel discussions on Monday. Then Tuesday two
dozen musicians will perform inside the Carrier Dome, including The Dave
Matthews Band.

“It’s very unique in that sense that of looking at trying to increase
the world dialogue towards peace in two different formats. One is the
panel discussions with high profile people, the other is doing it
through music, as a different avenue and there’s a lot of top people
coming in,” said Emery.

Nearly 24,000 people are expected at Tuesday’s concert. Organizers
say SU is the best location in this area for this type of event.

“It’s in the central part of the state, they’ve had a lot of high
profile people come in here, they’re used to doing it as well as all the
various aspects of the college and what they’re focused on,” said

The first event kicks off Monday morning at the Goldstein Auditorium
with a panel discussion on Democracy in the Middle East. Tickets are
still available for each of the events and they are all open to the

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