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Out Of Mind » SCAMTASTIC RV/GCR NEWS - SHADY CHARACTERS, CHARLETONS & THOSE DETERMINED TO STOP THEM! » Jerzy Babkowski aka ZAP & Susan » History of the Poof and Poofness posts by hobie

History of the Poof and Poofness posts by hobie

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History of the Poof and Poofness posts
Posted By: hobie [Send E-Mail]
Date: Tuesday, 10-Jul-2018 03:19:34

Hi, HC -

Excerpted from:

Reader: "I realize that ZAP is great "click bait" for RMRR, but I am sure you are alienating your loyal reader base with this ONGOING SCAM!"
hobie -- Sunday, 5-Feb-2017 16:06:05


(hobie here.) "Click bait" is easy. All one would have to do is put words like "Warning!" or "Looming disaster!" or "What they don't want you to know!" in the Subject lines and folks would be likely to click on those. This is not that, :)

Originally Poof's newsletters were going out to a subscriber list of folks who were interested in the unfolding of the Omega prosperity program. In those days the newsletters were kept somewhat secret, not wanting to give "the bad guys" any more information than they already had.

But then Patrick Bellringer at began posting the newsletters at his site. At that point it seemed necessary that I do the same here at RMN. That was probably about 2008, and Poof's newsletters showed up only on Sunday evenings; there were no routine midweek updates.

I don't recall what prompted me to start it, but I began writing to Poof with some frequency, usually to see if he had particular information or a point of view about one thing or another that was in the news and had become a topic of interest at RMN. Over time I found that Poof's 'model' of what was going on in the world was the most internally consistent of all the rumored storylines and the only one that really tied all elements together.

Over time we became pretty good cyber-friends. :) And he told me things sometimes that he would not choose to speak about in his public writings. When he so abruptly passed in late May 2013, I felt like I'd lost a brother.

Zap then stepped in, I believe at Susan's request, to help out with the newsletter. Zap expected he'd be doing that for only a few weeks, yet here we are, as he faithfully continues in that role almost four years later.

Zap's primary focus and area of concern is not with the Omega program or any of the other prosperity programs that so many folks are still waiting to see resolve, but with the funding and empowerment of projects intended to benefit all of us.

That's been a little frustrating for some of the Omega participants, hungering for news about that one thing.

However, it does appear that over time many things have either merged together or have shown that they're all tied to one common set of factors, and all are likely to resolve at approximately the same time - prosperity programs, RV (revaluations), GCR (global currency reset), the take down of the Federal Reserve and dethroning of those back of it, a shift from fiat currencies to asset-backed currencies, a return to Constitutionality in America and similar changes in other countries, etc.

That's the history of the Poof and Office of Poofness newsletters and updates at RMN. I post them first of all because I have some faith in their genuineness, and also as a service to the many Readers who clearly have if not faith in them then at least a keen interest in what they might have to say.

RMN Readers are well able to choose for themselves whether or not to read the Poofness newsletters and updates; I give them consistent Subject lines so that everyone can know before clicking what sort of thing they can expect to find inside.

Likewise, all RMN Readers are well able to perceive for themselves whether it's right for them to respond personally to Zap's calls for financial assistance and to choose whether or not to act on that perception.

There have always been a few to write me, saying, "Why do you post this crap?" :) That was true in 2008 and remains true today. Rather than preventing everyone from reading them, the solution is pretty simple: don't click if you don't want to read it. :)



Thanks to:



That's exactly what Hobie told me in his emails.

I'm sure that Hobie thinks that ZAP is helping RMN's popularity, but he is wrong.


Yep! He has used these exact words many times always defending the lies from his buddy Jerzy. Which would lead some logical thinking and reasonable people to the conclusion that there is a bit of collusion going on (OMEGA TRUST). Henceforth the click bumps, exclusive email forwards from Ghoulkowski, Susan & gang etc. LOL
Why some folks even have wondered if Jerzy is not in fact Hobie! :)

But when Hobie is out of action the forwards find there way to a few other sites so... there is that.



Purple wrote:Yep! He has used these exact words many times always defending the lies from his buddy Jerzy. Which would lead some logical thinking and reasonable people to the conclusion that there is a bit of collusion going on

I truly believe that common sense and/or logical thinking are NOT that common any more....
And ZAP definitely doesn't have it.

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Reader: "Hobie, Thank you for your explanation."
Posted By: hobie [Send E-Mail]
Date: Tuesday, 10-Jul-2018 17:13:39

(Thanks, J. :)

Reader J. writes (and I'll comment, following):


Re: History of the Poof and Poofness posts

Hobie, Thank you for your explanation.

Many of us felt as though we had lost a friend with Poof's (James') passing. I began watching Poof and Casper many moons ago. Casper and the planes on the tarmac never asked for any funding, Poof only offered consultations for his funding. I feel as though Zap is a con, taking advantage of readers' heartfelt need to get the funding we were promised so long ago.

There are services in our great country that provide all the help that Zap is Begging for (Salvation Army, Charities, Health Dept. and the like).

I honestly would like for my assessment to be wrong, but you can understand how we feel.

Thank you very much for keeping RMN going so well since Raye has had her problems.

Sincerely, J.

Thanks to:



Reader: "You too are losing your credibility by sponsoring this ongoing Zap scam."
Posted By: hobie [Send E-Mail]
Date: Tuesday, 10-Jul-2018 17:21:12
In Response To: POOFness for JULY 9: WONDERFUL WEEK (hobie)

(Thanks, K. :)

(Ponder "confirmation bias".)

Reader K. writes:


You too are losing your credibility by sponsoring this ongoing Zap scam. I’ve been a follower of Poof and Poofness since I first got into this, some 6+ years ago now. I am so disgusted by Zap pretending every week, sometimes twice a week, that they are buried under loads of work and they are providing emergency care for people that should NOT be depending on Jerzy in the first place for their existence.

I have not been on your site for months, if not a year or more.

Anyone with a serious desire to help humanity, should by now realize Zap is NOT the place to go for assistance or program advice. People can be harmfully sucked into this scam. And if you have ever been sucked by a scammer, it is NOT a good feeling. It’s sickening!! It’s disgusting!! You feel so angry about helping anyone ever again, you won’t ever trust anyone with a 'pity me’ story.

It’s just not good karma or juju to keep sponsoring this man or this organization. Just saying my opinion.

Thank you!


Thanks to:





I don't post intel here for one main reason......I get the same HORSEPUCKY that Zap and all the other guru's get and I just like to sit back and laugh on how silly they look for even posting the donkey doo of information we get. NO, I am not holding my breath for the 12th & 13th, but that is the latest I got and won't be doing anymore curtain calls on intel cause I can pretty much predict it ain't gonna happen!! I'll bet anybody $1,000,000 it doesn't happen!!! If I'm wrong, I promise I can pay up!!

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