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Shills, Gatekeepers, and Gang Stalkers

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1Shills, Gatekeepers, and Gang Stalkers  Empty Shills, Gatekeepers, and Gang Stalkers on Wed Jul 11, 2018 2:02 pm


Shills, Gatekeepers, and Gang Stalkers  Illuminati+shqip

Shills, Gatekeepers, and Gang Stalkers
YouTube and the internet is filled with alternative media shills and fake opposition to the New World Order. Almost all of them are frauds. Alex Jones runs the largest alternative media faction with members like Lisa Haven, Lionel Nation, Mike Cernovich, Jordan Peterson, Christopher Greene or AMTV, David Icke, WeAreChange or Luke Rudowski, Styxhexenhammer666, Jordan Sather or Destroying the Illusion, and many others like George Webb, Farmer Jones, Roy Potter, and Michael Trimm. George Webb deletes my comments and called my articles lies. Michael Trimm is extremely evil and works with the Jesuits. David Seaman is another very evil shill. The whole Q Anon movement is being pushed by paid liars like Isaac Green, Dustin Nemos, and James Munder. They are gatekeepers that wont speak on higher level criminals and they mix truth with lies. These people promoting Donald Trump all the time are paid shills working for a fascist and murderous takeover agenda. They disregard all facts and falsely accuse anyone who is against Donald Trump of being a liberal, communist, or fascist. They often censor out comments and their channels are dominated by organized and paid commenters that are there to maintain the controlled narrative of the channel. They are even worse and way more violent and destructive than the mainstream media. I get attacked by these people just for posting my articles on their channels because the info I put out that they wont talk about discredits their lies. Every single one of these shills I have named has attacked me. The most blatant proof that they are frauds is their omission of many facts and their constant distractions and fear mongering. Lisa Haven is a crazy fear mongerer. There are the Christian shills that hide behind religion while they pretend to be against the New World Order. Most of these alternative media channels have PayPal and Patreon accounts and they ask for money. They also receive payments disguised as donations through PayPal and Patreon for being controlled opposition, spreading disinformation, and assisting cyber stalkers and the NSA in identifying opposition. This is entirely criminal. Paying propagandists is what the Nazis did before they took over Germany. Many of these agents running alternative media channels are also running online gang stalking cults or even gang stalking cults in society. The most evil Christian shills I have come across are A Call For An Uprising, Richie From Boston, Gonz from A Face Like the Sun, and Shaking My Head Productions. These Christian shills are really Sun worshiping Luciferians and involved in gang stalking, human trafficking, pedophilia, blood drinking, and cannibalism. A man named Erik Alexander Hofemeister is advising most of these online Christian shills and especially advising A Call For An Uprising and A Face Like the Sun. Erik Alexander Hofemeister is a commander of a national cult of gang stalkers and he is a fascist liar. Paul Begley is another extremely evil agent who is a Christian pastor hiding behind religion. Paul Begley is extremely dangerous, psychotic, and evil. They are not what they claim to be at all. Similar to these Christian shills is the New Age shill Paul Romano or Pockets of the Future and he is very sinister despite his seemingly gentle personality. ReallyGraceful and Jason A are YouTube shills and not to be trusted. Titus Frost is another evil shill and gang stalker whose motivation appears to be envy.
The most evil online agent I have come across is AplaneTruth whose real name is Joe Morgan. Joe Morgan has used by information with out my consent as a fishing net to catch people searching out this info and is relentlessly trying to undermine the information I have put out. Joe Morgan is also attempting to mix my info with his disinformation campaign like claiming the Earth is flat which it is not and claiming things like wildfires caused by arsonists are caused by directed energy weapons. A Nazi named Tom Rubendall is the one behind many of the wildfires in the West Coast and after I exposed him Joe Morgan claimed they were caused by Directed Energy Weapons to distract from this Nazi arsonist. Joe Morgan has also claimed Jesuits run everything and has falsely accused me of being a Zionist because of my name Izreal Zeus. I have exposed and named many more Zionists than Nazi shills like David Duke, Brother Nathaniel, and ZionistWatch who claim Jews run everything. I have named Jewish criminal families that few if any talk about like the Guggenheim, Sackler, Dreyfus, Javal, Montagu, and other Jewish criminals never talked about like Daniel Gilbert, Micky Arison, Robert Kraft, and Baron Cyril de Rothschild-Goldschmidt. I don’t discriminate. I expose all criminals in every group and put them in their place within the New World Order structure. When Joe Morgan made his first video using my info he accused me of being “10% Cointelpro” because I said that the Earth is not flat. Joe Morgan is working with the Jesuits and the Black Monks and Joe Morgan serves Joe Ratzinger who took the name Benedict as Pope to honor the Black Monks also called the Benedictine Monks. Joe Morgan is involved in a national gang stalking cult. After I originally exposed Joe Morgan on my first website on Wix which was shut down by Zionists I had gang stalkers in my local community targeting me. Joe or AplaneTruth uses a sunflower for his avatar. I had cars harassing me on the road with sunflowers hanging from their mirrors. Joe Morgan claims the Earth is flat which is a common lie spread by Jesuit agents. You can travel in a straight line either East or West and get to the same location on the Earth which is only possible on a spherical Earth. You can see the Earth’s curvature along the oceans horizon as well. Why has Joe Morgan done all this? Because Joe Morgan is a child murdering pedophile and cannibal like his zealous boss Joseph Ratzinger. Another one using my info without consent is the one called Cobra and he too works for Joseph Ratzinger and the Wittelsbach family. These paid liars are a major interference for real people exposing or researching the New World Order. Exposing these shills does not mean that I disagree with everything that they say however the good information some of them put out does not outweigh their gatekeeping, lies, and paid propaganda. Many of them are also violent gang stalkers and members of the New World Order.

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