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PostSubject: THE UFO SEDUCTION – BY KELLY LA SHA AND PERRY MILLS   Mon Oct 08, 2012 7:05 am


Posted on October 8, 2012

This post comes from Kelly,
herself, who came to my blog through the recommendation of one of my
readers, E., and thought we all might like to read this article she
wrote on her own blog. I think it has particular importance at this
time. My thanks, Kelly. ~J

Source: Ascension with Mother Earth and Current State of Affairs
October 6, 2012
The PDF version of this article is available at this link here.

The dark ones have been in control of our planet and our souls in
order to feed off of our energy for thousands of years. They have
intentionally severed our connection from: higher Self, Our Loving
Creator, and the extraordinary power of Love. They have co-opted and
wrapped lies around every saint that has ever incarnated here by
creating religions that infested our minds with shame, guilt, repressed
sensuality, and the fear of God itself. Their agenda is to further
distract us from awakening to our soulful sovereignty and our real
opportunity for Ascension by enticing us with “channeled
misinformation”, UFO’s, ET’s, “full disclosure”, and divisively
impressive 4D technologies.

As the questions rage across the Internet on whether we should
embrace the interventions of extraterrestrial races, the attentions of
innocent and concerned citizens of Earth are inadvertently being
captivated. The conversation has gotten people more excited about “being
saved from ourselves” than has it addressed their own sovereign soulful
capacity to create the life they desire.

As soul, where our attention lives, we are. If the sky turned red,
and you were totally distracted watching the television, that real
occurrence would be unknown to you. In like fashion, the world of real
facts and possibilities has been masked by propaganda and the loud
assertions of political, religious and scientific leaders. By their
exaggerated influence in society, they have captivated the whole world
population with their ability to steer public perceptions as to what
life is, what their purpose in it might be, how to remain safe, and what
the mere citizen can reasonably expect to achieve. Perception is real
power, and where our attention is captivated defines what the quality
and content of our awareness becomes. And where our awareness goes, so
does our entire life experience.

The first requirement for capturing the attention of people is to
convince them that they are incapable of steering their own lives. The
social engineers have succeeded in making the average person very unsure
of their capacity or worthiness. And worse, they have caused us to
doubt our divine heritage, our soul sovereignty, and our ability to
connect directly to our Creator. When one is unsure and insecure, he
gives away his power to those that claim to know better. This may be
nothing new to the avid seeker of this age, but has the seeking soul
just substituted ET’s into the role that the former leaders and pundits
held. And worse, in so doing, have we jumped from the frying pan into
the fire?

It is time to ask, “What is the agenda behind full disclosure and
UFO’s landing before December 21, 2012?” If we accumulate the
information that is circulating throughout the Internet, we can dig a
little deeper behind the agenda of each race that is suggesting that
they are here to “help us”.

Many of the messages from ETs come from channeled material. We seem
to trust channelers and put them on a pedestal when we believe that we
don’t have the same kind of special access… and then we never bother to
ask the most pertinent questions that reveal the agendas behind their
contact. Many of the you-tube videos, websites and blogs that post UFO
footage pose a blanket presentation that all UFOs and ETs are benevolent
and part of our Galactic Family that are only here to help us. There is
no discernment made between metallic UFOs, mother ships, and orbs; when
in reality, there is a vast difference between the malevolent agendas
of certain 3D/4D beings (spacecraft) and the benevolent intentions
behind 5D beings (orbs).

So let’s review what we know of some of the alien contact that we
know of already. Countless alien abductions have been perpetrated by
beings that are bypassing the Universal agreement of the Law of One;
that we do not impose on another’s free will. What is the agenda behind
ET’s who are abducting humans against their will, fragmenting their
souls with terror, and raping them of their genetic material, while
severely damaging female reproductive organs in the process? I
understand that they want to evolve their race, yet it is abusively
overstepping their power and creating victims in the process… the DNA
“donors” as well as the hybrid children that they have created. And now
we are all looking up to the night sky in naive fascination to see UFO’s
without using any discernment to see the agendas behind the various
crafts. Our desperate view of our own stunted capacity has landed us on
our knees in front of our new redeemers, when our only true hope is in
awakening our relationship with our divine source.

The Greys have openly communicated this to one channeler, “It is
time for us to relieve the Earth from her inhabitants.“ Such a statement
implies that we are lowly parasites on the earth and they intend to
take us off of the planet to save her! And where do you think we will be
taken? You might want to ask what their exact agenda is before boarding
any spacecraft.

There are several ET races with a similar agenda. They fall under
the general category of malevolent 3D and 4D ETs. Their main project
involves UFO’s landing impressively to advise us and entice us to revere
them for their “higher technology”, then to board their ships to escape
the Armageddon and thereby “save” the earth from us and “save” us from
her. When in actuality they are harvesting souls as their slaves and
their energetic food source. Their message is clear; that humans are a
diseased race that cannot possibly help itself out of this mess without
their superior technology and more evolved guidance. Will you abandon
your sovereignty and lay it at the feet of another being?

In the meantime, their intention is to distract us from the present
event of the Ascension by wooing us with their spacecraft and speaking
half truths embedded with lies that promise us technological assistance
and “freedom”… if we just wait a little longer. Which of these contacts,
if any, are speaking to the individual soul’s need for reconnection to
their own innate sovereignty? A sovereign being takes its orders
directly from its inner connection, how it feels, andwhat it hears from the whispers of its own intuition.

Therefore, we must use our intuition to discern the information
coming from various channelers who are supposedly representing 5Dbeings
and innocently labeling them as: The Andromeda Council, Pleiadians,
Galactic Federation of Light, and others who claim to come here to help
us. So I suggest we all ask the question to these beings, “What is your
intention? And specifically how do we as individual sovereign souls
benefit from your intervention?”

As we gain more understanding of our personal Ascension, we are
realizing that souls that are incarnate at this time are already
benefiting from this opportune time of the planetary Ascension. The
planetary Ascension is only an “event” in the sense that it is a phase
of time before and after our galactic alignment with Hunab Ku, our
Galactic Center. But concurrently, we as individual souls, are in the
midst of this accelerated frequency shift as well. We must not forget
that Ascension is an organic process that each soul engages by its own
volition. In a personal way, each soul reaches inwardly by the use of
intention and reverence to make contact with its creator. With the
purpose of awakening to its own divine identity, it thereby sheds the
lies that it had been formerly indoctrinated to believe. If we can
realize that we are at the end of a dark patriarchal cycle, and have the
full capacity to claim back what has been taken from us, then we can
realize the point of it all. The soul gains from this experience NOW,
stretching itself to heal and awaken inside of the belly of the beast.
All souls and universes change in just this fashion, from the inside

So, it is our assertion that the prime directive of each and every
sovereign soul, is to be in direct relationship with their creator,
personally, internally, reverently, sacredly, and energetically, in
order to participate in the creative work of God. Any person, entity,
deity, or pseudo-authority, who decided for you that you need them to
know your God, are misleading, disabling, vampiring you and using your
energy while asking you to wait and wait for some “reward day.” And
while you wait, they have succeeded in distracting you from your
precious attention while they are sucking from you your vital

So, what is the alternative to the popular fascination with these
potentially disempowering ET/channelled influences? As long as everyone
is comfortable with hypotheticals, let’s try this one on for size:

You are already a 5th dimensional soul who incarnated in 3D and 4D
forms. In alignment with your divine creator, you made a clear choice to
imbue 5th dimensional virtues in the most remote regions of time and
space. You come from Love and your gift to the worlds of 3D and 4D is love.
In the unique challenge that you have chosen, you have been fitted with
4D bodies and then 3D forms. As this is the only way that 5D souls can
engage these regions, you made contracts to work within the nature of
your borrowed forms, and many have lost their memories in the process.
As you awaken to your true heritage as 5D, you are checking your work to
see if you have finished with your original intentions. In the process
of that awakening, you find many opportunities to understand and forgive
the antics of the corrupted and amnesiatic souls who are working
unconsciously as gears for the 4d matrix. Your gift to them and all of
the worlds is to carry the memory for all who are lapsed in their comas.
Your awakened identity becomes the mirror to everyone you contact. Your
direct contact with the source of love makes you the agency through
which God’s love flows to the darkened masses. It may be the most
honored role ever conceived. Can you hold that privilege?

Thanks to:


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