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Out Of Mind » PERCEPTUAL AWARENESS » INFORMATIVE GUIDES FOR THE SHIFT IN CONSCIOUSNESS » Suzanne Lie: The Arcturians - Visiting our Starships 2012 October 8

Suzanne Lie: The Arcturians - Visiting our Starships 2012 October 8

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Suzanne Lie: The Arcturians - Visiting our Starships 2012 October 8


The Arcturians - Visiting our Starships
By Dr Suzan Caroll / Suzanne Lie - October 7, 2012

The Arcturians Speak:

Dear Ascending Ones,
Many of you
visited our Starship last night because important decisions were being
made, and we wanted to confer with our Ground Crew. You may have
remembered the experience if you woke up in the middle of the night, or
upon your awaking, but forgot it when you began your day.

Because of past traumas, and/or
because it is difficult to stay grounded when you remember the myriad
activities of your Multidimensional SELF, you may have difficulty
clearly remembering your nightly visits to our Ship. However, many of
your past traumas have been healed and you have improved your grounding
abilities and expanded your consciousness.

Therefore, you are ready to begin
the process of multidimensional memory in which you can live in more
than one reality at a time. You have always done so in your imagination,
but now you are ready to progress into the next phase in which you can
simultaneously remember your galactic realities and human reality.

Many of you visit us on a regular
basis, but do not remember - yet. However, those of you who have
completed parts one and two of integrating your Multidimensional
Operating System will begin to remember, and simultaneously live, your
higher dimensional experiences. a
The third phase of integrating your Multidimensional Operating System
will soon be released.

Now, please allow yourself to access
any dream memories of last night. You may vaguely remember being in a
meeting about the Landings. We do not choose to discuss the process of
Disclosure, for we know that no one is ready to take on this
responsibility. However, the time of waiting is coming to an end and
humanity must prepare for their return to a Galactic Society, which they
were before the fall of Atlantis.

Humanity’s planetary evolution was
greatly set back by the low frequency of Earth after the fall of
Atlantis. However, it is the NOW for those who are on the Path of
Ascension to accept the assistance that we wish to give them. May of the
humans in power will not surrender their power-over-others, and too
many still slumber in third dimensional consciousness to realize the
urgency of this moment.

Hence, many are still trapped by the
rules and regulations of the third dimensional world and too
downtrodden to look up into the skies to even see our Ships.
Consequently, we will need to bring our Scout Ships closer to the Earth.
The meeting you attended was about us considering the best manner in
which to land and cause the least amount of fear and confusion.

As you are aware, we have increased
our meetings with influential members of your planet. We have, also,
been uncloaking ourselves everywhere, as that which is familiar is not
as frightening. However, many humans are so frightened by the many
challenges of third dimensional life, and so brainwashed by the
mainstream news, that they cannot tolerate anything new entering their

We realize that many of these people
will not choose Ascension, for they are far from gaining mastery of
even the third dimension. Because of the above reasons, we have decided
to begin our landings in a frequency range just beyond the third
dimensional resonance.

This dimensional landing is,
actually, much better for us, as our Scout Ships resonate to the upper
fourth and fifth dimensions. Therefore, if we land just beyond the
fourth dimensional overlay of the physical plane, often known as the
etheric plane, only those who have expanded their consciousness will be
able to perceive us.

In this manner, those of you who are
suffering doubt that you have been “crazy” or “wrong” in your belief in
our Landings, will gain much-needed assurance. Conversely, those who
are deeply enmeshed in the toils of the third dimensional world will not
even perceive us. Landing our Scout Ships in a slightly higher
frequency than your daily life has another benefit, as it initiates your
expanded perceptions.

Ascension is the process of
recalibrating your consciousness to perceive the reality that is
resonating to a higher frequency than that of the physical world.
Imagine you are an Avatar logged into a video game with consciousness,
self-awareness. In fact you are, as Earth at this frequency is a
holographic projection.

Since you are a projection from the
representative of your Multidimensional SELF who decided to copy and
paste its consciousness into the 3D Game, you can ask your SELF to
assist you to log out of the Game. On the other hand, you will assist
your higher dimensional SELF by attaching your awareness to higher and
higher frequencies of the Game.

You will accomplish this task by
expanding your attention and intention into the parts of your current
reality that you love. At the same time, you will release ALL
attachments to that which is fearful, distracting and/or no longer
important. In other words, you will be the Master of your Energy in that
you choose NOT to engage in that which you no longer wish to

This letting go is much like
crossing the “monkey bars” of your childhood. Monkey bars are a
horizontal ladder above and attached to two vertical bars. As an adult,
you can easily stand on the ground and touch the horizontal ladder, but
when you were a child, the ground was far beneath you. This analogy is
perfect for your current situation.

To proceed with your process of
letting go of the old and attaching to the new is similar to crossing
the monkey bars when one hand was attached to the ladder, while the
other hand was in the air, ready to reach for the next rung of the
ladder. In this manner, you are ascending by removing your attention
from that which you no longer wish to experience and reaching out with
your consciousness to grasp that which you know is of a higher

You know it is a higher frequency
because you can feel the unconditional love. Thus, your consciousness
will expand when you release your third dimensional worries and
illusions. This release frees your mind to find the FEEL of
unconditional love that has been calling you for years.

You have ignored the CALL too often,
for you thought it was not real. We tell you NOW that your third
dimensional fears and worries are NOT REAL! Only the higher light of
unconditional love, and all that love creates is REAL. We are asking you
to shift your focus away from your worries of physical life and into
the fifth dimension and beyond.

We suggest that you take baby steps
so that you can totally ground yourself to each octave of Gaia’s
ascending planet. If you are having doubt, follow the animals and the
children. They have not been tainted by the power-over-others system of
your world governments. They do not believe that they have to DO
something to be “good enough” and still hold the innocence and purity of
being connected to the land, as well as the ONE.

Therefore, we recommend that you
release your attachment to the myriad years of indoctrination that you
have received at the close of the Kali Yuga. We suggest that you return
to the pure innocence of your inner Divine Child, and take the risk to
LET GO of your attachment to that which drags your consciousness into
fear, anger and/or sorrow. These emotions attach you to the 3D Matrix.

On the other hand, you can still pay
your bills, go to work, put gas in your automobile while you will know
that NONE of these actions are real. ALL of these actions are illusions
of the third dimensional paradigm. Hence, you will do these actions with
NO attachment or emotion.

The play is over and you are leaving
the theater. You are just taking a moment of your “time” to pick up
your program, push up your seat, stand in line and leave the theater.
The theater is not disappearing yet. In fact, many people are still
staring at the empty stage, as if they are waiting for one more act to

If you wish, you can tell them that
the play is over. However, most of them will not hear you and may even
become angry that you are telling them what they do not want to hear.
They are used to this play. They don’t want this play to end. They did
not understand this play and need to watch more of it in order to know
why they even entered this theater in the first place.

Therefore, you politely step past
them, maybe send them some unconditional love as you leave the theater,
and step out into the light of that which awaits you. Those who are not
ready for this new light will remain in a version of the “theater” which
is in resonance with their state of consciousness.

On the other hand, YOU - the ones
who choose to face the unknown - will meet the adventure for which your
heart has always longed. We know that you have heard many promises and
been disappointed when they did not come to pass. But you have not
noticed how much your world has changed.

Remember your life just ten years
ago. Go back in your memory just ten years. It was October of 2002. What
was the state of your world then? It was less than one year after the
debacle of 9-11. How many lies were being disseminated and largely
believed, in spite of vast evidence to the contrary?

How many people had died a violent
death and were dying in that manner every day? What do you think the
primary emotion was on that the planet at that time?
Do you think it was fear? If so, you are totally correct.

Now look at the predominant state of
consciousness on Earth NOW. In spite of all that you may be seeing, we
see that the primary emotion on Earth NOW is Love and Hope! In only ten
years, you - our brave grounded ones - have once again brought Gaia from
the threshold of total destruction. How did you do that?

In fact, we ask each and every one
of you to go inside and remember how you found a way to rise above the
immense fear and wars to somehow change from fear, anger and sorrow into
the growing world-wide love and hope. We say to YOU personally, “YOU
are a miracle!”

You could have chosen to attach your
consciousness to a reality based on revenge, war, fear and domination.
However, instead you have chosen to resonate to another reality. You are
living a reality in which a critical component of the world population,
which includes plants, animals and Gaia Herself, is preparing and/or is
fully prepared for the transition into New Earth.

Do you know how short only ten years
is in Cosmic Time? How long does it take a 3D planet to form? How long
does it take a 3D planet to be ready to support life? How long has Earth
been created? How long ago did the dinosaurs roam Her land and fly in
Her sky?

Now think, how long is ten years?
How much have you changed yourself in the last ten years? How much have
you changed your thinking, your mastery of emotions and your state of
consciousness in JUST ten years? Do you see now why we call you a

Yes, we have helped you, but we ARE
you! We, your Galactic and Celestial Family are higher frequency
expressions of your Multidimensional SELF. If we are you, and we are
helping you, then YOU are helping yourself. Therefore, take credit for
the great Wisdom you have gathered, the immense Power you have displayed
and the beautiful Love that you have shared with every member of Gaia’s
planetary world.

When you go back into your past only
ten years, you can see how time is beginning to collapse. To accomplish
such an expansion of consciousness in such a short time is impossible
for a reality founded on time. However, time and the slow spin of
polarities that time has created is ending.

Time is an expression of the
resonant frequency of the planet. As Earth is resonating to higher and
higher frequencies, polarities are collapsing into the ONE and time is
collapsing into the NOW. You, our grounded ones, are greatly
facilitating this process by expanding your states of consciousness.

It is for this reason, as well as
because of the great courage of the Beings, human and non-human, that
have changed so vastly in such a short amount of time. This closing of
polarities and termination of time is exponentially accelerating.
Therefore, hold on to your hope and unconditional love, as you listen to
us - your SELF!

The Arcturians

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