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Keshe Technology Update: Smart-Water, Pain Relief Wraps & Other News

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Keshe Technology Update: Smart-Water, Pain Relief Wraps & Other News

It’s been awhile since I did an update on the amazing Keshe technologies that are providing relief to so many users across the world.

Dr. Richard Presser, a long-time friend and Lightworker, is the foremost Keshe technology distributor. He’s the most successful for multiple reasons, but the most important one: customer service.
Richard is current in the the Keshe updates, new products, efficacy of products for various health conditions and answers every email he gets from customers. He uses the products, and has astounded his Naturopath, as you can read below.

He also does videos to share information in an easily digestible way for folks to learn about the products and help decide what would be the best option for nuisance issues or personal health goals. Richard also provides support by telephone and has a lot of happy customers.
A number of us use the Alkalizer/Energizer Pitcher to make what I call my “smart water”, and the pain pen and pain pad have been popular, as well. Below you’ll learn about the newest products Richard began offering a few weeks ago and what they’re doing for people.
These technologies have been tested by the Keshe Spaceship Institute/Keshe Foundation medical teams and documented in videos you can find on YouTube if you desire more detail on their application and efficacy.

The Keshe products are simple to use, safe, and on the forefront of healing in the Golden Age. Plasma is the 5th state of matter that no one wanted us to know about in the medical arena; “plasma fields”. Space-age science is revolutionizing healing and enabling even senior citizens to optimize their chemistry and energy levels as well as heal long-time physical restrictions via non-intrusive means.
The plasma fields support the Human body’s innate ability to heal itself.
Richard recently provided a tip for optimizing the effectiveness of the products:
As I have watched the growing understandings from the teachings of Mehran Keshe, I have recognised that humility is an essential part of receiving the maximum benefit from these plasmatically activated waters. This has led me to speak the following as I consume them:
I wish that these plasmatic field energies give my body what is needed and take away what is not, consistent with their ability to do so, and I am grateful.”
I commend this form of words to you, especially when working with the GANS Pack with Health Protocols waters, but it can also be used with the Magravs Energizer & Alkalizer water.
I’ve pasted updates from Dr. Presser’s frequent email newsletters below as he gets numerous [url= Pack with Health Protocols Testimonials.pdf]notes of appreciation and testimonials[/url] from his customers who use the products and have astonishing stories to tell.
Richard’s contact information is at the bottom of this post.  ~ BP

Richard writes…
It is hard for many of us to accept that our bodies can heal themselves just by us drinking water. It’s hard to believe but it’s true. Granted, it is a specially treated water carrying the plasmatic field energies that have come forth from materials in the GANS state, a new state of matter introduced to us by Mehran Keshe.
And I have collected many testimonials from my customers who have been drinking this special water that they have produced themselves from the GANS Pack with Health Protocols. Here are some recent examples:
Wow! Richard—
I just realized, after taking CO2 and Zn0 for about 3 months that my knee, that I fell on ice during a figure skating event, feels quite good! I used to have to “disengage” it before going down the stairs, but now I don’t have to. I used to have lots of pain during my yoga sessions, but just recently I don’t! In reading about your Plasma Knee Wrap with the same ingredients I realized that I must be healing my knee in a subtle way. Wow!!  That’s amazing news.  Guess I’ll keep drinking the “magic”.
Thanks much, Richard for your dedication to this wonderful healing process.
Love and light, Nancy G.   May 15, 2018 

Dr. Presser,
I want to thank you for the protocols on the use of the GANS Pack.  One remarkable result that I’ve had is that my right ankle that was injured 40 years ago has me now walking without the use of a brace during the day.
I’ve had to wear a custom brace during the day because of the nerve and arthritis pain in the ankle bone joints.  After some relief I switched to an over-the-counter brace.  I am now wearing this brace only if I need to do a lot of walking.
I am so grateful for this relief.  I am drinking the water from the glass pitcher (Magravs Energizer & Alkalizer) throughout the day as well as the sipping from the GANS water both in the morning and before going to bed.
Sincerely yours, Frances Watkins    May 26, 2018 

  1. I have for 9 or 10 years had a thing on the side of my nose, no matter what it would not go away, rather it did grow a bit… now with a CO2 GANS ”patch” 3 times a day it has reduced in size and looks like shrinking and skin more alive and healthy… I think it’s improved about 60% in 18 days…. I take a tissue and dip it in CO2 GANS, and place it over the ”thing” till the tissue is dry…
  2. Same with other imperfections of the skin including 2 brown age spots….
  3. Eyes: 3 drops x 3 a day of the recommended 1 part ZnO and 2 parts CO2 GANS…

this is for cataract… and it seems to help… 
All 1 and 2 above will take I reckon 1-2 months and will be totally gone….
3… may take 6 months… 
but every day there is improvement and that is what counts.
SO!!! So far so good
ML Bente  May 24, 2018 

Dear Richard,
I received two cat teeth puncture wounds in my hand, and a deep back claw in my arm above the hand. It quickly began to swell. I was bitten around 10am Tuesday, and by midnight on Wednesday the hand and lower arm were swollen, with the very hot red infection moving up my arm.
Then I remembered the copper oxide GANS I’d purchased from you the summer of 2016. I’ve been using the zinc and CO2 GANS daily for over a year and had put aside the CuO GANS because it was not a daily-use item.
I took far more than your recommended 2 oz three-X-day because the situation was critical.  Here are photos of the bite Tuesday morning, the bite on Wednesday morning, the healing already evident on Thursday morning (after I’d taken CuO three times in the night), and a photo taken this morning.  This is a three-day time span. (See the testimonials for the photos).
Being chemically sensitive I cannot take antibiotics, though Facebook friends universally said go to the hospital. I trust the body to heal itself if I can provide what it needs.
Kind regards, Margaret E. Peiman Kitchener, Ontario, Canada   April 14, 2018

And here are two personal ones:
I have to admit, that I am very impressed by the fact that both yourself and your friend John have consistently perfect pH readings of both urine and saliva whenever I test them.
It is particularly impressive considering the amount of liver ‘bashing’ both of you frequently exercise (I heatedly object to that assessment…)
I have been doing Urine and Saliva tests for over nine years and I have never seen anything like it.
Kind regards, Natalie (Naturopath) April 25, 2018 
At the beginning of April, 2018, I returned home with a very nasty chest infection that I had picked up whilst travelling. I placed the plasma water of CuO (which eliminates bacterial and parasitic infections) with a little CO2 and ZnO plasma water in a bubbler designed to filter cigarette smoke and breathed through it for a few minutes several times/day, drawing the plasmatic field energies into my lungs. The infection was cleared after a few days.
Richard   May 1, 2018 

NEW PRODUCTS – Plasma Waist and Knee Wraps

Richards’ update read…
As I mentioned last week, the new Plasma Knee Wrap and the Plasma Waist Wrap from the Keshe Foundation are selling like hot cakes!!!
Both of these new products utilise the power of the plasmatic fields produced by the GANS of CO2 and ZnO for healing. The plasmatic field energies are perfectly natural to our bodies as these materials exist within our bodies. A powerful illustration of the power of GANS pads producing pain relief and healing is the story I have previously shared of the amazing healing journey of Naomi Lapadula. Click here to watch this video. Naomi’s recovery was considered impossible by Western medical practitioners due to both her brain injuries and her broken bones, and she had been placed in palliative care to die. She is now home completing her rehab.
The Plasma Knee Wrap
The Plasma Knee Wrap brings the power of the plasmatic field energies of CO2 and ZnO to provide pain relief and support the healing of your knee. These energies support the knee to return to its natural condition, relieving pain and promoting healing.
Each knee wrap comes with one GANS energy balancing packet along with a soft foam insert. They come in large and small sizes and four colors and are adjustable with Velcro attachments.
Click here to go to the Knee Wrap directly on the store or click on the Health Products Tab. Currently, these are only available for my US and Canadian customers.
The Plasma Waist Wrap
The Plasma Waist Wrap brings the power of the plasmatic field energies of CO2 and ZnO to relieve pain and support the healing of your body. These energies support your body to return to its natural condition, relieving pain and promoting healing.
Each Waist Wrap comes with plasmatic inserts to allow for energy balancing in the area of need. The wrap comes in Medium, Large, XL and XXL sizes and is adjustable with Velcro attachments.
Each wrap comes with 4 plastic insert pouches containing the energy fields to relieve pain and assist in the healing process.
Click here to go to the Waist Wrap directly on the store or click on the Health Products Tab.

Plasma Waist Wrap testimonial

And already, the testimonials have begun to come:
Dear Richard,
Fantastic news of results in using my Waist Wrap in just a very short time.  At first, I was using it around my waist to help with relief from sciatic pain.  This has helped greatly!!!
One night, as I tried to get relief from my Restless Leg Syndrome (RLS), I used it to wrap my legs.  This was miraculous because my symptoms did not recur after the relief I felt after the treatment, as capsules and magnet therapy does, and these often doesn’t even work! To be sure that the relief I felt was with the use of the Wrap, I used it the following 2 nights with the same results.  Hopefully the RLS condition will heal permanently as I use the INTENT way of praying for the healing.
As a result, I’m sleeping with less interruptions from the RLS symptoms and the quieting of my sciatica pain. I bought the XXL size so that I could use it to wrap my hips and from this, I also found relief from arthritis.
Frances Watkins

I love to hear to receive this kind of feedback. It makes doing what I do worthwhile.
Kind Regards,
Dr. Richard Presser
Magravs Plasma Products
+1 443 769 1752
+44 1212 840 929
+61 3 9021 6920
+31 30 808 0453
+41 43 550 0221
Store for US & Canada
Store for Australia & New Zealand
Store for Dach Countries (Deutschland, Österreich, Schweiz)
Store for Europe and countries not listed elsewhere
Fairtrax Pty Ltd,
PO Box 1314,
Blackburn North,
VIC 3130

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