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Sheldan Nidle ~ October 9 2012

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Sheldan Nidle ~ October 9 2012

Posted on October 9, 2012 by Gillian

Galactic Federation

6 Manik, 15 Tzotz, 9 Eb

Dratzo! We return! Many events are preparing to happen quite shortly.
Your world is at a point where the collapse of its economy is imminent.
The status of your global economy is dependent on an illegal flow of
cash from accounts that were plundered by the Federal Reserve over the
past year. These accounts were illegally seized as part of procedures to
monitor the exchange of funds from one account to another. Our
associates are now rerouting these daily international movements of
large sums of currency. As these fiscal sources of revenue begin to dry
up, the US Corporation and its minions are desperately searching for a
way to keep afloat. This sudden lowering of ‘true cash reserves’ has
caused the central banks of your world to panic. This comes against a
backdrop of a series of ultimatums recently issued to these banks by our
sacred associates concerning large debts to be repaid only in gold.
These still-covert developments are expected to create what can be
called an early ‘Halloween’ for the dark cabal. Meanwhile, the various
holders of the world’s known and ‘dark’ gold supplies continue to add to
their totals.

This enormous loss of gold and silver further exacerbates the
perilous situations facing the world’s fiat currencies. As noted above,
the huge joint debts of your fragile economy are now being called up and
payments in true-value gold reserves are being demanded. This concerted
squeeze is about to cause a mass collapse of the fiat money system.
Those who are doing this realize full well the consequences of such a
drastic maneuver. However, this colossal debt and the squandering of the
gold-based IOUs now due for repayment are to be the twin vehicles for
the change of governance and the instituting of the new global financial
system. This proposed, and thoroughly prepared for, solution to the
world’s problems cannot be swept under the rug by the dark cabal. This
mountain of debt is their own creation and it is inevitably creating the
means of their downfall. The global fiscal situation is rapidly
deteriorating, rendering the false optimism based on the ‘cooked books’
statistics of the West quite meaningless. On the bright side, this
accelerating slide is also creating the opportunity for the new system
to be suddenly introduced by our sacred allies.

These diverse momentums are quickly
coming to a head. In public, a fictitious facade is being presented,
which maintains that all is normal and that some form of recovery is
possible. In fact this is bunkum and the reverse is true. Those in the
Light who hold the cards for change are now actively playing them, and
this is confirmed by our liaison personnel who continue to report that
collapse is close. Those working on the plan to replace the dark
governments with new ones are fully confident that their announcement of
this change is at hand. In accordance with this we have alerted our
on-planet crews, who have intertwined their operation with that of our
Agarthan cousins, to be ready to counsel the communities they reside in
not to panic, but rather to see the joy of what is beginning to happen.
Your world is to be changed from a realm of treachery and strife into
one where the governance actually takes heed of the people and then acts
accordingly. The new financial system is designed to bring succor and
universal prosperity to all. Nevertheless, this is a mere prelude to the
wondrous transformations that are planned, including a formal
disclosure announcement of our presence.

We are confident that the events of the coming time will at last move
your world out of the grasp of the dark cabal. Conditions are locking
into place which can make this change inevitable. Our intention is to
ensure that this shift happens as easily and smoothly as possible. We
have used our ability and technology to prevent attempts to threaten
this outcome. The dark comprehends what we are doing and knows it is
powerless to alter the end result. Thus we cannot fully understand why
they are prolonging this stressful game of brinkmanship. Our liaison
personnel at every level of the dark’s organizations report on the
amount of fear and panic that surrounds those in charge of this reality.
We have watched these dark ones scheme and plot to no avail. And yet
they continue. Their fear undoubtedly stems from the long, uneasy
history they share with the Anunnaki, and based on their experience with
them, they dread what the proposed retribution for their crimes really
entails. This exaggerated concern we are presently working to dispel.

Namaste! We are your Ascended Masters! We come bearing news.
Presently, your world is in the grip of a climactic battle between the
Light and the dark cabal. The secret sacred societies and those groups
and individuals who sincerely wish to shift the world away from the dark
have joined forces and have promulgated a series of legal writs
concerning the takedown of this reality. The first steps were to get a
number of sacred elders from the ancient lineages of both East and West
to decree in their favor. These decrees are setting a legal precedent
for the ouster of the dark. Your present global legal system is based
largely on both Roman law and ancient tribal customs, and these form the
foundation of the current global system of statute law. This means that
those who sit at the very core of the legality of ancient statute law
are supporting this change of global governance.

This exciting development together with the imminent collapse of the
world’s economic system has put the cabal on notice that its protracted
reign is indeed coming to an end. The dark has long used these
just-cited instruments to establish legitimacy for the Pope’s
investiture of their dark rule. In effect, the foundation that gives
legitimacy to the Pope’s temporal rule is being removed; indeed, all
temporal pronouncements that are the basis for nation-state legitimacy
are now at risk. This seemingly simple maneuver is a sign to the dark
that its time to depart from its numerous power centers has arrived. The
dark has so far tried to ignore this, but the fact of this threat has
not escaped its notice. We are now assailing the cabal on several
fronts: economic, financial, legal; and we are confident that our
strategy will swiftly bring a close to the rule of terror that has
existed on your world for millennia.

You are now seeing numerous lawsuits being executed across your globe
as a result, in part, of what we have done. The fantastic amount of
debt has become, in effect, the dark’s executioner. In fact, this debt
can be legally removed once the new governance has taken charge. The
dark uses debt to browbeat the nations of your world and demand ever
more stringent austerity measures that are designed to create an
increasingly intolerable and entrenched state of tyranny. The sacred
decrees of AEON have stated time and again that it is time for action
and time for a new realm of Light to be manifested. What we are doing is
to bring into being what Heaven has mandated us to do. Our associates
have gathered around them a group of inspired individuals who are
breaking apart the dark and its unholy constructs, and preparing us to
move on toward full consciousness and a new reality for all.

Today we continued to inform you as much as possible, within the
discretionary constraints given to us, about the goings-on in your
world. The Galactic Federation has come to move your transitional world
forward with our help. Ponder on the immensity of what is afoot and
support those who are bringing you this new day for Gaia and for surface
humanity! Know, dear Ones, that the countless Supply and never-ending
Prosperity of Heaven are indeed Yours! So Be It! Selamat Gajun! Selamat
Ja! (Sirian for Be One! and Be in Joy!)

Thanks to:


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Herb Lady

Herb Lady
Thanks again!

Take care of the land and the animals and they will take care of you!

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Sure hope Sheldan is right....this transition can NOT come soon enough!

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