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Have Humans Outlived Their Oldest Ruins?

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Have Humans Outlived Their Oldest Ruins? UnexplainedMysteries-480x330

Mystery History

Published on Aug 5, 2018

Patreon: Facebook: Twitter: Steemit: Narration By Don Moffit: We feel, after vast, and in-depth research surrounding many of the oldest, ancient ruins upon earth, that many of these heavily eroded sites, were themselves built by highly advanced civilisations. This fact indicates to us that many more ancient ruins, must predate those which were built with such precision, that they have lasted the tests of time…. We have, on many occasions, covered ancient sites which clearly underwent more than one advanced building phase, sites that were clearly re-inhabited on more than one occasion, by groups who utilised such builds in order to flourish themselves, achieving a level of technological prowess which allowed them, to either build atop the advanced settlement they found themselves within, or with the great pyramids, capable of undertaking an enormous conservation effort, now seen in the form of the casing stones. Additionally, on many occasions, we have shared numerous perplexing ooparts, found littering the mines of earth, and indeed the coal seems within… A reoccurring date of around 300 million years attributed to many of these relics, any ruins from this same era, would have undoubtedly turned to dust by now. Just how old is human history here upon our earth? Due to academia’s requirement of producing books, filled with the so called perplexing answers for the sites you seek, any funded individual studying these now prehistoric places, will only ever attribute them to individuals, who have been studied in depth, these being the largely intact archaeological archaeological finds surrounding more modern inhabitations... Often conveniently overlooking any explanation of how these groups built such sites, in favour of bombarding you with lifestyle data, of their most conveniently well studied imposter. Has civilisation been flourishing and restarting here on our planet, far longer than any of us have been led to believe? Cappadocia for example within Turkey. We feel that this site is clear evidence of human civilisation, stretching far back into earths history, once a bustling city filled with ancient dwelling craved into the bedrock. This prehistoric site is eroding away in front of our modern eyes. Clearly created by a group of highly capable rock cutters, its true grandeur however, now lost to history. We feel that regardless of academic opinion there are countless sites around the world which tell the same story. That we as a species, have indeed outlived our own oldest ruins, It is a reality, we find, highly compelling.


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