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Alexander Higgins ~ NO Banker Bailout! Thousands Flood Madrid Spain Demanding Government Resigns

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Alexander Higgins ~ NO Banker Bailout! Thousands Flood Madrid Spain Demanding Government Resigns

Posted on October 9, 2012 by Gillian

Alexander Higgins | September 26 2012

Update October 8 2012 ~ Spain Protestors Evict Police Amid Wave Of Brutality

Protesters shout slogans during a demonstration outside Madrid’s Parliament, September 26, 2012. (Reuters/Sergio Perez)

Thousands of Spaniards have returned to Madrid’s Plaza de Neptune to
demand the government resign in protests against the latest banker
bailout austerity measures.
Protestors against harsh austerity measures in Spain to pay for banker
bailouts are demanding the government resign as the country teeters on
the brink of civil war.

For the second day thousands of protestors filled the streets
following yesterday’s wave of police brutality during which riot police
incited violence which was followed by the beating of protestors
including young girls and boys indiscriminately.

As police fired upon protestors surrounding congress some fought back after watching friends get beat.

The violence was also marked with police targeting journalists and smashing their cameras to cover up their criminal activity.

Watch Live: Massive Protests Following Yesterday’s Police Violence

As the protestor’s where joined by major unions today police engaged
in running street battles against the protestors while 15,000 workers
walked out off their jobs in Athens to join protestors firebombing riot
police there for the same reasons.

Here’s more from RT on the second day of riots in Spain:

Thousands of Spaniards have returned to Madrid’s Plaza de Neptune to
protest the latest, highly contentious wave of austerity measures,
following a violent police crackdown on Tuesday.

For the second day running, thousands of
demonstrators led by the so-called indignados, or outraged, descended on
the square – some 100 meters from Spain’s Congress building. Many in
the crowd chanted “government, resign!”while hoisting up placards bearing the slogan “No” in opposition to the country’s austerity program.

There was a tense standoff between
demonstrators and police, who have formed a security cordon around the
square. Police eventually yielded, as the protesters poured onto the
square amidst jubilant cheers.

Pamphlets have been circulating through
the crowd imploring those present not to repeat Tuesdays’s mistakes. The
tract implores those present not to provoke the police, giving them a
pretext to cripple the event, and has recommended a sit in protest.

Minor scuffles have periodically broken
out between protesters, though in each case they quickly were resolved
without police intervention.

The demonstrators are calling for new
elections, saying the proposal of deeper budget cuts proves the ruling
Popular Party has lost its legitimacy by failing to keep its promises.

The Bank of Spain said Wednesday that the country, where one in four faces unemployment, is in the grips of a deep depression.

Evictions have also skyrocketed across
Spain as thousands have failed to repay bank loans. Many protesters were
particularly enraged that the government was making cuts to health,
education and public sector salaries while pumping funds into the
country’s ailing banking sector to keep it afloat.

Clashes erupted Tuesday between protesters and police, who used batons and rubber bullets to disperse the crowd.

The violent protest led to 38 arrests and
64 injuries, including eight police officers. The growing tensions come
as the government is preparing a new round of austerity measures in its
draft budget for 2013 on Thursday.

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