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Ancient "UFO-Landing-Site" Found In Chile?

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1Ancient "UFO-Landing-Site" Found In Chile? Empty Ancient "UFO-Landing-Site" Found In Chile? on Wed Aug 08, 2018 10:47 am


Ancient "UFO-Landing-Site" Found In Chile? UnexplainedMysteries-480x330

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Mystery History

Published on Aug 7, 2018

Patreon: Facebook: Twitter: Steemit: Narration By Don Moffit: Many of the most astonishing ancient sites found here upon our planet, are often just the tip of an archaeological iceberg. Although millions of people flock to such sites as Teotihuacan, Chichen Itza, The Great Pyramids, etc each year, the actual enormity of the undertaking, that these sites indeed once were, is unfortunately overlooked… Walked upon yet ignored year after year. It is no secret, that to build the enormous steel and glass structures of today, a foundation of a similar size will be utilized. These foundations, allow for such gigantic weights to be placed upon these specific locations, and the sites of the past, are no different. Only ever truly appreciated from the air, these gigantic plateaus are all that is left, to allow one to accurately calculate the true size of these ancient monuments. The Giza Plateau for example, although rarely mentioned by Egyptologists, or indeed tour guides, is an area of flat sandstone, that has for many years, been argued as once having been man-made… Many factors go into such a hypothesis, the most important of which, being the realisation of the requirement, to build on this specific site, a realisation only in its early days, consisting of alignments with celestial pathways and indeed earths own energy grids, known in England as Ley Lines. Indeed, the perfectly flat, efficient vegetation barriers found within meso-American rainforests, are also still clear testament to the ancients past capabilities, and the vast undertaking these sites once were… Yet we feel, the most astonishing of these ancient plateaus, can be found in Chile. Predictably, like the many other clearly manufactured plateaus, it seems, this must also be argued as a natural formation... Known as El Enladrillado, it is an astonishing ancient site, located atop a 2300-metre-high basaltic mountain top. 233 megalithic stones, once masterfully placed in a geometric shape, forming an artificial ampitheater atop the mountain. Some of the stones being over ten tons in weight. Three enormous standing stones were found in the centre of the plateau, two were discovered to have been aligned with magnetic north, while a line through one of these and the third stone, points to the summer solstice. Interestingly however, UFO sightings and claims of other-worldly activity, is what the site is most famous for. “Many sightings of shining spheres going into water or wooded zones, without any human explanation,” In 2008, Chile’s tourism service brought UFO spotting into the mainstream by turning the site into the country’s first official UFO trail. Just what is going on at El Enladrillado? Who built such an enigmatic ancient site? Why did they choose to build it atop the mountain? And is there really a UFO connection yet to be unravelled? Clearly a bizarre plateau, that someone, at some point in history, went to tremendous effort in creating. Also the attempts to argue it away as a natural formation, are all factors we find, highly compelling.


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