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Out Of Mind » THE INSANITY OF REALITY » SCIENCE » Human Radio Frequency Tracking Deviced Approved by FDA

Human Radio Frequency Tracking Deviced Approved by FDA

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Hi all: Didn't know whether to post this in "conspiracy theories" or here in "Science, Energy and New Technology". This is a subject I brought up a few weeks ago, and now there is further information about a very ominous invasion of privacy looming in our not-too-distant future. Please read:

This article came from Generation America today. It is the conservative alternative to AARP. It's important that we be informed.

Now they can know who you are...

A few months ago rumors were circulating widely that Obamacare contained a provision for voluntary insertion of medical information devices in humans to track a person's medical history. People were concerned on a number of levels. However, it turns out that after the
Democrats drafted the original Healthcare bill, H.R. Bill 3200,[1] the provision for devices was deleted by Republicans prior to the final bill's submission.

However, the story on these devices didn't end with the deletion from H.R. 3200. The FDA continued its work in the area of RFIDs (Radio Frequency Identification Device), as detailed on the FDA website (dated May 31, 2012).[2]

All of a sudden, the CEO of the company developing these devices appears on the NBC Today Show demonstrating how RFID devices could be used in humans in a medical scenario.[3]

Finally, there are two versions of an RFID device now approved by the FDA. The first is an implant under the skin about the size of a grain of rice. In August of this year the FDA has approved an ingestible RFID device that is invisible and about the size of a grain of sand included in or on a pill.[4]

Let's face it, what was once science fiction is now reality. Skin implanted and invisible ingestible tracking devices will somehow be used in our healthcare system moving forward. How can it be avoided?

On one hand, how can any of us argue with the use of RFIDs? They can retain our medical history so that in an emergency, doctors can obtain vital information that can save our lives or prevent the use of treatments that could do us harm. This is all good news. Right?

However, if the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act remains the law, with the government responsible for delivering our health care, we will need to be extremely vigilant. Why do we suggest vigilance? Why was it in the bill in the first place? Watch the NBC You Tube video. The CEO of an RFID manufacturer stated that the chip contains your driver's license information, medical information AND it contains your personal financial information! Could this information be used to withhold treatment? Or other purposes we might think inappropriate? Since management of RFIDs were in the original H.R. 3200, why would the government want access to our individual medical history? Our driver's license? Our financial information? To withhold treatment? For statistical evaluation of treatment classes? Control? Death panels? The purpose was never explained.

We are not conspiracy theorist and know that instantaneous access to medical information in a time of crisis or emergency would be a real advantage. However, we also know that the totality of our personal information, if obtained by the wrong people or deemed accessible through new legislation, would be a giant blow to our personal freedoms granted and assured us by our founding fathers in the Constitution. If we lose the privacy to our medical and financial information, what do we have left?

We feel that as new technology is invented, there must be corresponding legislation that firmly protects our privacy and personal freedoms. We believe that although there could be a valid argument for an electronic system to maintain our medical information, there is no reason on Earth to store any of our personal or financial information in such a device. We know that the Statist and government control types (liberals) want as much control over our lives as possible. Be very wary of this new device. Keep your eyes open.

Let Us Know What You Think.

RFID Poll- Click Here!

It is your body and your history. If you think your friends will be interested in this topic, please be sure to pass this email along to them. We just want to Get Out The Truth. An informed populace usually makes the right decisions.


Article References

[1] HR3200 Bill Starts on Page 1000-Click Here

[2] FDA- Click Here

[3] NBC Video

[4] Article on Pill


Seb- Click-ons not operable,or available-Upon clicking on it, nothing happens? :scratch:


terbo56 wrote:Seb- Click-ons not operable,or available-Upon clicking on it, nothing happens? :scratch:
Sorry, terbo. I guess links only work from the original article. But at least you get the jist of it from the article itself.


Hey SEB! How you doing? Thanks for this article.

Ironically I was just reading an article about a group of school kids in LA, I think, that are being forced to wear an ID with a chip in it. This whole thing smacks of Big Broski!

It really is beyond time for all of us to take a stand.



Yes, Seb, I sure do- This has been mentioned about 3 years ago- I'm surprised that it finally came to light- I'm wondering if maybe this went viral-I really hope it does, and with any luck at all it will open up sleepy people's eyes,and maybe 'Yank' their heads out of the sand- One can only hope, right? :) ;)

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