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More Big Lies From Britain by Anna Von Reitz plus more

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More Big Lies From Britain

More Big Lies From Britain by Anna Von Reitz plus more Proxy?
By Anna Von Reitz

Today, this landed on my desk, in which the authors claim that the Birth Certificate Fraud is an American concept.
Au contraire.

It's a Babylonian concept brought forward into modern times by Benjamin Disraeli and Queen Victoria. Not the Americans.

We were merely the first innocent victims of it.

After they promoted an illegal commercial mercenary war on our shores Disraeli and the Queen compounded their infamy by using the British-backed Territorial United States to usurp our lawful government and secretively began draining our country dry to finance their war-mongering in India and elsewhere.

Your Monarchs are all criminals. And the Popes acting in the Office of Roman Pontiff were not a bit better.

So now that we have the history straight, let's get on with the actual work that needs to be done to put an end to the enslavement of the human race.

Thanks to:




To Our British, Aussie, and Canadian Friends

More Big Lies From Britain by Anna Von Reitz plus more Proxy?
By Anna Von Reitz

Be assured that the Birth Certificate Fraud was started in America by the British-backed Territorial United States and implemented by the British Crown with the full knowledge and approval of Queen Victoria and her Prime Minister, Benjamin Disraeli.

We have all been victims and we have all been victims together. The proof of the matter stands in the British public and private records of the time.  We were not the perpetrators. We were the first victims.

The object of dragging the old Babylonian Slave System out of the moth-balls was to finance the Raj in India and to promote the profitability of British agricultural investments in Africa and India. 

It goaded the members of Parliament that their textile industry was so largely dependent on American cotton, which despite the cost of shipping it all the way from America, was still less expensive than the Egyptian cotton the British government subsidized and invested in.

So there you have the reason that our country was subjected to a bitter and illegal commercial mercenary war, aka, "American Civil War"  promoted by Bar Members acting as Esquires of the British Queen and her cohorts in Westminster.  This was also the means and excuse by which the British Queen and the Lords of the Admiralty usurped our lawful government in Gross Breach of Trust. 

They simply substituted their British Territorial "States of States" for our Federal States of States using similar names deceits to fool the trusting people of this country, and thus, commandeered our lawful government. 

Four fingers are pointing back at Britain for all of this.  Not at the British people.  At the Queen and the Crown. And the Popes who, as Roman Pontiffs, assisted in all this criminality.

Since at least 1860, when Abraham Lincoln, a British Bar Attorney who was ineligible for public office in our actual government, took over as "President" of the incorporated British Territorial Government, all the bad things that the "Americans" and "the US" have been accused of are actually the fault of the British Government and the British Crown, instead.

They were using us as proxies, puppets, to do their bidding, carry their water, and pay their bills.  And now, thank God, they are exposed as the criminals they are and that part of history is finally becoming history.

We have been ruthlessly, shamelessly defrauded and enslaved by our own purported International Trustees --- and those same Trustees have then dishonored every other constitution and treaty in the western world in the same way.  After they pulled their sleight of hand with us, they betrayed their own people on their home islands and went on to rape and pillage Canada, Australia, New Zealand, South Africa, and every other member of the Commonwealth.

From there, they used our wealth and manpower to enslave the Indian Subcontinent, used our resources and manpower to promote the First World War and the Second.  They cast the seeds of "perpetual war" in the Middle East in order to guarantee their oilfield investments.

This is not in doubt.  They bragged about it.  They wrote it down.

They think they are so very special that they will never be caught and brought to task for what they have done to the rest of the world. 

You only help your own slave masters by mischaracterizing all this as an American problem or as the fault of "the US" --- when "the US" has been run as a proxy of the British Government for 150 years.

More than any other people on the face of the Earth the members of the former British Colonies need to wake up and join forces with their brethren still on the Home Islands to put an end to this Great Fraud ----- and we will say, Great Evil.

Without us and our manpower and our resources, Britain is nothing but a pile of rocks in the Atlantic sea, populated by an enslaved and down-trodden people who are laboring under six layers of taxation, invaded by foreign work forces, and helplessly trying to pin the blame for all this on someone or something other than their very own beloved Queen and Parliament and Lords of the Admiralty.

We have spent forty years researching these issues and we can tell you with great certainty and more than adequate documentation that the problem began in Britain and it needs to end there, too. 

We suggest that everyone begins by realizing that the Disraeli-Gladstone Debates were about more than giving working people a vote and that the attorneys among us have a quite different meaning attached to the word, "enfranchisement". 

We are not angry with the British people.  We have suffered the same scourge.  Our statement of the facts is not to blame the British people for the sins of their government, but to draw the world's attention to the facts, so that the facts may be dealt with.

It's an Old Chestnut that to solve a problem one must first realize that a problem exists, but it is well-worth restating here. 

Britain, not America, is accountable for the sins of "the US". 

Britain, not America, imposed the Birth Certificate Fraud on all of us, in Breach of Trust and via legal chicanery implemented by the British Crown.  

What we do from here on, is what counts.  We suggest that the people of Britain realize just how miserable they are and for how long they have suffered, and join with the rest of us to demand reform of their government.

Thanks to:




The War Against, Within, and Around the Church

More Big Lies From Britain by Anna Von Reitz plus more Proxy?
By Anna Von Reitz

The first thing you must realize about Satanism is that it is a religion --- it involves a complete belief system, involves worship of external deities, and anyone of any race or background can be subscribed to it.

This religion, Satanism, is older by far than Christianity. It was the state religion in the days of Noah, and its return was prophesied by Jesus when he said that in the Latter Days, it would be as in the days of Noah.

Satanism was the state religion of Sumeria and Babylon. It was this religion that Abraham sought to escape when he fled from Ur. It was this religion that ten of his great-grandsons returned to, thus becoming "lost" to the worship of the Hebrew God.

Satanism worships Death and Evil. Please notice that "death" spelled backwards is "htaed" and "evil" spelled backward is "live". In Satanism, everything is backward, including logic. 

A lie is a prayer to Satanists. Sex is a sacrament, especially perverted sex.

It is common among Satanists to trade their children as sex slaves to garner favor or money for themselves, and the children are brought up to think that this is all well and good.

As a result, their world is upside down and backwards from ours, a mirror image. A twelve-year old Satanist who has been raped regularly by his "Uncle" since he was nine, thinks nothing of offering his rump to a priest or anyone else. He just does what he is told by his parents or whoever else.

I say this to point out the extremities of the depravity that this whole system holds and the use of even very young children of both sexes as knowing prostitutes and seducers, well-practiced in sex of every sort, willing to do virtually anything anyone wants.

In the Old Days, many of those groomed in this way became official Temple Prostitutes. In order to be forgiven one's sins in this venal belief system, you have to have sex with a Temple Prostitute and pay handsomely for the "service". 

We still refer to "worship services" and "religious services" today.

The members of the "Lost" Ten Tribes went back to this religion and practiced it in Jesus' time, and it was to them he referred as literally "the synagogue of Satan". These same Satan-worshiping Israelites much later codified some of their practices and beliefs in the Talmud. Many of these Talmudic Israelites still later became bankers and brokers.

To this day, many bankers and many banking families are Satan worshipers. Satan is just another name for the horned "god" of the sea, Poseidon. There is very good reason to surmise that King Henry the Eighth succumbed to this religion, and that Elizabeth I followed it, too, and that ever since, various members of the British Royal Family have been devotees.

The Talmudic Israelite bankers are such snakes that they don't trust each other for banking services, and rely on Chinese and Muslim bankers instead.

The British are such snakes they depend upon the Scots and the Scots depend upon the French, the French depend upon the Popes and the Popes depend upon the Spanish.
And that's the way it goes.

So to finally get to the topic -- the current attacks and exposes against the Catholic Church began immediately after the Church took steps to rein in and clean up the banks. Immediately.
Does anyone think this is a coincidence?

Within a week of Benedict XVI moving against the banks, the first accusations of sexual abuse and sex crimes surfaced.

The Satanists are exposing their own victims within the Church --- men who were targeted, tempted, and overcome by lusts of one kind or another --- then used to do whatever the Satanists wanted done. Sex and blackmail. Sex and blackmail.

This is what the Satanists do, and it is largely all they have ever done to get and maintain power. The antidote is to not blink an eye-lash and not be shocked or distracted. Keep watching their little game, because that's what it is.

Their sex and blackmail ploy is an astonishingly simple gambit and it works an astonishing percentage of the time, especially among Christian leaders who cannot afford to be exposed as leeches and predators. When sex isn't enough, the Satanists add money to the pot. When sex and money don't do the trick, they try drugs and even such esoteric means as hypnosis and spells.

The relatively recent change that demands the Catholic clergy to remain celibate and solitary (1870's? Just about at the same time all this other Babylonian Slave System crappola was introduced) was a perfect Satanic set-up, both to make sure everyone in the Church leadership was physically deprived, and so that everyone else outside the Church would more readily believe that this deprivation led to gross and widespread sexual immorality.

No doubt it made the Satanists job easier, both to compromise many Church leaders, and to sell the idea of sex-starved priests molesting everyone.

It's evident that the bankers are selling out their victims, taking their revenge on men they purposefully compromised. I don't have to think twice about it. Do you? They are also accusing men they never succeeded in compromising, simply using the same dirty brush to paint everyone the same color.
They are trying to keep the attention focused on their victims and their victim's victims, so as to keep attention away from their own misdeeds and practices.

Just as they used the Church as a storefront --- like bookies operating out of a funeral parlor -- they are now seeking to use the Church's evils as a smokescreen to keep public attention focused away from the banks and the bankers and the politicians, too.

Don't fall for it.

If you let them, they will flip things around and have you believing that the Church was responsible for The Bohemian Grove and that your own Mother was a transvestite male.

As for me, I don't blink.

You could show me a picture of Pope Francis raping a pig and I wouldn't blink, because I would know where that photo was coming from and I would be keeping my attention on the snake, not the snake's victims.

Today, I heard the first whisper of what will be the Satanist's attempt to besmirch the entire Christian Church. Don't be deceived. Satanists always want us to blame the victims instead of the perpetrators---- for obvious reasons.

Keep digging, Campers, and look more closely at the accusers than at those accused.

I think Nuncio Vigano is an honest man. I think he is telling the truth with exactitude. I think he did tell Francis about Cardinal McCarrick's bad reputation and the punishment Benedict XVI imposed on McCarrick.

All of that is true, so far as it goes.

But the Nuncio and I both also know the cat-and-mouse game that goes on around the Catholic Confessional --- that Francis would have gone to McCarrick directly and privately and would have heard McCarrick's Confession, and that Francis's action going forward would be informed by what he heard in Confession.

Can the Pope tell us what he was told by McCarrick, so as to defend his own actions going forward?
We will never know what McCarrick told the Pope.

So once again, this is a classic Satanic logic trap. You use an honest man, the Nuncio, to tell the part of the Truth that he knows, in order to condemn a man, the Pope, who cannot reply and tell us the rest of the story.

Just like Satan telling Eve -- you won't die if you eat the fruit....

Well, at least not right away.....

So the real "story" here isn't about the Pope or McCarrick or the Nuncio, either. The real story is to be found in whoever pushed Nuncio Vigano to do this.

Thanks to:



I do believe Anna has lost the plot.

There so many inaccuracies in the above rant it questions whether the lady needs a holiday somewhere ( I would suggest London but it's so full of knife crimes and so forth I had better not)

Her basic belief as stated that the ruling class or layer are responsible for most of the crap at home and some abroad is not in dispute. That applies to most Governments today.

How many years since 1776 has America not been in or started a war?, was Vietnam a problem started in London or Paris?

Speaking of which the Scots suck up to any hostile to England state, they do not regard themselves as "british" yet some of the most callous acts carried out in the name of Empire where done by scots.

England needs scotland...WTHF

scotland has been depending on English money since they tried to build an Empire in America, they are great at doing all sorts of things...badly for the "british" to get the blame, Northern Ireland anyone?

This particular british snake has read enough of her latest mind vomit for a while.

"आप सिर्फ यह है आप नहीं था क्या मतलब है यह देखने के लिए किया था"


LOL I knew you would have something of value to add to her narrative bs4! Spot On! :)



Thank you Purpz

I read what Anna writes with interest, her legal experience and the reasons she posts articles containing knowledge for others to protect themselves is great.

Her Achilles Heel is anything that connects to the clowns " people of quality" as they used call each other

During the American civil war the Govt in London refused to release ships for the Southern states. Hardly a move for a Govt depending on cotton.

The real money spinner is earlier years was wool, until the industrial revolution which kick started all sorts of things so again Anna is writing inaccurate reports

A little like me saying all Americans eat burgers and weigh twenty tons.

When the truth of it I find Americans a decent bunch, and they produce girls that are pure eye candy

"आप सिर्फ यह है आप नहीं था क्या मतलब है यह देखने के लिए किया था"


Well bs4 we do have an infinite collection in the gene pools to produce all that 'eye candy'... however in all fairness, we don't have an exclusive hedge on that. There's all sorts of beauty all around this big blue ball.

'Tis better to be thought a fool,than to speak and remove all doubt.
     Love,Laughter & Prosperity...  :Santa 3: 


For sure, it's there for those who can step back and see it

"आप सिर्फ यह है आप नहीं था क्या मतलब है यह देखने के लिए किया था"

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