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Notes From The Event: Falling Forward Into Light

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Notes From The Event: Falling Forward Into Light

Everyone asks the same question. As many of you know, we post what we see and experience pretty much as soon as it happens. We assume a certain amount of flexibility in findings as the spiritual world has a much different (ha!) timeframe than we do. Much different.

In February, we saw that it was going to be warm at the time of The Event... so we thought it would be during this summer... which isn't over, yet... so we harassed looked as far ahead as we could (which is tough given the energies) one more time, and here's what some of us recently saw when we searched for additional Event timing cues:
M3: "I still see it being kind of warm; it feels like the time of year when it's warm during the day and cooler at night, like you need a sweater or jacket at night. I have smells I tie to seasons too, and it smells like autumn to me. Never thought of that before."

M4: "The (main) Event may have shifted on this timeline; at the time of The Event, I now see leaves starting to change -- and all the 'pumpkin' foods are coming out. It's still nice out, and we haven't have to break out jackets just yet. It could be this fall. It definitely didn't feel like the transition from spring to summer (which has a different smell). No, I'm tying it to that crispness in the air which was absent. Maybe this fall... or I guess it could be next fall, too."

M2: "I think the red and blue teams and "fighting swirls" I saw around the time of The Event could be republican and democrat boundaries or conflicts... the political mess and midterm election is somehow going to propel (and even welcome) phases of The Event... just a thought. But with all the timeline jumping, it could happen a hundred different ways, depending on what's best for you. Or it might come down to one track or another. Too many variables. I just now got that timeline idea and asked if it was to take place as a sudden timeline cut-in, and I saw emphatic nodding. So... it could happen at any time! Arrg."

M5: "Given all the timeline jumping, this "Event" actually feels more and more like a million little steps getting us to our final destination. It is literally happening all the time, now."

M2: "Closer to The Event, I was supposed to have fearlessly faced the TWBs (which I've done), and then try to help them with their SOURCE connection (which I've done), and then finally the Crossing of The River. We're just 'waiting on the riverbank,' now. So close."

AM: "When it (The Big Event) happens, you'll feel this huge SHIFT, like you're filled with light. It will be undeniable. Now we just have to wait and watch the show... till The Big Show starts. As I mentioned in an earlier comment, the timeline shuffling we're seeing is an excellent sign. It means that things are going very very well, that people are waking up, that light is winning hugely -- and that because of this, SOURCE is collapsing past and future timelines, timelines that are no longer needed as things get better and better and better. This brings The Event ever nearer, MORE QUICKLY than before... while everything goes crazy all around us. But things are happening perfectly. Don't forget to breathe."
We also saw a HUGE, ugly kerfuffle around the time of the November elections... but this might be only on the 3d "justice" timeline... or it might happen on all timelines. We just don't know, as timelines shift daily. It could happen sooner. We're concentrating on being on the SOURCE timeline (SOURCE knows which one that is). Besides the timeline jumpage, we've also noted some "removals" and clean-up... but we're not sure of what. Or of whom. We might start to see a bunch of the cabal going bye-bye as they take the easy way out... which brings to an important point.


PLEASE NOTE: For those of a negative mindset who are having problems with the changes and energies... according to universal spiritual rules, suicide is the WORST thing you can do. This act throws all your soul/lifetime agreements out the window and forces you not just to redo the life you tossed aside, it creates a massive karma train that takes lifetimes to resolve, lifetimes of pain and suffering just to get you BACK to where you are now, so you can deal with making a better choice. Make a better choice NOW. If you're suffering, then dealing with pain and suffering is part of your lesson. You must deal with it. So.. deal with it. We're speaking to those who think they can't take it, anymore -- or who are afraid of what might be done to them if they stay. Like they say, take it a day at a time. Take it an hour, a minute at a time if you have to, but do the work. You can take it. You can do it. You're a spiritual being here to learn, so... don't quit... learn.

As M5 said, The Event is happening right now... in fits and starts. We've also been told (repeatedly) that we're *not* supposed to be looking ahead for a big "pay-off" Event, or staring at meters looking for which way the wind is blowing -- it's blowing -- no, we're supposed to be working on getting ourselves OUT of this 3d Pooh costume and closer to SOURCE. Get that zipper in the back, would ya, Maurice...?

THIS... is not "The Event"... but you never know.

Thanks to:


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