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“Do rh negatives have superpowers?” plus more

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“Do rh negatives have superpowers?” plus more Rhesus-negative

“Do rh negatives have superpowers?”

 Mike Dammann September 3, 20181

This is one of the many questions I am getting where I have to reply with a question:
Do YOU have “superpowers”?
If the answer is “no”, why would you feel the need to ask if others do or rather assume they are telling the truth when making such claim?
Have you seen someone who is rh negative change the TV channel with their minds?
I am in awe over the insecurity so many are showing where they blindly believe someone and then feel bad they are not able to do what those people claim.
It isn’t so much that I can tell what is and isn’t. But I can go by people’s behavior. If you claim something without offering proof, I disregard it. And so should everyone.
When referring to “superpowers”, it’s not difficult to detect the approach here. It is to lure people into feeling so special, they stop questioning what is being presented to them. They suddenly become empowered and don’t want to lose that fake feeling. It is similar when “starseed” theories are shown. Feeling different is not a bad thing. Feeling different based on something fake is very bad. Letting someone else tell you what you can and should be able to do is even worse.
1) Do rh negatives have a higher IQ?
Yes, but only if…
2) Are rh negatives more intuitive?
Test for yourself. How did you score?

3) Are we more likely to experience Electromagnetic Sensitivity?
It’s possible.
4) Can we recognize when someone else is rh negative?
I can. Can you?
5) Are we different?
I have no doubt. Physiologically and psychologically .
6) Are animals and children drawn to us?
They are to me. How about you?
7) Do we have “royal blood”?
There is no such thing. Royalty is man-made. We are talking about science.

Should I go on?
First tell me your definition of “superpower”. Just as I have defined the true meaning of “intuition”. We cannot communicate when we define terms differently. And don’t let anyone create boxes for you to think in. Be brave. Voice YOURSELF. And if you are too afraid to do so, at least don’t hide in someone else’s box expecting the package to define its content… YOU.

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Chinese Black Market pays $2,900 for Rh- Blood

 Mike Dammann September 3, 20180

“Do rh negatives have superpowers?” plus more Rh-negative-blood-is-very-rare-in-china
What is more precious than a human life?
And this is what we have to learn in the west.
You would think that in the west with high rh negative frequencies, blood shortages don’t exist.
But they do.
Apparently there is a black market in China paying big bucks for rh negative blood.
Because there is no organization or government help to ensure every rh negative will be taken care of when a donation is needed.
So what is the solution?
We have to take care of each others.
If you ever need blood in an emergency situation, you can contact us via WhatsApp and we will do what we can to help find you someone in your region.
Don’t let this happen to you:

Xie, in Shanghai, recalled an unsuccessful attempt to save the life of a 7-year-old girl with leukemia. Having received a phone call from the girl’s mother, he immediately started looking for donors. Eventually, he contacted a suitable volunteer, but the man was on a business trip to Henan province in Central China. Desperate to help, the volunteer concluded his trip, flew back to Shanghai and rushed to the hospital. Unfortunately, the girl died just as he arrived.
“Many of the volunteers were sleepless that night. The volunteer who flew back even blamed himself for taking the trip,” Xie said.

Others have been lured away by money. Trading in blood is illegal under Chinese law, but “black” collection and supply agencies still exist. According to Xie, 400 cc of rhesus negative blood can fetch more than 20,000 yuan ($2,900) on the black market.
See the post: Donor shortage threatens rare-blood carriers

“Do rh negatives have superpowers?” plus more Rh-negative-people-on-whatsapp People with Rhesus Negative Bloodtype is now on WhatsApp. Click this link if you are interested in joining. And invite those you know to be rh negative as well!

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