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Drain The Vatican Swamp: Make Humans Great Again

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Drain The Vatican Swamp: Make Humans Great Again

Posted on September 4, 2018 by Doreen Agostino  

Pope Francis Caught in the Act of Prelate VIP(s) Pedophilia Cover-up (Video)

Gives Code To The CIA’s Mockingbird Media That He Desperately Requires Their Protection

Pope’s first reaction was to declare silence on the matter because he had absolutely no defense

The Millennium Report
The video posted below captured Pope Francis’s first reactions to the bombshell report that he quite intentionally covered up the Pedogate crimes of senior prelates both in the Vatican and in Washington, D.C.
What makes the Roman Pontiff’s statements (See 3 screenshots above) so remarkable is that he was forced to make them because he truly has no defense.  In other words, Francis is stone-cold guilty of the charges levied against him by Carlo Maria Viganò, the Apostolic Nuncio to the United States from 19 October 2011 to 12 April 2016.
Because Pope Francis has no defense whatsoever, there’s really nothing he can say that will vindicate himself, hence he issued no response to the proven allegations.  In light of this unparalleled papal predicament, the Pope could only rely on the Mainstream Media to cover for him and the Gay Mafia in the Vatican.
Please read each statement above carefully and see how the Pope is using special code in asking for the media’s assistance.  He knows that’s the only way out of his unprecedented pederasty mess, if there is even a way out for him.  Without the MSM defending him every step of the way from this point forward, his pontifical reign is effectively over.  Truly, Pope Francis Is Finished!
Now here’s the video:

For a more in-depth understanding of what really went on in the Vatican under Francis’ highly misguided stewardship, the following exposé clearly delineates all the key data points.  Clearly, the Pope got caught up in a mess of his own making and is now pleading with the MSM to save him from certain termination of his tenure.

PAPAL PEDOGATE: An Epic Scandal Consumes the Vatican and Incriminates Pope Francis

That Francis would even solicit the aid of the ever-prevaricating Mainstream Media is quite the story, in and of itself.  He knows their ultra-liberal sympathies align with his extreme’ left-wing Jesuit sentiments and he can therefore rely on their total support…up to a point, that is.
However, there’s just one little problem with this highly flawed approach.  The Pope himself is dealing with a super-hot button issue which is so extremely radioactive the MSM will be very reluctant to touch it with a trillion mile pole.  Why so?  Because the media talking heads and print journalists will then appear to be covering up (and condoning) both high-level pedophilia and VIP pederasty in the Church.


This rapidly burgeoning scandal — Papal Pedogate — is now so dangerous it threatens to take down anyone associated with it.   Hence, the MSM corporate suits will tread very carefully before they wade into these shark infected waters.
As for the Pope, he’s on his own going forward.  There’s no question that Francis is way out of his league and that he shouldn’t even be there.  But then the New World Order globalist cabal that installed him didn’t count on a Donald Trump victory, and especially not a Hillary Clinton defeat.
Furthermore, the nationalist revolution has since gone global with Brexit and many other patriot politicians being elected all over the place.  Pope Francis is even surrounded by them in Italy where a nationalist alliance has taken back the government from the EU technocrats and other NWO toadies.  All of the unforeseen developments in the aggregate have made life exceedingly miserable for the Pope.  And things will only get worse for his whole tribe of globalists as long as Trump is POTUS.
The Millennium Report
September 3, 2018
Editor’s Note
Should the reader want to undertake more research into the transgressions committed by this Pope, please consult this link. MUST READ: Ex-Nuncio Accuses Pope Francis of Failing to Act on McCarrick’s Abuse
There is another quite revealing article concerning the same whistleblowing Archbishop here: Viganò reveals what really happened when Pope Francis met privately with Kim Davis
From Doreen

Somethings to think about …

What if POPEGATE is a signal for individuals to communicate directly with Infinite Creator of All That Is, Was and Ever Can Be?
What if POPEGATE is a signal for humans to unite and end evil acts against innocent children by the rich and powerful?
False light manipulates people, events, and circumstance to further their agenda and erode human rights and freedom,possible only through consent of the people a.k.a. problem, reaction, solution.
Be vigilant so false light does not leverage POPEGATE to usher in the anti-christ one world religion … under their new world order.
Remember it’s all about consent. Please inform others. Thank you.
Doreen Ann Agostino
Without Prejudice and Without Recourse

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