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Out Of Mind » GALACTIC AWARENESS » BLOOD TYPE ~ RH NEGATIVE ORIGINS UNKNOWN » “Were the Neanderthals rh negative?”

“Were the Neanderthals rh negative?”

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1 “Were the Neanderthals rh negative?” on Sun Sep 09, 2018 11:58 am



“Were the Neanderthals rh negative?”

 Mike DammannSeptember 9, 20180

I will continue answering questions as I see them. On this blog, many studies have been shared and posted. But I have also realized that people want specific answers to their questions. I have ignored some as they seemed far too out there. I didn’t think bringing it up again would benefit anyone. But now I have come to realize that the time is right to address them.

If any of the questions I am posting make no sense, it is because I have decided to post them as I receive them and then correct the wording within the post if and as needed.
So far I have answered:
Can rh negative blood be cloned?

Are we really living lie detectors when so many of us believe something even when the question is wrong in the form it is asked. You cannot “clone blood” to begin with. You can however clone the Nucleic acid segments or genes or possibly the expression of proteins.
Of course, blood cannot be cloned. The way this question has been asked is leading you down the wrong road of thought to begin with.

Do we come from aliens?

Are rh negatives more attracted to stories about us being “special”?
No one has offered evidence of course. But it appears that after years of hearing about it, even some of the more intelligent rh negatives begin to think there is something to it. As far as I am concerned, there is nothing to it.
I am also examining human behavior and conditioning. It seems that the more people hear something, even without proof, the more they consider it. And then there seems to be a need to feel special. I personally cannot feel special when I believe that the feeling is based on a lie. Which is why I continue writing about this. Even though that whenever I post something like this, several people take themselves off our page and unsubscribe on this blog. But how about rh negatives being human lie detectors? Doesn’t an alarm go off when someone shares an alien video in some group you have been added to?
Were the Cherokees rh negative?

Out of all the Cherokees considered “pure”, none in the studies examined were rh negative.
No. Among those considered pure Cherokees, rh negative blood was absent. Many of you have Cherokee ancestry and are rh negative. But it seems the reason for that is most likely mixing with early settlers of Irish and Scottish ancestry.
Are Blackfoot Indians high in rhesus negative blood?

The Blackfoot Confederacy or Niitsitapi (ᖹᐟᒧᐧᒣᑯ, meaning “the people”[note 1]) is the collective name of three First Nation band governments in the provinces of Saskatchewan, Alberta, and British Columbia, and one Native American tribe in Montana, United States. The Siksika (“Blackfoot”), the Kainai or Kainah (“Many Chiefs”), and the Northern Piegan or Peigan or Piikani (“Poor Robes”) reside in Canada; the Southern Piegan/Piegan Blackfeet or Pikuni are located in the United States.
Doesn’t look like it. But Blackfoot are unusually high in blood type A. Which is interesting on its own and spurs interest in looking what different groups all over the world with high type A frequencies might have in common. To name a few: The Saami of Lappland, Armenians, Japanese, Australian Aboriginals and the Andaman Islanders.
Can rh negatives change electrical frequencies?

If you believe you can change electrical appliances, don’t tell me about it unless you have proof. Contact James Randi (The Amazing Randi) whose 1-Million-Dollar-Challenge might provide you with a major payday should you be able to show your abilities in a supervised setting.
Not that I know. Nobody who made the claim has offered proof. But it could be that we are more sensitive and therefore EMS may be more common among us.
Are rh negatives more intelligent?

Differences in nonverbal (WMT) and verbal (OTIS) intelligence between Toxoplasma-infected and Toxoplasma-free RhD-positive and RhD-negative subjects.

If infected with Toxoplasma gondii, it seems so. What may that indicate?
Are people with albinism higher in rh negative blood?

People with albinism appear to have similar blood type frequencies as the controls.
Not that I have seen. I have reached out to the owner of the number 1 Albinism network on Facebook and he has asked his members for their blood types on my behalf.
Are rh negatives more likely to be left-handed?

This is not an official study. But it may lead towards one.
I have asked this question on the fanpage. And of course, this is not an official study. But I have noticed quite a few people answering that they are left-handed. Again: Not an official study. But there seems to be some indication that there could be something to this.
Are rh negatives more likely to have red or reddish hair?

Although red hair is an almost exclusively northern and central European phenomenon, isolated cases have also been found in the Middle East, Central Asia (notably among the Tajiks), as well as in some of the Tarim mummies from Xinjiang, in north-western China. The Udmurts, an Uralic tribe living in the northern Volga basin of Russia, between Kazan and Perm, are the only non-Western Europeans to have a high incidence of red hair (over 10%). So what do all these people have in common? Surely the Udmurts and Tajiks aren’t Celts, nor Germans. Yet, as we will see, all these people share a common ancestry that can be traced back to a single Y-chromosomal haplogroup: R1b.
Yes. Not only red or reddish hair, but also wavy hair.
Are rh negative people more intuitive?

First of all, we need to attempt to properly define “intuition”. We probably won’t be able to. But whatever we come up with might be a lot better than the box we have allowed ourselves to be seduced into.
I can give you a “guess”. But I’d rather give you a test.
Can rh negatives recognize each other?

Does talking with other rh negatives give you a strong sense of familiarity? Like we are from “the same long-lost people”?
I can. So can others. Can you?
Can rh negatives get HIV/AIDS?

Could it be that rh negatives are simply more careful in terms of protecting themselves from HIV/AIDS?
Yes. Are we less likely to? Seems like.
Do left-handed women die younger?

Am I being too fast? I figure if it turns out being left-handed is more common among rh negatives, it cannot hurt to go a step further in order to capture what is needed to be researched further.
An older study seems to indicate such. But what we need is more recent studies. Do you have any?
Do O negatives rarely get cancer?

If you try to deceive people, at least be somewhat clever about it.
Wrong. It’s quite the opposite. I am baffled that there are so many rh negatives who actually are considering something when there is absolutely not even an attempt to prove it. If anything, there is an increased cancer risk for rh negatives as I have frequently discussed.
Were the Cro-Magnons Rh Negative?

Another day, another claim. Where is the proof?
We do not know yet. But all studies are invited for examination.
Do rh negative women have a higher sex-drive?

It’s not just a myth. Rh negative women and women with red hair tend to have higher sex-drives. Could that mean rh negative men and men with red hair are more passive in that regard? It’s all about balance.
This seems to be the case.
Are rh negatives more likely to suffer from allergies?

Other than a higher lactose tolerance, rh negatives appear to test worst for allergic reactions to food items.
Yes. Especially food allergies.
Is rh negative blood copper-based?
This also represents the value which should be put on such a claim.
There are minimal amounts of copper in everyone’s blood. Various health problems can disrupt normal copper levels. This can cause you to have too little copper (copper deficiency) or too much copper (copper toxicity).
There is no proof or indication that rh negatives carry more or less copper in their blood than rh positives.
Were most U.S. Presidents rh negative?

Jimmy Carter was known to be a regular blood donor, even while he was President. His blood type is A negative.
Out of the living Presidents, we know that Jimmy Carter, Bill Clinton, Barack Obama and Donald Trump are rh negative. So was Gerald Ford (A-). Former Presidential Candidate John McCain was as well. There are however reports surfacing that John F. Kennedy and Ronald Reagan were in fact blood type O positive. Despite of that, the frequency of rh negatives among U.S. Presidents appears to be unusually high.
“Are rh negative people Jewish?”

MtDNA K remains the strongest link between the original Basque settlers and the ancient Hebrews.
This question requires some major re-wording. It would be best to ask if there is a connection and more than anything if Basques and ancient Hebrews share a common ancestry. The answer to both is “yes”. The link will send you to deeper details.
Can you think of any other question?
Let me know and I will address it.
So let’s move on to the Neanderthals:
Genetic characterization of the ABO blood group in Neandertals by Carles Lalueza-Fox, Elena Gigli, Marco de la Rasilla, Javier Fortea, Antonio Rosas, Jaume Bertranpetit and Johannes Krause has only shown that the Neanderthal specimens examined were likely blood type O, but could have been AO or BO. Rh factor was not indicated.

I have previously requested information from the Max Planck Institute.
The Altai and Denisova cave specimens examined were rh +/+. And it was determined that indeed they are Neanderthal and not Denisovans.

Does this mean that all Neanderthals were exclusively rh positive?
Neanderthals were diverse, so it could have been that certain tribes were high in rh negative blood. But there is no proof and the initial claim came from the same individual stating that “O negatives rarely get cancer”. But it is important to examine every claim individually and not immediately dismiss it due to lack of the messenger’s credibility.
At the time of writing this blog post, I have already contacted the ones who have determined O presence in the Neanderthals in Spain, but am awaiting a response. If you beat me to it and get this information first, please be so kind to share it on this blog.
If anyone asks you regarding any of the claims mentioned in here, feel free to send them the link. It beats running around in circles and misinforming one another.

Thanks to Mike at:


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