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Don’t Believe Them – People Are Beautiful!

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Don’t Believe Them – People Are Beautiful!

Wednesday, October 10th, 2012. Filed under: Activism Consciousness Inspiration New World Order Orwellian World Spirituality The Awakening

Don’t Believe Them – People Are Beautiful! Pg-22-kindness3-ap1

by Zen Gardner

This isn’t said enough when it should be healthily swimming in the public perception.

People are amazing, wonderful, beautiful and fantastic….and all at the same time!

Don’t believe the mass media bullshit. If your negativity and
cynicism have the best of you, stop yourself and others from listening
to the media, their phony headphones and violent music, TV and video
games, their implants, induced thoughts, and their conditioning.

Humanity is essentially good. We are not predominantly driven by
sex, money, aggression, hatred and self preservation. Screw the social
engineers. Contrary to what we’re being shown and told via our
manipulated media we are wonderful and amazingly free and loving!

Our passion is to love and appreciate the wonderful people in our
lives and those coming in to our lives! And bask in awe at our
wonderful, however attacked, beautiful environment while exploring the
never ending infinite worlds of consciousness!

Most of all our impulse is to care….and that’s what they’re trying to shut down!

Don’t Believe Them – People Are Beautiful! Loving-people

People Rock!

Look what humans do! They give birth to and sacrificially and
lovingly raise and nurture families. They don’t kill and abuse them,
they love them! They strive to make a better planet work in unison with
their needs in utmost respect for their surroundings. They show
compassion in the face of suffering, the help their fellow man when it’s
within their power.

They naturally, instinctively care for each other!

That is the heart cry of true, really true, connected humanity. And that’s the vast majority.

Despite everything we’re being bombarded with, you and I are
beautiful creations. Sure there’re plenty of challenges and even
outright given-over bad folks, but that’s the exception, not the rule
like they make it out to be!

Don’t Believe Them – People Are Beautiful! Soldier1

Just imagine the pain on both sides…he’s probably a young father…
People Are Naturally Loving

Sorry to pop some people’s media induced bubbles but people are good.
Of course there’re all kinds and exceptions (heavily exacerbated by
the oligarchs) but the great predominance is loving, humble and
wonderful people.

It’s the NON-people, the invading control freak psychopathic
unfeeling slavish lords of darkness that screw things up. And the
sleeping need to wake the hell up that they exist and to what’s being
done to their heads.

After all, what does this bombardment of the ugly self image do? It
makes people believe it’s real and therefore mimic it! Our swallowing of
this media portrayal brings their ugly, carefully sculpted anti-human
plan to life.

Don’t comply!

Our resistance is imperative and we need to tell the others that
they’re being programmed to be, and see, ugly humans when they are NOT!

Want a perfect illustration? The zombie phenomenon. They’re branding
us at an even LOWER level, believe it or not. If we’re not terrorists,
any other so called deviant activity or response will be considered
other-worldly! And THAT’s been programmed through horror movies and
their burgeoning vampire craze.

And sex? Talk about debasement. Disgusting dehumanization in full display.

Don’t Believe Them – People Are Beautiful! Ugly-face-534x640

The power drunk manipulator in stone….
The Ugliness Is Them, Not Us!

The media mogul bastards are giving all of us a bold-faced lie…and
have been working hard at it a long time. And the more people believe it
the more they’ll morph. Zombie parties and media exaltation of such
case in point.

Sure, there are problems and deviants, but how many degraded families
and people do you know? Of course there are issues, but c’mon! It’s
easy to tear down and criticize and assume the worst when that’s the
trendy thing.

What does the fear mongering media report? Death, murder, insane
sensational behavior and anything negative, violent, weird and debasing.

Take a hint …we need to wake the hell up.

Damn Them. And Beware.

It’s deliberate. We’re in a bizarro upside down world of the
oligarchs’ making, and it’s wrong, wrong, wrong. Watch your every step.
And especially your mind and attitude! You’ll slip into a funk before
you know it and you’ll be thinking like them and not even realize it. It
manifests in hate, confusion, negativity, judgementalism, cynicism and

And hopelessness.

If you stay in their vibe you’ll feel the same hate, rage and
thoughts of violence that they do. That’s their frequency. That’s their

Stay on your toes. Love and conscious, aware positivity takes some
doing many times. Learning to spot these negative symptoms helps you
snap out of their trance.

Be aware, and be bold about it.

Don’t Believe Them – People Are Beautiful! Ok


Don’t Believe Them – People Are Beautiful! Child_amputated_arms1

The Great Mind-Numbing Contradiction They’ve Foisted Upon Us

Here we have in our society this surface “oh-so-caring” child
nurturing veneer. Marketers use it to pull on our hearts with drives for
children’s hospitals, breast cancer awareness, innocent baby care and,
of course, their pharmaceutical love for the sick.

The “bleeding hearts” are all over children and cancer and pink stuff
and races and blah blah blah. Again, like religion, channeling the
people’s genuine care into pointless causes that are engineered.

And what do they actually do? Murder innocent children by the
millions worldwide, starve nations of unwanted indigenous peoples,
sterilize millions with genetically altered food and enforced vaccines
and generally poison and beat down all of humanity into chemical and
biological submission.

Are you falling for this scam in any way, shape or form? Because it’s pretty damn clever and pervasive!

The globalist instructed and driven Amerikan military machine alone
has massacred innocent children around the globe for decades. Over 500
thousand in Iraq alone whom Madeleine Albright wickedly called
“necessary and justified” years ago. Besides that think of the
disgusting pogroms of Russia, Armenia, Cambodia, China, the World Wars,

We’re talking sick, sick sick.

They’re playing chess with human lives for entertainment and control while laughingly playing on our weaknesses.

Need I say more?

Don’t Believe Them – People Are Beautiful! See-the-good_n

So? What then?

Love each other. Learn to see the good and avoid the ugly being
shoved in your face. I’ve been guilty of this getting to me and it’s
become a real alarm bell for me. I hope it will be for you too. It’s not
easy in this environment.

As you take it apart you realize how insidious their vibe and techniques are.

They declared war on us a long time ago.

Time to bring the battle to them by shutting down any and all
connections to these bastards and reversing the flow. And helping others
realize the seriousness of our predicament and learn to take personal
action by checking our attitudes, thoughts and intentions. Right actions
will follow.

One day it was a time for real town hall meetings. Now it’s a time
for radical conscious awareness practice in our virtual community.

Love always,


P.S. Do not miss David Icke’s “spiritmark” event on October 27th that’s now going to be streamed on line. [HERE]

It’s more than a talk, it’s a consciousness convergence, and you can
participate as mightily as you want. Some very powerful things are going
to go down, and up, that day…be a part of it! Make a difference by
contributing your energy!


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