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Out Of Mind » PERCEPTUAL AWARENESS » POWER TOOLS » NEW MOON UPDATE 10-15-12 – by Patricia Liles

NEW MOON UPDATE 10-15-12 – by Patricia Liles

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NEW MOON UPDATE 10-15-12 – by Patricia Liles

Posted on October 12, 2012

Written by Patricia Liles
Contact her at

Libra New Moon ~ Sun and Moon at 22º
October 15, 2012 6:03 AM MDT
(October 15, 2012 12:03 PM Greenwich Mean Time)

Well, let’s take our astrological pulse since Full Moon on September
29, a mere two weeks ago. We survived probably the most challenging
Full Moon of the year with those two Grand Squares putting pressure on
our resistances and urging us into the dark places. Saturn made a major
sign shift into Scorpio that will be the source of our karmic teachings
for the next two years. Let’s look at the significance of Saturn
taking on a new theme/sign. Saturn likes to show us where we are bound
by our obligations and family responsibilities, where we are blocked by
our fears and inadequacies, where we lack discipline and focus…. where
we need to show up and take our medicine and stop whining if we want to
move our life down the road. Scorpio teaches about empowerment,
transformation, death and rebirth, desire, especially through deep
psychological issues, and often expressed in arenas involving sex, money
and elimination.

What significance and power will Saturn in Scorpio wield? And what
role will it play? For one, at the beginning of its term, Saturn is
joining Pluto in a special relationship called mutual reception (I’m in
your house and you’re in mine). In the natural zodiac, Saturn rules
Capricorn, while Pluto rules Scorpio, but at this time they are
switching it up and they are in each others signs – Pluto is now in
Capricorn and Saturn has just moved into Scorpio. This mutual reception
magnifies their power and ability to work cooperatively. As a result,
we will most likely feel an intense yearning for a transformative
experience that will free the energy trapped and stale in the back of
our psychological closets. We want more at this time – more change in
our lives, more direction. There’s a desire to manifest in our physical
reality the desires and visions we see in our hearts and minds.
Shaking up the status quo and taking risks for more power is exactly the
territory patrolled by Pluto and Scorpio. We have to take our energies
out of the old structures and build links and webs of working together
in creative ways. People born with Saturn in Scorpio in late 1982
through 1985 are experiencing their first Saturn return and the late
1952 to 1955 people are in their second Saturn return. Astrological
adulthood is upon the first group, and recognition and reaping what they
have sown is coming to the 60 year olds.

Okay, so Saturn in Scorpio will be in mutual reception with Pluto,
but in addition, it’s forming a long-lasting and powerful, water Grand
Trine with Neptune/Chiron and Ceres. The combination of all the water
signs working harmoniously together will support our emotional bodies
and lend a sense of ease and relief and provide a measure of emotional
security and nurturing after this past period of growth and energetic
expansion since the eclipses in May. It’s a continuing influence
through the end of November right through the next eclipse pair in mid
and late November, so take advantage of the wonderful support and
emotional nourishment available now (I guess we’re looking a little
parched after all the changes we’ve seen recently). We will feel it
again in June-July of 2013 as Jupiter and then Mars in early Cancer
enters this Grand Trine pattern. This current Grand Trine focused on
Saturn and Neptune in water signs will also help us in the deep work of
forgiveness and detachment to be free of the past and live more fully
our realization of ourselves as an expression of Great Spirit. As we
live more fully as Spirit, we raise our frequency and everyone around us

Ceres, representing The Mother Goddess energy of the Harvest in all
her forms (Isis, Rhea, Tara), is in the link position between the
ongoing, collective energy of the Saturn/Uranus square and the release
and support of the Grand Water Trine. The Mother Goddess also has
dominion over the mysteries of fertility and the journey to the realms
of the underworld, the great return and consequent rebirth. This New
Moon energizes us to eliminate and discard the old in any form – some
physical form, and take tangible steps to transform our lives to support
our emotional bodies, and embrace the grief and loss that initiate
rebirth and renewal.

2012 has been a series of events that has kept the pedal to the metal
to help us increase the amount of energy we can hold and learn to be
comfortable with. It doesn’t end in December 2012; it just establishes a
new base line for the planet, our bodies, and our evolution as a
species. Where before we were focused on the Sun as the center of our
Solar System, now we are focused on the center of our Milky Way galaxy
and responding consciously to the energies emanating from that source.

10/22 Sun moves into Scorpio

10/29 Full Moon in Taurus 1:49 PM MDT

11/04 Daylight Savings Time ends

11/13 New Moon in Scorpio, Solar Eclipse 3:08 PM MST

11/28 Full Moon in Gemini, Lunar Eclipse 7:46 AM MST

Written by Patricia Liles.
Contact her at
Thanks to:


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