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Hand-Prints Melted Into Solid Stone In Wyoming?

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Mystery History

Published on Sep 16, 2018

Support Our Fight Against Academic Fallacies: Patreon: Facebook: Twitter: Steemit: Narration By Don Moffit: Cave paintings and Petroglyphs, are undoubtedly some of the oldest, and most interesting artworks found anywhere on earth. Some of these artworks, found within the unforgiving terrain of the great out back within Australia for example, have been dated at well over 10,000 years old. Illustrations in ochre, that show many of the animals our distant ancestors loved or hunted, along with many other forms of artistic creation. Like a time capsule allowing us to travel back, to peak into the minds of ancient man. Although these ancient artworks, are undoubtedly important to our understanding of ancient man, there exists a number of other petroglyphs, that are considerably different to these primitive achievements. Found within the white mountain of Wyoming, there are a number of petroglyphic carvings, that were seemingly made with nothing else, than our ancestors’ hands…. These deep set hand prints, were somehow left within solid sandstone, as if created by softening the rocks with their minds, hands, or possibly voices alone… How did an ancient people manage to create these marks? Did our ancient ancestors somehow figure out how to soften stone? There are many sites all around the world, which possess similarly enigmatic marks, were they were left by individuals capable of softening stone? Or possibly left upon the stones while not fully formed? As far as modern man is aware, to melt or soften stone requires immense heat, that which is usually only found within the centre of the earth, or indeed the lava flows which spew forth from its core. One interesting theory regarding the possible softening of stones, created far back within antiquity, was initially discovered still been surviving within the minds of locals, who surround the ancient sites within Peru. Most notably Sacsayhuaman. A theory put forward to explain the shaping of stones within the fortress, recorded as a local legend by the first explorers of these sites. Percy Fawcett, as well as Hiram Bingham, who actually rediscovered Machu Picchu, noted that it was a liquid derived from plants, which was apparently known to the ancients to turn stone soft. In fact, in 1983, a Catholic priest attested to using the technique, actually achieving the softening of solid stones, although he was apparently unable to return the resulting flurry, back to solid stone. Furthermore, according to other researchers, Jan Peter de Jong, Christopher Jordan and Jesus Gamarra, among others, ancient walls within Cuzco, show evidence that ancient cultures used very high temperatures to shape them. This unknown process vitrified the surface of the blocks, turning them to glass. Based on these observations, Jong, Jordan and Gamarra, speculated that ancient man possessed an advanced device, which somehow allowed them to melt stone blocks. And although the petroglyphs of the white mountains, are yet to be fully studied by anyone, we feel they are probably the strongest piece of evidence of this lost process. They are undoubtedly, highly compelling.


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