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Major Shift for Friday Oct 12th – by James Gilliland at ECETI

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Friday, October 12, 2012

Major Shift for Friday Oct 12th – by James Gilliland at ECETI

are feeling waves of consciousness and energy often coming in between 3
and 5 in the morning. This is a great time to be creative and receive
inner guidance due to the psychic turbulence at an all time low and the
creation energies at an all time high. This is orchestrated and assisted
by Masters, Saints and Sages as well as spiritually and technologically
advanced off worlders and ultradimensionals. There are energies coming
in as we align with Galactic Plane affecting the Sun, which have a major
impact on humanity and the Earth. These influxes of energy affect the
bioelectric fields around the human and Earth body, initiate weather
changes, earthquake and volcanic activity. There is a lag time as these
energies move down the vibrational continuum to the denser physical
matter. It could be 2 to 5 days.

It is imperative that we become self
aware, observe what is surfacing, any sadness, anger, judgments, or
anything blocking us from unity consciousness and holding our own space
and center as a loving, joyous, powerful manifesting God or Goddess. It
is also imperative that we do not jump into the dramas of others or into
reactionary mind. There is a major effort seen and unseen especially
within the media to perpetuate fear and division—even War. Observing
this without attachment is imperative and do not fear observing and
addressing these matters, there is a time to speak, a time to observe. The
awakening and healing of humanity and the Earth is well underway. It is
increasing exponentially and there will be major social, economic and
physical Earth Changes as part of this process. Many are in-between two
worlds, some are taking the downward spiral, others are taking the
upward spiral. It is never too late to take the upward spira,l choosing
to live in harmony with each other and the Earth. It is all about
self-awareness, personal responsibility, and choice. These energies are
great amplifiers of what some would call the good and the bad. Time to
release the past and that which no longer serves you.

Be well,
James Gilliland

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10/12/2012 01:55:00 PM

Thanks to:

 “Darkness cannot drive out darkness: only light can do that. 
ate cannot drive out hate: only love can do that.”
 Martin Luther King Jr

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