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Kerry Cassidy on Mandatory Discernment in the Alternative Media

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Kerry Cassidy on Mandatory Discernment in the Alternative Media [video]

Posted on September 22, 2018 by David Nova 

By BP | Source Starship Earth: The Big Picture, September 21, 2018
Kerry’s presentation below is both a reality check and a perspective I wish I’d had when I first jumped into the ring nearly 10 years ago. Discernment and knowing who to believe and trust are some of the most frustrating aspects for those newly embarked on the journey seeking the Truth. Initially I felt the same way and occasionally still do.
Starship readers often remark on how they don’t know who to believe or what the truth is. It’s a jungle out there; a minefield, and there are many pitfalls installed purposely to trip us up, confuse us, and leave us in limbo—unable to discern the Truth.
Even QAnon has stated that, “disinformation is necessary”—which some people just don’t understand. They think everyone who we trust MUST and SHOULD share only truth. That is not reality.
We need to know the rules of the game.
What we really need is X-ray vision, but to be effective the players don’t even have to convince us of one particular point of view, they only need to plant a seed of doubt to succeed in their objective.
As we’ve discussed before, in many cases the situation is not black and white, but it IS every gradation of grey.
Like anything else, navigating the galaxy of knowledge and information on the World Wide Web takes practice. If you give up—“they” won. It is literally a web of deception and we can easily become ensnared in the sticky threads.
It helps to find a few sources that are honest, credible, and a good fit for your reading/listening style, and then examine the sources they use to find ones that resonate.
Unfortunately, it can take an army of sleuths to vet one piece of information, and most of us who share aren’t investigative journalists with a platoon of peeps at our disposal to validate what we share.
Folks with hearing and visual handicaps obviously are more limited, but there are plenty of excellent places to get a well-rounded, honest, and well-meaning approach to news and information analysis.
For me personally, since I share websites and videos with over 6000 subscribers, I don’t want to send traffic to someone I believe is unequivocally deceiving people and putting out false information.
Having said that, there is always truth mixed with untruth, so I will occasionally offer the work of those I do not trust, knowing that at some point they will be outed—like Alex Jones. Many people left nasty comments about my early comments on Alex Jones and Corey Goode, but that’s their problem. They can create their own reality.
In the name of truth I have also gone out of my way to illustrate that the Keshe Technologies are not only real, but that they work for many people—not all. Belief is key.
I can do that because I have a very good, trusted friend I’ve known a long time who is a distributor of these products, has met Mehran Keshe and his wife, has been to Italy and mingled with some of the Keshe Foundation associates and has studied the medical research and uses the products and provides the very best customer relations possible.
Too many people believe the trash talk on the Internet about Keshe that is out there because the dark doesn’t want this technology coming out and Keshe exposed the Ninth Circle satanic child trafficking. The man is lucky to be alive at this point. This is an example of truth that is elusive for some but readily available if we know where to look.
As Kerry points out, there is value in what many insiders and whistleblowers tell us, but we need to be skilled at sorting the wheat from the chaff and not swallowing everything they offer as truth if it goes against our filters.
She also mentions that a high number of her sources have become “famous” overnight and it goes to their head, their egos get out of control and they suffer in multiple ways, and so does their information.
There are probably only a handful of people on the planet who know the full truth about everything, so we’re all on our own, doing our best to take what is available, running a screen for known traps and tricks, comparing to earlier facts we’ve accepted as truth, considering the source, looking for agendas, watching who they team up with and their respective agendas, etc.
We’re told that most of those disseminating information on the Internet are shills, controlled opposition or cointelpro agents. They can be very convincing, and they’re there because they are well paid and they’ve already fooled a lot of Truthers.
Sources who may be considered good or trustworthy aren’t foolproof and those who deal with insiders and whisteblowers hopefully know this. They may purposely or mistakenly pass on bad information. If you’re experienced, you have a better chance of being able to tell the difference and can decide whether it’s share-worthy or not.
Benjamin Fulford, for example, has many sources in various factions of the El-ites and he just passes on what he gets. The reader is tasked with determining what is valid.
No matter how experienced we truth warriors are, we occasionally get fooled and it’s nothing to be ashamed of. What would be a shame is if we simply gave up—or worse—weren’t even awake enough to know something is wrong and a search for the problem is required. At least we’re here, so give yourself a pat on the back if you’re reading this.
I appreciate very much this time Kerry took to share excellent information and advice for navigating the battlefield the Internet has become in this seminal information war. It’s worth investing in a lesson in discernment—and that’s not to say I agree with all Kerry’s views on every topic, but she presents a solid foundation for any truth-seeker and may help us avoid some mistakes.
While I usually try to present something on Starship Earth I believe is close to the truth, this blog is designed to examine “What’s happening on our planet, and why”, so I share what I see unfolding, and it is up to readers to determine their personal views on it. Comments are open so people can respectfully share what they think, or add to the information presented.
We all have our own lens through which to view events, and we all have our invisible filters that can make it look entirely different from what others see or hear. Our experiences and knowledge base create those filters that colour our world and we can only hope to see it the same way as others. It’s not fun to disagree with everyone, but we have to stand up for what we believe is the truth.
We also have to admit when we’re wrong. It’s no biggie when we’re all learning.
The challenge is remaining open-minded enough to change our opinion when new information presents. What was highly credible yesterday may be in-credible today.
We all have our higher self to call upon, and we all have intuition. We may need to learn to trust it more and combine it with logic as we review the facts given. The problem with using logic solely, is that it involves a knowledge base. You don’t reason the same way if you’re missing large chunks of foundational facts that others have, which is why we need to remain open to at least consider the opinions of others.
Like it or not, we’re all in the trenches together and trying to make sense of an upside-down, topsy-turvy, simulated reality on a prison planet. That has to be the most challenging game there is, and sometimes we need to sit out a few rounds on the sidelines and observe how the others play. Kerry is a pro.
Truth needn’t be a threat. Reality is, essentially, whatever we individually say it is.
She begins by referencing a highly controversial contact going by the name Eddie Page who claims to be a Pleiadian with some interesting intel and views to share. If you haven’t listened to her interviews with Eddie, just keep going.
Kerry critiques Eddie as a source, and explains some of the things we need to know to evaluate his information, and then goes into the issues folks typically have with sources and intelligence Kerry shares via her interviews. Give her ten minutes to get into the more general aspects when she speaks of mind control, timelines, creating our future, the extraterrestrials engaging the Human race, the sun, etc. The chat is on so she answers a wide variety of questions, as well. It’s a fascinating discussion.
Thank you, Kerry. ~ BP

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