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Out Of Mind » THE INSANITY OF REALITY » GOVERNMENT & THE NEW WORLD ORDER » Selected Headlines from Citizens for Legitimate Government, October 13, 2012

Selected Headlines from Citizens for Legitimate Government, October 13, 2012

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Selected Headlines from Citizens for Legitimate Government, October 13, 2012

Posted on October 13, 2012

Please note that the folks at this site have the habit of adding little comments to the headlines ~J


Shot fired into Obama campaign office in Denver 12
Oct 2012 A gunshot was fired into President Barack Obama’s downtown
Denver re-election headquarters on Friday while campaign workers were
inside but no one was struck, police said. Denver Police Detective
Raquel Lopez said a worker inside the office called police in
mid-afternoon to report that a bullet had shattered a window pane.
“Right now, no one is in custody and investigators are looking at
surveillance video to see if a vehicle can be identified,” Lopez said.
[The Denver Post posted a photo here.]

Task Force Tells DHS to Offer ‘Cool’ Cybersecurity Jobs to Gov. Workers and Test Them Like Pilots 12
Oct 2012 In order to attract the highly skilled and qualified
cybersecurity workers the Department of Homeland Security… DHS has to
reserve its coolest cybersecurity jobs for federal workers, not
contractors, according to a task-force report submitted to DHS this
month. This means, in part, hiring at least 600 new cybersecurity
professionals, including ones who have proven, hands-on experience to
take on critical tasks, the task force recommended in its 41-pagereport.
Furthermore, the government needs to focus less on professional
certifications in making its hiring decisions and more on real-world
experience and expertise.

Dogs abandoned at Fukushima suffer PTSD-like effects 12
Oct 2012 In a paper published Thursday in Scientific Reports, lead
author and veterinary scientist Miho Nagasawa wrote that stray and
abandoned animals recovered near the Fukushima Dai-ichi power station
had stress hormone levels far higher than other Japanese dogs. They also
showed greater difficulty learning and developing an attachment to
people. Even after the dogs received care and re-socialization training,
the effects of extreme stress persisted… Study authors [Azabu
University] said that cortisol levels in the Fukushima dogs remained
much higher than those of the Kanagawa dogs even after 10 weeks of care.

Three journalists subpoenaed by defense in CIA leak case 11
Oct 2012 Three journalists subpoenaed by the defense in the criminal
case against of former Central Intelligence Agency officer John Kiriakou
will fight efforts to force them to testify in the case, according to
court filings and spokespeople for the news outlets involved. The
journalists being pressed for testimony are Scott Shane of the New York
Times, Julie Tate of the Washington Post and freelancer Matthew Cole,
sources told POLITICO. The subpoenas seek to force Shane, Tate and Cole
to attend depositions and answer defense questions, apparently about
classified information related to the CIA’s interrogation torture of
alleged terrorists.

Polar bears will go extinct within decades, Russian expert predicts –Melting polar sea ice limits habitat and food sources, increases vulnerability 12
Oct 2012 One immediate consequence has been further grief and peril for
Russia’s already seriously distressed polar bear population. “It is
worse for Russian polar bears than the bears in Canada or Greenland
because the pack ice is retreating much faster in our waters,” said
Nikita Ovsyannikov, deputy director of Russia’s polar bear reserve on
Wrangel Island in the Chukchi Sea to the northwest of Alaska. “The best
habitat is quickly disappearing. It is extreme. “What we are seeing
right now is very late freezing. Our polar bear population is obviously
declining. It used to be that new ice was thick enough for them to walk
on in late October. It now will happen much later.”

Ohio Loses Appeal, Can’t Reject Voters in Wrong Precincts 12
Oct 2012 Ohio was barred from disqualifying provisional ballots cast in
the wrong precinct, an appeals court said, upholding an earlier ruling.
The U.S. Court of Appeals in Cincinnati issued the ruling yesterday,
the second loss in two weeks for the state in election-related lawsuits.
A lower-court federal judge in August ruled that provisional ballots,
used to record votes when eligibility is an issue, can’t be thrown out
if they’re filed in the wrong precinct as a result of poll-worker error.
Opponents of a 2006 law saying they must be discarded argued that the
law would unfairly cause the rejection of thousands of votes in the
November election.

Panetta Spells Out DOD Roles in Cyberdefense 11
Oct 2012 Defense Secretary Leon E. Panetta spelled out in detail the
Defense Department’s responsibility in cybersecurity during a speech to
the Business Executives for National Security meeting in New York,
today. Panetta has stressed the importance of cybersecurity since taking
office last year. In addition, the secretary has warned about a “cyber
Pearl Harbor” many times, including during testimony before Congress. “A
cyber attack perpetrated by nation states or violent extremist groups
could be as destructive as the terrorist attack of 9/11,” he said in
prepared remarks. “Such a destructive cyber terrorist attack could
paralyze the nation.”\

Heads up! Big cyber false flag on the way: Panetta’s Cyber Warning: ‘This Is a Pre-9/11 Moment’ –Panetta directing Pentagon to begin ramping up network-security efforts 11
Oct 2012 The Pentagon is mobilizing its cyberwarfare arsenal in
preparation for a massive assault on U.S. networks that could “paralyze
the nation,” said Defense Secretary Leon E. Panetta. “A cyber attack
perpetrated by nation states or violent extremist groups could be as
destructive as the terrorist attack of 9/11,” Panetta said Oct. 11 in a
speech to corporate leaders of Business Executives for National
Security, a nonpartisan group. The nation today faces the cyber
equivalent of a “pre-9/11 moment,” he said somberly.

Exercise Prepares D.C. Troops for Inauguration 11
Oct 2012 The District of Columbia National Guard participated in the
2012 Capital Shield Exercise, a training event which emphasizes unity of
effort for district and federal agencies operating in the District of
Columbia in preparation for events such as the upcoming inauguration.
The D.C. Army National Guard’s 33rd CST, together with the Massachusetts
National Guard’s 1st CST, set up their equipment for a section of the
training conducted in Southeast Washington. The western campus of St.
Elizabeth’s Hospital, which opened in 1855 as the “Government Hospital
for the Insane,” is situated in southeast D.C., south and across the
Anacostia River from the D.C. National Guard Armory. The rich and
storied history of the institution is palpable as the National Guard
members conducted a training scenario based on a possible chemical,
biological, radiological or nuclear threat.\

U.S. has sent troops to Jordan-Syria border, Panetta says 10
Oct 2012 The United States has sent troops to Jordan to help improve
its military capabilities in case the fighting in Syria spills onto its
soil, Defense Secretary Leon Panetta told reporters Wednesday in
Brussels. Panetta made the remarks at a NATO meeting of defense
ministers. The allies are also eyeing the security of [alleged] chemical
and biological weapons stockpiled by Syria, a threat that President
Obama has warned could change the tack toward the continuing conflict.
If the Syrian government unleashes those weapons, Obama said, that would
be a “red line” triggering U.S. military intervention.

Gunmen kill Yemeni who worked at U.S. embassy in Yemen 11
Oct 2012 Masked gunmen shot dead a Yemeni man who worked in the
security office of the U.S. Embassy in Sanaa on Thursday, in an attack a
Yemeni security source said appeared to be the work of al Qaeda
[al-CIAduh]. The incident was the latest of a wave of attacks on
officials in the impoverished Arab state, which is battling Islamist
militants with Washington’s help. The attackers, on a
motorcycle, opened fire on Qassem Aqlan – who headed an embassy security
investigation team – near his house in the center of Yemen’s capital,
the source told Reuters.

South Carolina voter ID law blocked until 2013 10
Oct 2012 A federal court ruled on Wednesday that South Carolina may not
implement a photo ID law for voters until 2013, in the latest setback
for a mainly Republican effort to establish identification rules in
several states before the November 6 elections. South Carolina joined
Pennsylvania, Texas and Wisconsin as states with voter ID laws that have
been blocked or deferred by state or federal judges.

Romney’s emotional story remembered very differently by friend of fallen SEAL 10
Oct 2012 On the stump in Iowa Tuesday, Mitt Romney revealed that he met
former Navy SEAL Glen Doherty at a holiday party some years ago.
Doherty is one of four Americans killed during the September 11th attack
on the American consulate in Benghazi. …But one of Glen Doherty’s best
friends remembered Doherty’s impression of this meeting much
differently. Elf Ellefsen met Glen Doherty skiing in Utah when he was
19, and the two men remained friends for more than 20 years. According
to Ellefsen, Romney introduced himself to Doherty four separate times
during the gathering.

Walmart Workers Threaten Black Friday Action 10
Oct 2012 The latest news in the Walmart labor protests — which have
included walkouts and marches in Dallas, San Diego, Chicago and Los
Angeles — is the threat of a strike on Black Friday. That’s the day
after Thanksgiving, widely considered the busiest, and most lucrative,
retail day of the year. Some 200 angry protesters showed up at a meeting
of investors and analysts earlier Wednesday at Walmart’s headquarters
in Bentonville, Ark. Walmart… has long been a target of workers’ rights
groups, who advocate higher wages, more flexibility in hours and an end
to the punishments (reduced shifts, for instance) they claim are meted
out to workers seeking to unionize.

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