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Out Of Mind » THE INSANITY OF REALITY » VACCINE TRUTHS: MEDICAL INDUSTRY LIES » At Last! Government Documents Locked Up for 30 Years Proving This Vaccine Unsafe Finally Revealed

At Last! Government Documents Locked Up for 30 Years Proving This Vaccine Unsafe Finally Revealed

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Thanks to godsfool for emailing this to me. :)

At Last! Government Documents Locked Up for 30 Years Proving This Vaccine Unsafe Finally Revealed
Aug 30th,
2012 | By Christina England | Category: Christina England, Recent Articles, Top Stories, Writers

The government knows vaccines cause your child harm.
parents are opting to have their children vaccinated with the single
measles, mumps and rubella vaccines due to growing concerns about the
safety of the MMR, but are they jumping out of the frying pan into the
fire? Hidden government documents have revealed that leading
professionals have had serious concerns about the safety of the single
measles vaccines for many years.

government documents that have been under lock and key for thirty years
have revealed that the UK government has known for many years that the
single measles vaccine can cause the debilitating neurological disorder
Subacute Sclerosing Panencephalitis.

is a degenerative neurological condition, which affects a person’s
behavior, memory and coordination, leading to fits, blindness and
eventually death. The Disabled World News 2010 [1] says that
the symptoms a person with SSPE experiences are subtle:

usually include symptoms
such as changes in behavior and mild mental deterioration such as
memory loss. The symptoms that follow are commonly involuntary jerking
movements of the person’s head, limb or trunk jerks, and additional
motor function disturbances. The person may experience seizure activity,
or become blind. As the disorder advances, the affected person might
lose the ability to walk as their muscles spasm or stiffen. The person
progresses towards a comatose state, followed by a vegetative state.
People with SSPE commonly die as a result of fever, heart failure, or
their brain’s inability to continue controlling their autonomic nervous

1972 serious concerns about the measles vaccine’s potential to cause
vaccine-induced SSPE had grown in momentum. It was decided that a group
called ‘
Expert Group on the Surveillance of SSPE’ was
needed to study the problem in more detail. On February 9, Medical
Officer F.C. Stallybrass wrote a request to UK’s leading professionals
asking them to attend a meeting on Monday March 13, 1972 in room D1001
of the Alexander Fleming House. His letter contained a selection of
documents, which he stated
‘may form a basis for discussion.’ [2]

The members of this group were listed on a separate JCVI (Joint Committee of Vaccination and Immunization) document titled ‘Proposed Membership of Expert Group on Surveillance of SSPE.’ [3] The professionals invited were:

  • Professor G. Dick (chairman)
  • Dr. E.N. Brutt, The Hospital for Sick Children
  • Dr. J.A. Dudgeon, The Hospital for Sick Children
  • Dr. C.J. Earl, National Hospital
  • Dr.
    T.T.S. Ingram, Department of Child Life and Health, Edinburough

  • Dr. Christine Miller, PHLS, Collingdale
  • Professor T.E. Oppe, St. Mary’s Hospital, Paddington
  • Dr. G. Pampiglione, The Hospital for Sick Children
  • Dr. J. Wilson, The Hospital for Sick Children

If this information is not worrisome enough, at around the same time, a memo titled ‘Copy Of Notice To Be Circulated To ABE – Measles Vaccine And Subacute Sclerosing Panencephalitis’ [4] was also sent out, stating that:
‘There has been some concern recently about the suggestion that measles vaccines might occasionally give rise to Subacute
Panencephalitis. Professor Sir Charles Stuart-Harris, as chairman of
the Joint Committee on Vaccination and Immunisation, has asked whether
members of the Association would be prepared to notify cases we see.’

Note the words ‘might occasionally,’ which in my opinion, were specifically chosen to cover the fact that this was a growing problem.
document, along with many others uncovered, means that the measles
vaccination was proving problematic to the neurological well being of
young children as far back as 1972. If this were the end of the matter,
then it would be easy to assume that the problems had been overcome.
However, the problem of vaccine-induced SSPE continued to persist even
when the measles vaccination was
combined with the mumps and the rubella vaccination to form the MMR
triple vaccine.

What this meant was cases
of vaccine-induced SSPE were not only occurring after children received
the single vaccine but they were also occurring after they received the
MMR vaccine.

A staggering 15 years later during the ARVI (Adverse Reaction to Vaccination and Immunization) meeting 6th July
1987 in item 5 – MMR vaccine – 5.4 Postpartum Rubella immunization
associated with development of prolonged arthritis neurological sequelae
and chronic rubella arthritis Tingle et al. J of Inf. Diseases 1985),
Vol. 152: pages 606-612. {5}, the committee were discussing points
in the previous ARVI meeting.

Dr. Cavanagh reminded the committee of a SSPE-like syndrome reported
from rubella virus infection, noting the reported maternal viraemia and
transmission of rubella virus in breast milk, which was discussed in

Several other professionals brought up points on this matter. Dr. Christine Miller had completed a study of SSPE surveillance (remember, she was part of the expert SSPE surveillance group) and it was thought that none of her cases were associated with rubella. Dr. Wallace
thought the report to which Dr. Cavanagh had referred concerned congenital rubella syndrome, not acquired rubella.

the SSPE-like condition being reported at the ARVI meeting have been a
non-fatal form of autism? Dr. Rebecca Carley, M.D. firmly believes that
it was and she has made her thoughts on the subject very clear. Speaking
on a radio show with David Kirby, she told listeners that she believes
autism is a non-fatal type of subacute sclerosing panencephalitis caused
by demyelination following vaccine-induced

believes that the name of the condition was changed to autism to hide
this self-evident fact. [6] She says that if you read the description in
Harrison’s paper on SSPE [7], a document used to teach internal
medicine to medical students all over the world, it is clear that what
is described is in fact autism. In fact, if you read theHarrison’s 10th Edition published in 1983, four years before the ARVI meeting, it states that SSPE can be caused by the measles vaccine.

I would like to point out that Dr. Cavanagh did state ‘a SSPE– like syndrome reported from rubella virus infection,’indicating
that this was a condition similar to SSPE, exactly what Dr. Carley is
saying today, without the benefit of seeing these papers that had been
tucked away for all
these years.
Incriminating Government Document Labeled NOT FOR PUBLICATION

The SSPE problems were still occurring in 1988. On Monday, November 14,1988, the Medical Research Council held a meeting titled ‘Committee On The Development Of Vaccines And Immunisation Procedures Sub Committee Of Measles Vaccines. [8]
this meeting, as stated on Page 2 section 3.3, Professor David
Salisbury reported on the outbreak of measles in England and Wales in
1988. He reported that there had been five deaths from the complications
of measles and one death due to SSPE. There is no indication as to
whether the child who died with SSPE or the five dying from the
complications of measles were vaccinated, although as this was a meeting
discussing the measles vaccine, it is highly likely.

appears from these documents that the single measles vaccination could
cause a child to suffer from the life-threatening condition SSPE, while
the MMR vaccination could cause a child to suffer an SSPE-like condition
similar to autism.

would have thought the vaccines would have immediately removed from the
market at this point, but it appears that the problem was still being
reported during government meetings in 1997.

During research, I came across a government document titled ‘The JCVI Minutes Friday 7th November 1997 NOT FOR PUBLICATION’ [9] (obviously written to hide the truth from the public). Part of this document states:
at a conference in the US had suggested that the measles vaccine might
cause SSPE. The Committee was informed by ******** that, in the studies,
measles vaccine virus had been identified only once in SSPE and that
was using techniques no longer used. In the last ten years, every case
of SSPE in the US was alleged to have been caused by vaccine viruses
since all involved vaccinated children. There had been 23 SSPE cases:
all had been studied and none had been vaccine derived, all were wild
type measles virus. The only cases where the vaccine virus had been
found were individuals with severe immunodeficiency. The argument from
********* was that people who had
virus infection and then were immunised with measles containing vaccine
were at a heightened risk of SSPE. If that view were correct,
vaccination should eliminate SSPE. There is limited surveillance on
SSPE; what evidence there is suggests it is on the decrease. Data on
SSPE from countries without a measles vaccination programme, who had
introduced the measles vaccination programme relatively recently (eg.
Denmark) might be helpful.

(sadly, names were redacted)
this means is that in some cases the MMR vaccine is causing children to
either get full-blown SSPE which, as we know, can lead to death or an
SSPE-like condition which is likely to be autism or an autism-like

No wonder these documents are marked NOT FOR PUBLICATION.
JCVI is the organization chosen by the UK government to sanction the
vaccines to be used on the UK population, yet the minutes from their
meetings are riddled with lies and cover-ups.

papers that I obtained from the Kew Archives talk
about various conditions brought on by the measles vaccination. One
REPORTED TO APUDC [10] from September 8, 1982, lists the following:

  • Convulsions
  • Encephalitis
  • Deafness
  • Paralysis ataxia
  • Leukaemia
  • Status Epilepticus
  • Died 48 hours later
  • Fits
  • Squint

To see this document and many more, go to the Kew Archives
and order the files quoted in the references. To search,
go into the document section marked ‘Health’ and then search for Measles
Vaccine and SSPE.

papers prove yet again that our children are at risk from the routine
vaccinations our governments recommend. In my opinion, governments never
write ‘NOT FOR PUBLICATION’ on a document unless the document contains
information that government wishes to remain secret. These documents
have remained under lock and key for thirty years, leading me to wonder
what will be hidden in documents being locked away under lock and key
today. To hide information such as this from the public is a crime
against humanity.

A Note to the Readers

is a shame that no one took what Dr Rebecca Carley said 15 years ago on
this subject a little more seriously. If they had thousands of children
could have been saved. Instead they did everything in their power to
destroy the messenger as always. She has lost everything she holds dear
to her including her son. She has said to me many times: “I would make
it clear that if people want doctors to do the right thing, they have to
support the one person who has done so and has lost everything for
doing so.” I would like to finish with saying that if it had not been
for this dedicated professional I would not have even looked into the


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