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Out Of Mind » VOICES CARRY ~ HEAVY DISCERNMENT REQUIRED - QUESTION EVERYTHING » KESHE FOUNDATION - SPACESHIP INSTITUTE » Petition to Stephen Harper to accept Keshe's offer of free energy plasma technology

Petition to Stephen Harper to accept Keshe's offer of free energy plasma technology

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Why this is important

M.T. Keshe was
'kidnapped' in Canada over false nuclear weapons concerns. Belgium
inventor who claims counter-gravity, propulsion, and free energy
generator technologies has been derailed by Ad van den Elshout who has
been fraudulently representing the company without authorization,
including saying it is involved in nuclear weapons research.

Please visit for exciting information on the future of Humanity.

21 September 2012 the Keshe Foundation will release the first phase of
its space technology and the gravitational and magnetic (Magravs)
systems it has developed, to all scientists around the world
simultaneously, for production and duplication.

From that point
on, international borders will cease to have any real significance. This
is because, once the first flight system has been built and put into
operation for the public, the time of travel for example from Tehran to
New York will be about 10 minutes maximum.

The new airborne
systems will enable every individual to make the same length of journey
in the same time and at hardly any cost from any point on this planet.
The craft will not be detectable with present radar technology.

energy crisis will be resolved at a stroke, and once the technology is
put into practice the powers that control energy supplies and through
them the present financial structures will find their hands empty.

world water shortage will be addressed and resolved by presenting this
technology to the public soon after the release of our energy and space

How we have done this?
For the past six years we
have used the international patent system to make sure that every nation
and major scientists around the world have a copy of our patents in
their possession. (Please check the European patent and international
servers downloads for number of downloads.)

Thus we have
prevented any possible blocking of this technology by any individual or
group and now most nations are in possession of our patents for energy
generation, medical systems and space travel.

In this way the
methods used in the past to prevent international development have been
circumvented and now all nations have the same opportunity to work
together to see that this technology is developed safely.

principal point is that our technology is intended to be freely
available to every government for the benefit of all its citizens.
Through the systems we have developed every nation can have access to as
much energy, water and food as they need, as well as to new methods of
health care and of transport, all at very little cost.

to its charter the Keshe Foundation and all its technologies are owned
by the peoples of the world. The patents are the assets of every
individual on this planet and cannot be claimed by any one person or
organization or nation. This means that all income generated by the
technology belongs to the nation that makes use of it.

We will
release the list of countries invited to the meeting on 6 September 2012
and the full e-mail addresses of those who receive invitations, so it
will be up to you as a government to make it known who from your nation
will be attending this meeting.

By the time this email arrives at
your embassies a copy will be posted on the Foundation forum and
website so your citizens will be aware of the offer that has been made
to you. Then it will be for you to make your response known to them, as
well as to the Foundation, and we will gather the names of the delegates
appointed and let your officials know where and how to meet.

this meeting, the presentation on 21 September 2012 will be the first
step in the Keshe Foundation’s teaching program to share its knowledge
and put it into the hands of the people worldwide. Once these new
technologies and their benefits are known to the general public, the
leaders of every nation will need to decide how they are going to
implement them for the betterment of everyone.

At that point
there will be two choices: either we all work together to change the
life of everybody on earth for the better through the correct patterns
of conduct, or the advanced nations of the world will see in the near
future a flood of immigrants in tens of thousands flocking to the major

We are prepared to present the technology to your
representatives in any setting so that they can understand its
implications and the changes it will bring about.

From now on, we
can make sure that no child or adult will die of thirst or hunger and
that no nation will be attacked by another, because the potential
military applications of the new technology are so horrendously
destructive that we will have no choice but to accept that fighting over
the resources of the planet is a thing of the past.

There has
been nothing wrong with protecting national assets, but now as the
leaders of small regions of the Earth it is your responsibility to see
that its resources are available to be shared, and that with the help of
our technology everyone’s basic needs for energy, water, food and
health care are met.

The Keshe Foundation takes no account of
color, nationality, religion or political affiliation, thus our call is
going out to every government to appoint a team of scientists to come
and see our technologies at first hand. Then they can decide whether or
not to make use of them. If you ignore this invitation your nation will
soon have no choice but to follow the lead of the nations who have
decided to develop them.

We call on your nation to start the
process of world cooperation as soon as possible because once these
systems are in operation, the frontiers that separate one country from
another will have no meaning.

We have set the scene for a change
of course for humanity and in the coming months we will see it through.
In the near future people will come to realize that we are here to serve
each other and not to be served, as all resources will be available to
everyone at the same time and in the same measure.

M T Keshe
The founder and caretaker director of Stichting the Keshe Foundation

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