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Full Message – SanJAsKa: Your Physical Realities Reflect your Inner-Feelings

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Full Message – SanJAsKa: Your Physical Realities Reflect your Inner-Feelings

Oct 14

Posted by Wes Annac

Full Message – SanJAsKa: Your Physical Realities Reflect your Inner-Feelings 005-small -Channeled through Wes Annac-

I am a Representative of our High Council and our Council of Nine,
and I am coming to you with the melded-together energies of all within
these councils and within our General Council as well. The ‘hierarchies’
of the Galactic Federation are based upon the soul growth of each
collective and race who form the various hierarchies and are not based
upon a judgment or worth. We all exist quite harmoniously together and
the harmony that we share between us despite our perceived outer
differences is what we wish to share with you dear souls.

You are going to find and realize in the time ahead how so very
distorted many of your prevalent mindsets have been as a planet, as you
have split and divided yourselves into different countries, different
religious beliefs and different ways of Living, being and perceiving
your outer world. Doing so has Created mass rifts within your planetary
collective consciousness, as by nature you are all united and there is
nothing in the higher dimensions that can keep you dear souls from
realizing your inherent unity and Oneness as a collective.

However, in the lower realms and especially on your world, separation
and divisiveness have held you dear souls back from realizing this
Oneness. You are all One entity of supreme, Lighted consciousness and
while you have taken temporary and dense human forms, you are to realize
that you are pure energy by nature.

Energy is what runs and forms your Lives. You have all gotten
yourselves used to physicality and what it offers for some time but you
are beginning to transcend the mindsets that have quite literally
trapped you within physicality as you find the higher realms

The separation that is fed by humanity on a mass scale will have to
end if you dear souls wish to find the united collective consciousness
that you truly do have the ability to find, if only the separation can
come to such a clear and just end. You dear souls are to realize that
you are all One unique and infinite consciousness and that you are all
energy as well and upon this realization coming to the fore of your
memory and perception, you are to find a harmonious unity with every
single person around you.

Hates, fears and general prejudices have been fed on your world
between different classes, races and genders of souls and you are to
find the separation that holds you back at present, simply melding away.
Our presence upon your world is to be a significant happening in your
history and is in fact to be quite revolutionary for your world as you
will perceive yourselves as having made First Contact, but it will of
course be explained that we have made routine contacts with your world
for quite a long amount of your time.

The Galactic Federation has been in existence for longer than Gaia’s
planetary structure in the current form She is existing within, and we
have been monitoring your world and helping you all to ascend within
every time period throughout your history. At times we were more direct
with our interactions and at times we simply let you play-out your
experiences as needed, as you dear souls must be allowed to see-out your
experiences if you wish to attain a proper evolution.

We ask you dear souls to expose to yourselves and meld away, the
fears and separation-based attitudes within yourselves that many of you
may not realize are still lurking below the surface, as you are being
given events in your Lives that are serving to [help] expose this fear
to you as you transmute that which has been holding you back

Some of you are still holding latent fears within that we do not
exist, that we are not upon your world to assist in your evolution and
we ask you to understand that the truth you are finding and recognizing
within yourselves has been suppressed for much of you recent history and
the preferred and established mindsets about us have been purposely
indoctrinated into your culture so that you would all be held back in
the avenue of being able to believe in a genuine contact with us.

The dark souls on your world have woven quite a tangled web and have
layered their propaganda on quite thick to the point of our existence
being a subject of ridicule or for many, fear; as many fear our presence
on your world because they fear a perceived invasion [from lower
forces] that is not to be allowed to happen.

We have no ill intents toward you or your world and upon the
delivering of disclosure, you will find this truth as all that we have
done for you will be explained. It will be explained how we have
thwarted your dark’s attempts to weaponize space, as there have been
many [attempts].

It will be explained that we have stopped other races with ill
intentions from ‘taking over’ your world and it will be explained that
all that has been bred out of darkness on your world has been answered
by our presence and by the presence of the Light. We are here for you
dear souls and as so very many of you are beginning to awaken yourselves
to our presence and our wish to assist you in your personal and
collective ascension, we are finding an easier line of connection to

It is and has been so very wonderful for us to perceive of you
becoming open to us, as we have long been waiting to reconnect
specifically with you dear souls who have indeed connected with us
before but who have simply forgotten such an experience as your instated
veils of forgetfulness have led you to.

The veils in which you are operating under currently are necessary
for your perception of the lower dimensions without becoming exposed to
the higher realms until performing the proper Life path work, and are
not in fact the work of any entities with dark or ill intent. There will
be many disclosures to be had for you dear souls in the time ahead and
one big misconception that we will have to clear up will be that of just
how much power the lower forces have had on your world.

As the dark souls on your world and the lower astral beings who
employ them have gotten many dear unknowing souls to feed them through
predetermined mindsets that the dark have gotten many on your world to
believe, a facet of the propaganda that they give out is attributing
[nearly] anything to be the invention of the dark.

The fact that you are operating under a veil of forgetfulness is
certainly not an attempt from a lower entity to hold you dear souls back
and rather, the veils you are operating under are necessary so that you
can realize the illusory and closed-off nature of such veils as you
work to surpass them within yourselves.

The dark souls are truly only given as much power as you dear souls
attribute to them and if you attribute too much power and intent to
them, then you will only feed them and their actions and this is why
they have taken any avenue that they can funnel their disinformation
through to attempt to convince you dear souls that they are in control
and that the souls who employ them are in control.

Our scribe has noticed that many dear souls on your world are still
experiencing chemtrails and pollution manifested in your skies.

We say that we are working with the collective Light manifested in
any given area to help nullify these chemtrails continually and there
are different ‘stages’ we can take to utilizing the collective Light to
dissolve pollution manifested in any given area.

Every area on your world is experiencing a cleansing of chemtrails to
one degree or another, but the potency of the Lighted work we are able
to perform in relation to cleansing chemtrails and much of the pollution
in your skies in general is again, [determined by] how much and how
pure the Light we are receiving from you dear souls is.

Attributing power to the dark that they do not have will only aide in
their dark endeavors, which is why we ask you dear souls to see that
even the areas of your world being sprayed with chemtrails are still
experiencing a cleansing of those trails, but if the collective Lighted
energy is still dim [in any given area] we can only perform so much

There are certain areas of your world that we are able to perform
this cleansing in but we must still let it seem as if the trails are
there [because of collective belief that they cannot be neutralized],
and to do this we simply allow them to be seen while cleansing the worst
of the effects that they could have upon you dear souls.

Many of you are still seeing and noticing them and even that which
you are seeing has been severely reduced in the negative effects that
they would have upon you, based on the Light that is given in your area.
You dearest souls can completely stop the successful spraying of
chemtrails and can stop the effects that they are having upon you if
your simply aim your collective or even individual Light toward your
skies, toward the trails themselves and toward the souls who are
involved in their spraying.

To give much broader of an outlook, you dear souls can aide in the
mass transmutation of all of the dark energies in every form that they
have taken, by aiming your collective and individual Love toward the
cabals and toward every soul who is employed by the cabals as well.

Aim your Love toward the people of the planet who are spraying the
pollution given in your skies and aim your Love toward the skies and
trails themselves, and we will take such energy aboard our ships and
funnel it through our technologies which will then send such energy out
to nullify the trails and all other pollution in your skies and on your
ground. Truly find it in yourselves to perform these Lighted actions and
you will find the change that you wish for!

You dear souls are undergoing a temporary, finite Earth experience
and while on your world you have been taught that you are only finite
beings, because a finite nature is what your surroundings have echoed
and Created for you as you believed in them.

You were meant at first to have a hologram of illusion and of your
own making to run and play around in and to slowly Create within based
on your thoughts about the reality around you, and the dark souls have
wished to be cunning in getting you to feed predetermined realities of
their Creation. You reality is actually a Creation of your own, but they
have simply gotten you dear souls to feed false realities and to
believe that the false realities you have fed are the only realities,
when they are in fact not.

A key aspect of getting you dear souls to continually feed a lower
dimensional reality has been to continually to get you to feed fear, and
an aspect of feeding fear is feeding the actions of the cabals by
attributing many things to them or their [lower] astral employers that
are simply not their doing.

The dark souls wish you to think and feel that they are in control
and they know that the awakening of many souls includes awakening to the
actions that the dark have done and this is where they wish to
manipulate the thoughts of you dear souls into thinking that, because of
what they have done on your world and because of what they have gotten
you to feed, they are in full ‘control’ of your world and this is simply
not so.

You are to find expanded perceptions in the time ahead as disclosure
and the truths given from disclosure show you that the dark have not
been in as much control as you think, as the Light forces are on your
world at this time and are seeing the influence of the dark souls
diminished significantly as more and more of you begin to feel the
natural energies of the Light that you had only temporarily lost your
connection to.

Even the [inner-held] Light of the dark souls on your world is not
completely put-out but is simply dimmed and temporarily taken-over by
dark and dense energies that have quite literally run the Lives and
action of the dark souls.

Quite an integration period has been occurring for you dear awakening
souls at this time and you are now beginning to peak your heads out of
the long, dark and dense tunnel that has kept you trapped and confined
within your realities, with your feeding of all that diverted you away
from the clear path out of such a tunnel.

Now that you are finding the expanded mind and heart sets that are
seeing you able now to find your way out of these tunnels and embrace
the wondrous sunshine-laced ascended valleys that you will find upon
your exit, you are finding as well that every part of yourselves who has
not yet been integrated and transmuted to act in accordance with your
unfolding higher dimensional self is now surfacing for just that

The former parts of yourselves are ready to be integrated and
transmuted and this process entails becoming exposed to exactly what has
fed the lower aspects of such parts of yourselves so that you can face
such things head-on and find yourselves transmuting that which has kept
you in preconditioned and limited states for so long.

You dearest souls are making incredible strides now and you are
reaching the final points that you have needed to reach to see you
integrating the vestiges of the lower dimensional experience that you
had branded previously as too hard for yourselves to surface.

You have all diverted away from your intended paths many times
throughout a plethora of Lives and we say that no matter the extent you
take yourself off of your path, you have always been and still are on a
path to full consciousness; it is simply that you are making the
decisions that lead you to different intersections along this path.

You choose different styles of Living and being and you try on
different ideologies and mind sets throughout a plethora of Lives to see
which resonate with you the most before you set yourselves on the path
to transmuting all that has held you back [from the higher dimensions].

You have been meant to enjoy your lower dimensional experience and to
find the beauty within every Life of every time period, as even the
darkest of time periods on your world have been some of the most
beautiful in terms of the higher dimensional energies that could be felt
and accessed, but that simply were not in such times.

All that has happened on your world has acted in accordance with the
time periods and cycles that flow and intersect on your world, and your
conscious experience of time is simply a linear experiencing of a
plethora of lessons that are meant for your higher dimensional growth.

The lower realities are lower facets of an ultimately grand,
multifaceted diamond of pure consciousness, and you have entered your
lower realities quite specifically to host you within specific frames of
mind and heart, so that you could learn specific lessons and gain a
plethora of insight and experience, which you have done with your
entrance and successful exit from the lower dimensions of the Earth.

Your goals have not just been to find yourselves existing on the
Earth and to enjoy the various lower dimensional labels and suits that
you would wear during such a trip, but for you to literally uplift the
lower vibrations of the Earth as you lifted yourselves up out of them.

Numerous souls have individually ascended from your world and this
includes an onslaught of Masters who incarnated for a few specific Lives
on your world before then making their exit and returning to the higher
realms, but the souls who have ascended individually have not literally
taken the lower vibrations of the Earth with them back to the higher
realms; though many have tried and have helped to open up a line of
connection with the ascended energies to your world that many in the
[Earth]collective did not and have not yet fed.

You dear souls who are existing along the final moments of Earth’s
lower dimensional experience are now meant to ascend in a grand,
collective fashion and take the lower vibrations of the Earth with you
as you transmute them, and this is one fundamental reason that a great
many Lightworkers have taken to experiencing lower acts and acts of
density throughout their various Lives.

You dear Lightworkers who are knowingly incarnate on a world that
does not resonate with your natural energy have chosen to undergo some
of the darkest of lower dimensional densities at times, all so that you
could transmute the vibrations of the aspects of yourselves that would
be prominent within you at this time and in doing so, take the
vibrations related to such lower mindsets and ways of Living that have
been prevalent on your world for so very long, and transmute them on a
massive level.

The rate of negative energy you are transmuting even by going through
frustrating events is staggering and such a process is aided
exponentially and tremendously if you dear souls are able to realize the
lower nature of that which you had been experiencing, and transmute
such lower nature. Your conscious efforts of working with the Light and
transmuting the dark are Creating such a profound impact, that we in the
higher realms quite mean it when we say that the ascension of the Earth
is being caused by your actions.

Yes, dear souls, this ascension has always been decreed and it was
known that the incarnation and mass migration of the Light forces unto
your world was needed to attain such an ascension because of the lower
acts that the souls incarnate upon your beautiful world have been
unknowingly feeding, and it has been the incarnation of all of you dear
souls unto this beautiful world as well as your conscious and real
efforts in increasing the strong Light of the Creator unto the lowest
vibrations and aspects of this world, that is seeing Her able now to
exit the rungs of the lower dimensions and take all on Her surface who
are ready with Her.

You are all going to be given an equal opportunity to learn about
ascension and to ascend yourselves, as [the discussion of] ascension
will be one fundamental aspect of the disclosure announcements that you
will be given. You will be given insight into the various time cycles
and cycles of growth on your world and you are seeing much from a
plethora of physical truthseekers about such cycles now, and we will be
able to explain such cycles because of the ‘gloom and doom’ predictions
that have been unfairly based from the Calendar of your Mayans.

The Mayan Calendar has been purposefully misinterpreted and distorted
and, like many actions of the dark, the propaganda that they have fed
you about the Mayan Calendar will be utilized as a reason to discuss the
Mayan Calendar during the disclosure announcements, which will
naturally segway into a discussion of ascension and how we have visited
various civilizations in accordance with the strides they were to reach
along their growth of such a Calendar.

A very old cycle is coming to an end with the end of your month
December and we do indeed ask you dear souls to aim your vibrations
toward the highest intents of manifestations for the delivering of
higher dimensional energies to your world at the end of your month

You can all prepare vastly for the delivering of the higher
dimensional energies as your world reaches various alignments that are
needed to see a much purer energy being delivered to you. We ask you to
aim your meditative efforts toward these energies making themselves
known and toward the opening of innumerable stargates and gates of
energy that will bring the pure energies of the higher dimensions to
you. (1)

You dear souls are working through the very vibrations that you have
set out to undergo and transmute, and we are doing all that we can to
assist you with your processes while acting in accordance with your
freewill and this, dear souls, is something that we do not utilize our
technology to assist us with.

Our Divine technology is a very big and important aspect of the
healing work we are able to perform on your world and due to the
utilization of our technology and the pairing of it with similar
technology aboard our star and Motherships, we are quite literally able
to visit our home planets at any time that we wish to as we pair our
consciousness with aspects of our technology aboard our Motherships that
are connected with and bringing through energies of our various home
worlds, and as many souls within any given Council exist within the same
world, we are able to visit our planets and any aspect of this
beautiful Creation that we wish to.

We are able to visit and exist within your ascended world and we are
working with the higher aspects of many of you to help bring about the
personal changes in your Lives that are bringing you toward these
[ascended] lands.

We and you all as well are quite literally working within these fifth
dimensional lands of your Ascended Eden to shape and form them and to
help deliver them to the lower realms of your world as well, as such
lower realms are molded and transmuted to feed the realms of your fifth
dimensional Eden. We will exist with you, within your fifth dimensional
New Earth and we will indeed be visiting you before your initiation into
the fifth dimension, as we have much healing to share with you so that
you can collectively repair and cleanse the state that your world has
been in.

The dearest Hathors were quite correct in their assessment that you
dear souls are to be utilizing collective sound-based healing methods of
cleansing much of the pollution that has been maintained upon the
surface of your dear world, and something they did not mention was that
our technology is going to aide you marvelously in attaining the perfect
resonation with the specific sound frequencies and tones that you are
to utilize as a collective to cleanse pollution in your skies.

The energy that is funneled-out of our technology to cleanse the
pollution prevalent within the skies of your world is funneled-out of
such technology in [the form of] a pure harmonic frequency, and as this
frequency is very pure and potent in the amount of cleansing it can
perform as it transforms the vibrations causing and feeding the
pollution and changes the polluted substances into substances that are
higher dimensional, pure and helpful for your skies and atmosphere; as
this technology and the energy brought through this technology in the
specific form of sound frequencies performs this action, you dear souls
will be feeding and funneling your collective and individual energy
through the technology as it performs this specific healing action.

You are to utilize your collective [energy] to help you begin to
resonate with the pure frequency that this healing energy is manifested
upon and as you begin to collectively understand how to match your
energies with this frequency, you will find less of a need to utilize
our technology but many of you may still do so happily, until you find
yourselves ready to no longer utilize it and to utilize your own

Indeed, dear souls, our technology is not meant to do the work for
you and is rather only meant as a stepping-stone to your understanding
of the higher dimensions.

You have been given physical tools to help you to see the Light
throughout your various societies and you have always been meant to
eventually outgrow the need and want for such tools whenever you dear
souls we ready, in your own Divine time, as you began to find your own
inherent evolution and to gain internally what you have gained from the
physical things that have helped you.

Some of you are keen on clinging to specific frames of mind or a
specific way of expressing your emotions, because it helps you to feel
better or more sustained energetically and we say that even your wish to
act in a certain manner or perform a certain action to attain and
validate an unfolding higher dimensional experience, will be replaced
with a pure knowing and feeling of the higher realms and of the
perspectives garnered by the higher realms.

You will know and feel that these wonderful realms are all around you
and you will quite literally be existing as such realms, while some of
you choose to take a fifth dimensional body structure that will be
Crystalline-based in nature.

Even those of you who will choose to discarnate and experience the
fifth dimension as pure Source energy are still experiencing the
upgrades within your bodies, as you have the choice as to if you will
wish to keep such upgrades or discarnate from having them within a
special body temple and instead experience them as pure Source energy.

This will be your choice and every path is honored, and you dear
souls will find that those of you in the fifth dimension who choose to
take a body structure will take all kinds of different structures.

You have heard from Pleiadian Human collectives, Pleiadian Dolphin
collectives and within your minds and hearts, some of you have even
began to become open to our Pleiadian Lion collectives and various other
facets of our higher dimensional Life that choose a specific form while
still understanding and feeling a strong and pure Unity consciousness.

You are able to meld your energies with any souls in the higher
realms who you find a close resonation with, even if only for a moment.
You dearest souls are able to do so much more than you realize and it
simply takes opening up to your inherent higher dimensional abilities
and letting yourselves realize the true and full reality of them, and
you will find yourselves quite on the right path.

You are connecting with our energies as we give this communication
with Love in our hearts, and we match and send back down to you the
energies that you give us in a much purer manner than they had been sent
to us.

We say this in this manner because the energies of appreciation and
the sheer Lighted perspective that you dear souls have garnered from
every [genuine] higher dimensional communication and then radiated back
out to the rest of Creation, have been quite strong and pure. We have
utilized these energies and again, sent them back down to you so that
you could begin to absorb the higher dimensional encodements of your own
manifested energy.

As you have been told, your collectively and individually-manifested
energy is utilized with our healing technology that you will very soon
be introduced to, and we are gaining quite an abundance of such energy
with each collective and individual meditation that you dear souls
perform as you are bringing through increasingly-pure Light energies
whenever performing these meditations.

You are able to find specific ways to gain a very pure energy through
yourselves and Gaia happily utilizes this energy as we do, to help
cleanse various spots on Her surface that are and have been ‘stuck’ to
consensual realities of density, and the lower energies that are daily
and on a moment-to-moment basis anchored upon such places are being
transmuted and ‘replaced’ with the Light energies in the same manner
that your own personal inner-held darkness is beginning to become
exposed to you and transmuted within yourselves.

You dear souls are mirroring the acts occurring on your surface, and
your surface is as well mirroring the actions that you are performing
and the strides you are or are not reaching along your specific
processes. Your physical realities reflect your inner-feelings and
actions expressed toward yourselves and others, and your collective
actions and the mindsets that are fed the most by the collective at any
given time are determining your realities as you have Created them.

This is why a soul who is still closed-off in themselves to the truth
of the higher realms simply could not yet believe in themselves that
our communications or the coming of your New Age in general is a
reality. These souls are simply Creating and experiencing a different
reality that has been decided by different preconceived mindsets and all
souls should be honored and understood no matter which path they find
themselves on.

You dearest souls who have opened up yourselves to the higher realms
are experiencing an entirely different reality than those who haven’t
yet been opened up in themselves, and many of you Lightworkers are
existing in specific places on your world that have not seen a
breakthrough of the Light energies in a very long time and as a result,
your presence in such areas is quite needed.

You are all needed where you are at this point and while many of you
have felt the wish to leave where you specifically are behind and
explore other aspects of the Earth, we say that in the time ahead you
are to find an infinite travel and not only will you explore and
experience every last vestige of your dear Earth; you will branch-out
and experience a plethora of other realms of Creation as well in the
form of entire planets, star systems and Galaxies.

Your experience is to be truly unlimited and of the higher vibrations
as your world continues to climb to higher and purer dimensions, taking
you all with Her. You are all meant to be where you are because you are
stationed near many gates of energy, and you are stationed at these
gates because of the pure will and intent you are bringing through
yourselves which is matched with the ongoing and very pure energies
being gifted from the souls existing within higher astral realms of your
world, to such gates and to you all as a result.

You are all maintaining a conscious connection with the gates of
energy that are delivering your reality-Creating energies to you and
your world, via your chakras and via the planetary chakras of Gaia which
are otherwise known as these very energy gates [spoken of] and while
the energies which Create your reality are indeed funneled-down from
higher realms of your world who receive such energy from the lower and
higher realms of your sun; while this is so it is still you dear souls
who are acting in accordance with Gaia’s planetary chakras and energy
gates to receive your continually pure, reality-Creating energies
through your chakras and funnel such energies out.

Many of you are giving these energies a much-needed added boost with
your meditations and with your conscious giving of Light, and with each
gift of Light that you give to dear Gaia, you are making bigger changes
on your world than you realize.

Parts of yourselves have planned-out certain stages for you to
undergo whilst on this world and while finding your lower dimensional
experiences, and we ask you all to take everything that happens in your
Lives in stride, and to know that all that is occurring is simply acting
in accordance with the fading and final vestiges of the Earth

Understand dear souls, that nobody can take the higher dimensions away from you.

Nobody can take from you, your expanding and unfolding perceptions of
the pure realms of Creation that you are growing toward increasingly.
Nobody can decide [for you] how your Lives must be or what you must and
must not believe, nor can you decide the beliefs and the reality of
another. You are all free and sovereign beings and the beauty of your
wonderful world is that you are all on Gaia’s surface from various
realms of Creation, and you are all intermingling with yourselves and
with each other as you begin to discover your own inherent higher
dimensional existence.

Oh how we revel with Joy as our scribe expresses that he wishes to
keep going with this communication, but we can feel even tiredness of
the dear souls who are absorbing it!

It is time now to rest, dear scribe, and allow your energies to
settle. Each and every one of you dear Lightworkers are experiencing a
strong and pure alignment and absorbing of the fifth dimensional
energies within you at this point and it is important to allow
yourselves the needed resting and integration periods, as allowing
yourselves to rest will see you assimilating these energies in much
purer ways.

The Love that we feel for you dear souls could never be stronger in
your range [of ability] to integrate this Love and feel it for
yourselves in the very real ways that so many of you are beginning to
access, and it is with this supreme Love in our hearts and in yours that
we bid you dearest, beautiful souls ado.

Thank you to SanJAsKa.


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