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New Moon in Libra ~ Restoring Balance

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1 New Moon in Libra ~ Restoring Balance on Sun Oct 14, 2012 7:45 pm



New Moon in Libra ~ Restoring Balance

Stargazer Astrology -

New Moon in Libra 2012

This monthly newsletter looks at the next New Moon
and the main astrological activity over the coming lunar

Note that the 24-hour period immediately following
any New Moon is a very powerful time for manifestation - so put out your

NEW MOON in LIBRA: Mon 15 Oct 2012, exact at
10.02pm Queensland time (AEST) at 22 degrees Libra

FULL MOON in TAURUS: Tues 30 Oct 2012, exact
at 5.49am Queensland time (AEST) at 6 degrees Taurus


Venus rises as the Morning Star in the east before
sunrise. Mars can be seen in the west in the early evening. Jupiter
rises in the east in the late evening.

Mercury goes retrograde as the US goes
to the polls

The New Moon falls in Libra on Mon 15 Oct,
where it begins a new cycle in your relationships and relating to others
generally. It also brings a renewed emphasis on the need for harmony and
fairness in all aspects of your life. This lunar month is a good time to
focus on restoring balance in your life, giving you the opportunity to
consolidate the theme of the Equinox last month (see last month's update) by
implementing whatever changes are required to bring your life back into

If your birthday is close to this date, this
marks the beginning of a major new cycle in terms of your individuality,
identity and sense of purpose in life. If you have planets close to 22
degrees of Libra, this marks the beginning of a major new cycle in terms of
what that planet represents in your chart (eg authority and responsibility for
Saturn). This New Moon is exact at 10.02pm Queensland time

There is a very positive energy flow between Mars
and Uranus at this New Moon,
indicating the potential for increased
awareness (and even excitement) around your ability to take action, to explore
and push the frontiers, and to be in touch with your passion.

Tensions ease between the lovers Venus and
Mars when Venus moves into her home sign of Libra on Sun 28 Oct,
bringing a sense of grace, harmony and fair play to relationships.
Energy flows more easily between the lovers now, as the aesthetically charming
beauty of the goddess Venus combines with the fun-loving adventurous passion
of Mars the warrior in Sagittarius. Her Air fans his Fire and their
flame burns more brightly now. As their energies interact and inspire
each other, the potential for creative co-operation between them increases
over the month.

The Full Moon falls in Taurus on Tues 30 Oct,
bringing into focus your ability to be sensuous and grounded, an excellent
time to indulge the senses and pamper the physical body. With Saturn
closely opposing the Moon though, watch for any reluctance to indulge
yourself, feeling perhaps undeserving of such self-care and possibly even
fearing being criticised by others if you treat yourself in this way.
Self-worth is the key issue here, and the secret to moving through these
feelings is to step into your own authority, recognising how deserving of this
kind of self-care you are, and letting go of any fears - so that you are no
longer controlled by others' reactions to you. Check your birth chart to
see which house is under the spotlight at 6 degrees Taurus. This Full
Moon is exact at 5.49am Queensland time, so Monday evening is the best time to

Mercury goes retrograde on Wed 7 Nov for 3
weeks, bringing the potential for confusion, mistakes and delays. This
is not a good time to make any major purchases or sign contracts, unless
you're prepared to revise your plans (or take purchases back to the shop) down
the track. It is however a great time to catch up on all your paperwork,
and reorganize so you can be more streamlined. Mercury is retrograde
until Tues 27 Nov.

As in 2000, this stationary Mercury is falling
very close to the US elections.
You may remember the confusion around
whether Al Gore or George Bush had won the US presidential election then, with
endless recounts and eventual intervention from the courts. We can
expect the same, if not worse, to happen this time, as the major astrological
distinction between then and now is that this time Mercury is
stationary-retrograde, just starting his backward journey of crossed wires,
lost information and misdirection, whereas in 2000 Mercury had come to the end
of the retrograde phase and was turning stationary-direct, usually an easier
energy to handle, although that election debacle might suggest otherwise!
It will be interesting to see what manifests this time round, and what
levels of miscommunication, delays and even revelations about earlier rorts of
the system are encountered this time!

Neptune turns stationary/direct on Sun 11 Nov,
allowing us to move forwards again after a five-month period of
self-reflection in which we have revisited and maybe revised our dreams and
visions for the future. We may now also have increased self-knowledge,
in the form of a new understanding of the ways in which we can deceive
ourselves, only seeing what we want to see or believing what we want to
believe. The opportunity now is for our vision to be clearer and more

Looking ahead to next lunar month

The eclipse season is coming up again - the next
New Moon is a total solar eclipse
, falling at 21 degrees Scorpio on Wed 14
Nov 2012, exact at 8.07am Queensland time (AEST). This eclipse is visible
in its totality in Far North Queensland
, around Cairns and the Atherton

Remember that eclipses demand respect, so don't
take any unnecessary risks
in the couple of weeks leading up to this

With love


copyright © 2012 Chirone
Shakti All rights reserved

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