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Out Of Mind » GALACTIC AWARENESS » BLOOD TYPE ~ RH NEGATIVE ORIGINS UNKNOWN » RH- Blood Type - Where do we come from?

RH- Blood Type - Where do we come from?

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1 RH- Blood Type - Where do we come from? on Fri Oct 19, 2018 9:55 am



Where do we come from?

 Mike DammannOctober 18, 20180

What is the origin of rh negative blood?
Many rh negatives feel like we are completely different from rh positives. Almost a different species. It leads to theories relating to “aliens”, “Atlantis” and even further out there claims related to newer inventions such as “starseeds”, “Paleidians”, “Reptilians” and the list goes on and on.
In other words: New fabrications keep on coming.
It seems to give some people comfort. Many of us are highly intuitive and while it is difficult to “fit in”, we are great at faking it if we have to.
Many rh negatives have told me how they need to fake being interested in things and people and also fake respect for those in higher positions. In other words: Being ourselves is not always easy in today’s society. Which makes it even more important to ask:
Which is OUR society?
Was there ever one that was 100% rh negative?
And if so: What was life like?
In order to get closer to this answer, we need to look for the common denominators among the groups with the highest percentages of rh negative people.

Yamnayan DNA tested by Haak (2015), Wilde (2014), Mathieson (2015) showed that Yamna people (or at least the few elite samples concerned) had predominantly brown eyes, dark hair, and had a skin colour that was moderately light, lighter than Mesolithic Europeans, but somewhat darker than that of the modern North Europeans. This is not unexpected considering that these samples had about 25% of recent admixture from the Iranian Plateau (before the Indo-European migrations brought Northeast European genes to the region), which would have darkened their pigmentation. Other tests have confirmed that the vast majority of Mesolithic Europeans had blue eyes, and the high incidence of red hair among Northwest Europeans (who have the highest percentage of Yamna ancestry) as well as in the Volga-Ural region and in ancient Chinese depictions of the Tocharians from the Tarim Basin strongly suggest that red hair was found among Yamnayans, and that the genes for red hair (which also include some mutations for fair hair) were spread by R1b Indo-Europeans.

The Yamna people are responsible for the R1b in today’s Celts. They were said to be around 40% rh negative.
If we compute expected phenotypic frequencies, this suggests that around around 65% of Mesolithic hunter-gatherers would have been type O, compared to around 40% in present-day Europeans, and around 40% of Steppe-ancestry individuals would have been Rh-, compared to around 24% of hunter-gatherers, 4% of early farmers, and about 16% of present-day Europeans.

The R1b was brought to the Pyrenees when Proto-Celts invaded the Proto-Basques and replaced their male line. The original Basques were y-DNA I2a and G2a, likely coming from the Caucasus region where to the day the highest frequencies are present. When it comes to the mtDNA frequencies, J and K stand out. In the Proto-Basques that is as in the original Basques.
Is this Basque origin responsible for high rh negative frequencies in Europe?
But first of all, let’s look at an ancient map of the region:
Every research in terms of origins of groups worldwide with high rh negative frequencies, leads back to THIS region.
It looks like this today:
At least Egypt has kept its name.
Several migrations took place over the millennia.
The Basques were first. The Celts thousands of years later.
Basically, the Yamna people became the Celts in the west and the Scythians towards the east.
Historical spread of Iranian peoples/languages: Scythia, Sarmatia, Bactria and the Parthian Empire in about 170 BC (evidently before the Yuezhi invaded Bactria). Modern political boundaries are shown to facilitate orientation.

The Basques arrived in Europe long before the Yamna culture, but were later invaded by them.
This map shows the major migrations and timelines of R1b tribes. The Yamna are among them. It looks like they arrived in the Basque region around 150 years before getting to the British Isles. It could have been that in the few generations between, the latter migrants’ generation was lower in rh- frequencies due to mixing in the meantime.
40% of Steppe-ancestry individuals would have been Rh-, compared to around 24% of hunter-gatherers, 4% of early farmers, and about 16% of present-day Europeans.
These early farmers could have easily been responsible for the lower rh negative frequencies today.
Traditionally the Proto-Indo-European society is considered to have been primarily patrilineal and patriarchal. However, excavations at Yamna kurgans reveal that approximately 20% of the remains are female, which appear to have lived and died similarly to their male counterparts.
Females were buried in about 20% of graves of the lower and middle Volga river region during the Yamna and Poltavka cultures. Two thousand years later, females dressed as warriors were buried in the same region. About 20% of Scythian-Sarmatian “warrior graves” on the lower Don and lower Volga contained females dressed for battle as if they were men, a phenomenon that probably inspired the Greek tales about the Amazons. A near-equal ratio of male-to-female graves was found in the eastern Manych steppes and Kuban-Azov steppes during the Yamna culture. In Ukraine, the ratio was intermediate between the other two regions.
Is this warrior spirit something typical in rh negative women? Is sharing rights and responsibilities a common trait in rh negative partnerships?

After years of observations, I cannot help but notice the similarities between the ones observed today and the tribes said high in rh negatives’ behaviors.

The dynamics in rh negative partnerships seem to work out for men and women.
I don’t see too much “male ego” in rh negative men and from what I have observed, rh negative men and women are very much in tune with each others. Not the “war of the sexes” as we see developing all over the world. As we are used to life not making much sense, it could have made a ton of sense in societies run by rh negatives. A more natural way of just being. It would explain why so many of us feel out of place all too often. And it is part of why I have been passionate regarding rh negative origins.
A strong and energetic vibe is common among rh negative women.
Do you ever wonder why so many men are intimidated by strong women? I can almost guarantee you that rh negative men are not. As a matter of fact, we may be more drawn to women who are strong, have their own ideas and are not afraid to use what they have.
And when you combine female and rh negative intuition, how can you lose?
Whatever characteristic behavior in men and women is fashionable in society, likely goes against our nature.
Teamwork is about respect, not ego.
The Basque people are said to be a mix of hunter-gatherers as well as early farmers. But something is missing here. If you are referring to a group that is 1/3rd rh negative yet results from group 24% and 4% rh negatives, something isn’t right.

Whoever that group was that came to the Pyrenees 3-4,000 years before the Celts, has likely never once been properly analysed.

This map of ancient Europe highlights the percentages of rh positives by region. So when you look at Basque country, there are parts with more than 50% rh negatives. Note also high rh negative frequencies in the ancient European region which is the Ukraine today.
Related articles and studies include:
The origin of the Celts
Why have rh negative frequencies gone down since Bronze age?
A plausible model for the formation of the Yamnaya genotype
Female exogamy and gene pool diversification at the transition from the Final Neolithic to the Early Bronze Age in central Europe
A plausible model for the formation of the Yamnaya genotype

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