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Out Of Mind » DINARIAN SCAMTASTIC NEWS » RV/GCR, GURU CHATTER & NESARA INFO » Drake Update for Sunday, Oct 14th

Drake Update for Sunday, Oct 14th

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1 Drake Update for Sunday, Oct 14th on Mon Oct 15, 2012 1:30 pm


Drake Update for Sunday, Oct 14th
14 October 2012

By 2012thebigpicture

Commentary from The Galactic Free Press~ Here is a Summery of Today's Show. We read this to the team, and we were able to validate some of what was shared here. We feel the statement about Cobra was not true and we are not sure what occurred between drake and Cobra. We will be having an Interview with Cobra tomorrow and will ask him if he will tell us. AS Always with Drake we are asking you to use discernment Love The Earth Allies
A tidbit from the comments section on GlobalVoice to bring you up to speed on a few things:

In the US meanwhile, the Pentagon has been working closely with the US militia movement to coordinate the dismantling of the UNITED STATES OF AMERICA CORPORATION and restore the Republic of the United States of America. As mentioned above, key cabal members have already started vanishing one by one from public view, according to pentagon and agency sources.
In the cabal-controlled US election farce, meanwhile, the Pope and Queen have been funneling billions of dollars each to get Obama re-elected as US president, according to Italina P2 Freemason sources.
They are fighting against the Bush crime family who want their front man Romney in power. In either case, this intelligence insulting show will be decided behind closed doors and Mossad companies, who count US votes, will rig the results accordingly.
The pentagon and the agency guys say they will make sure the election does not go ahead until democracy is restored. They are working with one militia group linked to Jesse Ventura and Ron Paul and another one working with ‘Drake’.”
The tempo is revving up and I have to say that depending on what web site or blog you land on, you will get dramatically different stories on many things and may have to use your intuition as to what is truth.
The stories are spun so fast it’s like a tornado out there, and there are two sides to every story—unless it’s sacred geometry, at which time there could be three, or six, or…
I’m taking the time to touch on a few topics from Drake’s Weekend Update call today that I feel are important and of interest to my readers.
I missed the first 50 minutes of the call so I may have missed some key updates.
Drake says there are 3 plans:
1. The military effort
2. The ET effort
3. The ordered execution and timing of both of these; which are always fluid and change as required depending on circumstances. Dates are impossible to give.
Having said that, Drake admits that much is going on behind the scenes, although we are not quite as far along as he hoped at this point this week. He expects the other shoe, which is hanging on a big toe by one lace right now, to drop next week.
Drake recommended the following web sites for bits of news as to what is happening:
CoasttoCoastAM with George Noory
Jesse Ventura
and on the financial front Google “budget control act 2011″
He expects the biggest shocker to come before the elections, and he doubts there will even be a Nov. 6 election. Seriously—what’s the point?
Drake apologised for telling us that Ascension is delayed, and that may correspond to info I heard that an “organic” ascension is just not possible due to the late date and the delays the liberation forces have encountered due to the cabal’s refusal to honour their commitments from years ago. THEY ARE NOT GOING TO SURRENDER and it’s up to the patriots to take down this government; American Revolution number two.
After the coup, there will be communication channels open such as Fox News “The Five” and they will publish anything with no previously approved script from the cabal.
A listener pointed out that Drake needs to be aware that Obama is a double agent and will not be arrested. Drake is SO anti-Obama that sometimes I feel he is deliberately making it look like he is convinced he is with the cabal so they won’t doubt it. I mean, how would it look if Drake went around saying Obama is a double agent? It might not bode well for Obama.
On the day the change of hands of our government is official, announcements will be made at all schools and if parents choose to pick up their children they may do so.
There will be a lot of traffic through Reno Nevada over and above what they’re already getting for reasons that will soon be obvious.
The underground bunkers the cabal planned to hide in while the rest of us fried in a nuclear war have all been destroyed. There’s nowhere to hide.
People like Tom Heneghan and Poofness are involved in their part in these plans.
Cobra, however, since a listener specifically asked, is definitely working for the Cabal and is spreading disinformation.
Drake says Fulford is not on the other side—just shares some info that isn’t quite right.
The reason Stew Webb labeled Drake as a “disinfo stooge” is because they have a history and from the story Drake told, I believe Stew is the one legally at fault, and Drake welcomes the prosecutor’s call if they want to sue.
I visited Stew’s website a long time ago and it left the same taste in my mouth as Alex Jones—just so over-the-top that the credibility was lacking. Too much ranting for my taste. I prefer people who speak their truth quietly and keep it real. We have enough drama to deal with without creating more.
The ETs will not immediately be landing after the coup because it has to be done when it will be least disruptive to the masses. They can only assimilate so much at one time. Most aren’t even aware there is a revolution going on or that the gov’t is about to be dissolved, so…
The new technologies will also not all be lavished on us all at once following the coup because we have to “grow into them”, take responsibility for Gaia and clean up the mess we’ve made. When we’ve evolved a little into the rational, altruistic human beings we are at our core and behave accordingly, the technologies will flow… gradually.
When you think about it, we’re only teenagers in the eyes of the Universe and have a lot of growing up to do. You don’t give the kids the keys to the car and tell them to go out and have a good time until you’ve driven around with them for a few months, can gauge how responsible or reckless they are and if they will use common sense.
Drake has done a lot of research into ascension, the ancient mystical arts and the work of other incarnate star beings that came before Tolec and the Andromeda Council and what Tolec shares meshes with that research, so Drake recommends we also use Tolec’s web site to educate ourselves about the reality of our star families, ascension, etc.
The troops from Canada, Russia and China on American soil are here to serve the American people and support the positive military and militias. China and Russia are non-aligned nations and they are not controlled by the cabal. As I suggested in an earlier post, other countries want to get rid of the cabal just as badly as we do, so they are pitching in to make it happen ASAP.

Canada has always been a U.S. ally and is trying to oust the cabal on their own turf so they’re only too happy to help bring that about in the States.
The RV (revaluing), the dismantling of the IRS etc. are now a little behind schedule but are on the menu for the next week or so.
There have been rumours on the web that they have already taken place, but no, or you would have heard confirmation in no uncertain terms.
Also—and but not surprising that it has been happening.this was big news to me—Queen Elizabeth is or has signed an agreement to return to the American people all the tax funds turned over to her over the years. Yes, that was an eyebrow lifter, Once the few items on the list take place Drake will be notified and afterward MAY be incommunicado for a time.

Drake confirmed that the cetaceans on the planet (whales and dolphins) are highly evolved souls and very powerful. They must be protected. Once we learn how to use telepathy we will be able to communicate with them and learn much. I think that may give us some idea as to why the cabal has been doing things that cause them to beach themselves and die.
If the concept of communicating with these beautiful creatures fascinates you as much as it does me, take a listen to an audio of a discourse with dolphins at the 2012 countdown website. It’s really exciting and speaks to the wonders we have to look forward to as ascended Beings of Light.
Watch Drake’s Facebook page for the latest news and a possible live emergency broadcast.

Posted by John MacHaffie at 9:37 AM

2 Re: Drake Update for Sunday, Oct 14th on Mon Oct 15, 2012 4:02 pm


Ecellent!! I had faith in these guys all along- I told alot of peeps that the cabal was going to fail, and they thought I was nuts- Now, where's my bottle of scotch? :D :drunken: cheers

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