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Something Scientist Thought Was Impossible.......This Will Change Everything!

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Consciousness Of Economic

Consciousness Of Economic
My teacher who passed who was a Shoshone elder medicine man told me an amazing story about how he was healed by ets who used orbs as doorways for other things to emerge from. He was an addict and this orb came into his room and went into the corner and opened. It created an energy roof under the roof in the bedroom with symbols he had never seen. He stood up on bed hammered out of his mind and put his hand into the energy roof...this being popped out flying around the room and back into the orb. Then he said an electronic thunder being came out of the orb got behind him opened its wings completely covered him up and worked on him, then it all got sucked back into orb and it vanished. He said he was completely sobered up and never used drugs or drank again. That is when the ets mulitdimenstional ones started communicating with him on how to do these earth healing ceremonies. He traveled all over for 16 years doing earth healing ceremonies where I met him and learned from him, He passed in June 2016, greatly missed by me.
Not all orbs are good some are bad you have to understand that and what you are attracting to yourself. Be awake and aware. Where there is light there is dark.

Bridgette Lyn Dolgoff

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