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Something Happened… Again

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1Something Happened… Again  Empty Something Happened… Again on Sat Nov 03, 2018 1:49 am


Something Happened… Again [UPDATE1]

Something Happened… Again  20181102_011600_2-0_anim-tim-den

So, something happened yesterday…

…we just can’t tell exactly what it was, energywise. It looked like a CME, but the last two CMEs were… different… especially the last one (not that many people could tell). This latest one was directed away from the earth, but we’re still going to feel its effects here, perhaps this evening, or tomorrow. Should make for an interesting daylight savings time.
At some point, we’ll feel really off balance… like you’ll constantly think you need to ground yourself. Stay positive.
Something Happened… Again  Vampire-cat-and-his-preyHold… still…


A bit of a Friday WHOMP is under way (or under weigh if you’re in a ship):
Something Happened… Again  11-2b-18-shm
The response we’re seeing the SR meter could be due to the earth reacting to the serious energy infusion into the earth’s gaia portals. We know this sounds kinda WOO, but the earth has natural energy channels that all life is connected to. What do you think Stonehenge is? More on this AFTER The Event.
In the meantime, this Kiruna meter is showing COSMIC energy, and not Republican vs. Democrat energy, ahem:
Something Happened… Again  11-2b-18-rtkirplot2_rio_24
And wow, something’s getting serious… look at the muon count in the past three days since that big timeline split. Ka-ZOOM. Up even from this morning:
Something Happened… Again  11-2b-18-graph
More as we find it — or it finds us.
Something Happened… Again  AutumnAh. Time for some fall foliage walks.

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