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Blood types, personality traits, relationships and friendships

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Blood types, personality traits, relationships and friendships Most-common-blood-type-o

Blood types, personality traits, relationships and friendships

 Mike Dammann November 11, 20180

I have forgotten one, or rather… the title was getting too long:
Colleagues at work. Or fellow students.
People you interact with.
List the top 10 you have most interactions with.
Separate them by interactions by choice vs. interactions by requirement.
Who do you choose to interact with.
Who would you like to interact with who you haven’t interacted with much or at all?
Is there a way to shift the list of the top ten where more of the ones you want on the list wind up on there?
The key is to connecting when you have to and limiting contact, so you can give more time and energy to those you desire to be in contact with.
Dreams can often help guide us.
Not just about who we dream, but about whom we don’t dream.
Many times you pass by people daily you would likely connect with greatly if the connection was to be made.
Others you do deal with on daily bases you have interactions with that leave you empty.
Are you brave enough to ask random people what their blood types are?
I am.
And the reactions vary from deep interest to a look of disgust.
Do I care?
By the reaction I can often tell if the person is someone who is on my wavelength.
Or rather: Someone who is not judging. Someone who has a desire to learn what they don’t know yet. I have been lucky to connect with leading scientists. I have also learned not every scientist by study is one by heart or energy.
Some are happy to have finished their studies and make a good income and no desire to place more effort into it. Others are living their dream and on a constant quest for more knowledge. When there is a symbiosis of such energy and knowledge, the majority of conversation in your “previous life” seem obsolete. You realize how much time you have wasted and how much you don’t know.

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