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Out Of Mind » RV/GCR SHADY CHARACTERS & CHARLETONS » Jerzy Babkowski aka ZAP & Susan » "What is Really Going on with ZAP?" by (Anonymous) - 11/12/18

"What is Really Going on with ZAP?" by (Anonymous) - 11/12/18

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Just wondering. Why is Zap always needing funds? He claims his funds are coming from Royals or Trusts, not from the RV. He claims his Backers are fully funded. Zap has been in China for weeks if not months. He says he is doing projects and setting up factories. Last I checked this requires large funding. But he claims his funds are always coming next week. The Bankers are blocking the transaction. How is this really possible. Not in my world. Everyday trillions of dollars are transferred worldwide. A transfer from Canada to US happens same day if not the same hour. A transfer from Europe or China takes a day. Unless its ill-gotten money. Not in this case. Certainly, whoever is the originator of these trillions must have influence on the sending bank. The receiving bank would be happy to have large funds in their system. The bottom line is, first it was a wire transfer with a confirmation in hand, then it was a line of credit provided by the bank and now it’s the bank not cooperating. The funds are being blocked by the Bankers. The story seems to change, the result is always the same – send money. Curiously a new amount is needed. Now for two computers which could costs anywhere from $1,000 t0 $3,000. Certainly the Elders who are providing Quadrillions, could help out. Does Zap stop accepting donations when he receives the required amount or does he take all he can get. It would be nice to see some straight talk and some real intel. Not just foggy information the leads you to guess what you want to hear. Come on lets be truthful. It been years of its next week.

Courtesy Ssmith


"Veterans Day and ZAP" by Midwestman - 11/12/18

I first want to say thank you to all of the vets who served this great nation. You are why we have the right to post what ever we want to on this and other sites. I am a vet myself but never saw any war. I can't imagine. All I can say is we support you 100% and until every vet is given the medical treatment they need, until every vet is given the chance to get off the street and out of the confines of homelessness, until every vet is taken care of for the sacrifice they gave so everyone could sleep, we need to concern ourselves with them first, then turn our attentions else where. To all vets, I take my hat off to you and say thank you for your service.

Now just a little side note about Zaps attack on Bruce. I know Bruce and have worked with him on a few things. He certainly does not need my support, he is a big boy. I read Zaps post and thought "are you kidding me?" You state Bruce's intel is incorrect. What about yours? I read your posts and I ask myself before I do, "well how many days will Zap say we are away this time" Every post is we are hours, days a couple of days a week from this happening. You have brought nothing in so far as plausible, actionable intel, ever. And you've done it with your hand out for a donation every single time. Whether Bruce derives an income from multi level marketing, hits on his website, pay off's from advertisers or if he makes a percentage off of the guests he has on because it is his site they are using, who cares. There are a number of people who are waiting for this to finally happen but need to derive an income some how. At least they are doing something about it and not trying to persuade people to donate every single time he posts. I won't even get into how unbelievable your posts are, "you are working directly with the white hats so you fly off to China with no means to support yourself??" Whatever. I know my opinion means nothing because I'm just a greedy, grumpy old fart that is only concerned with the money, or so I have been told but maybe you should read your posts before sending them, the whole thing about people in glass houses throwing rocks. I could go on but why. You know exactly where I am coming from.

By the way, the 11th came and went and here we sit, nothing. I thought the 11th was the back wall date. Just saying.


Courtesy Ssmith


I just LOVE it when others FINALLY speak out against this fraudster! Thanks Nash for posting! :)


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